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Top 7 Questions to Ask a Credit Repair Company

These top #7 questions will save you from wasting thousands
of dollars, fraud, false hope and wasted time.

At a time when people are trying to capitalize off the global
it’s extremely important that you protect yourself by knowing what you should
and shouldn’t ask when you start looking around for credit report.

If you skip ahead in this video you won’t understand WHY
these questions matter, so make sure to watch until the end!

You might be asking, “WHY?” Why does t his matter? Well,
look at what you’re trying to accomplish and what’s required to get you there.
You want a $500k mortgage, but can’t even get a $200 secured card? You want a
$20k car loan but can’t even open a bank account? Your credit h as a direct
effect on your life, so why wouldn’t you be serious about it?

Your credit determines (most of the time), how much money
you make, where you live, what you live in, who you live with (mom, close the
door!), whether your work is your passion or pain, where your kids go to school
and what lifestyle you live.

You’re also literally handing your identity over to a person
or company and hoping that you won’t end up in a worse position than you
started in.

What if they use your identity for profit? Identity theft is
higher now than it’s been in years, so signing up without protecting yourself by
asking the right questions can end horribly.

Oh, wait, you’re just going to charge-back, right? Banks no
longer want to offer merchants the ability to accept debit/credit payments
because of what’s called “friendly fraud”. This is where you obtain goods and
services and then contact your bank to force a refund. So, you might not be so
lucky there because banks have had enough of it and it was already a high-risk
industry, right next to porn and marijuana. Chargebacks won’t protect you from
fraud and it most definitely won’t protect you against being sent to
collections and sued or from the company reaching out to the credit bureaus to
void the disputes you didn’t pay for. If you think that doesn’t hurt you, think
again. Once they know you’re working with a credit repair company, that’s the end
of it for you – you’ll just have to wait out the full 7-10 years before  trying again.

So, my  question to
you before we get into the questions is this: why wouldn’t you treat fixing
your credit as the key to the life you’ve been dreaming of since you were 8
years old?

I’ve been in the financial industry for 10 years now and I’ve
been on YouTube since 2015, so I’ve heard every question that could ever be
asked in an initial conversion. Here’s the problem: Not only day has gone by
that the wrong questions centered around time and preferences.

Here are a few examples of what you do NOT want to ask:
This is just a 90-day program, right?
The bureaus have a response time they’re
legally bound to, so how is this a 9 month program?
I’ve been scammed before, you won’t do that
to me, right?
Once these are removed, do I still have to
pay them?
I know you said 12 months but if all of these
are deleted in 90 days, would I still have to pay you?                                                                                                                                                                               
Here’s the point: Questions about time/duration or those
that are easily mirrored to sign you up are not ones that need to be asked.

These are the top 7 questions you should be asking  a credit repair company and if you jumped to
this section without watching what came before it, you will want to stop here
and restart it.

Will I be able to see the disputes that go
out for me?

It’s highly possible that you will need to
go to the CFPB if you dispute within the next 24 months because of the global
crisis. If you can’t probe you have exhausted all your remedies prior to
submitting the complaints by providing copies of the disputes that were sent
out, your case will be immediately disregarded as baseless and frivolous.

If you’re paying without seeing proof of
what you paid for, you need to do some self-reflection to find out why you fell
for that.

Will all of my accounts be disputed at the
same time, or will you only do a few at a time?

If you are told that disputing all your
accounts at the same time will produce a frivolous response, that’s a lie and
is told so that you will pay for months and years on end. The #1 reason for a frivolous
response is using templates.

Will all 3 bureaus be disputed at the same
time or one at a time?

If you are told that disputing all 3
bureaus at the same time will produce a frivolous response, you’re being lied
to. The #1 reason for a frivolous response is using templates.

Will you be sending out templates or do you
have another approach that will get me better results?
The  very first thing that happens when your letter
gets to the processing facility is that a computer will read it to determine
whether it has been received before – either by you or someone else, as a whole,
phrasing or certain sentences – and if it is a template, you receive a response
that it is either frivolous or verified as accurate.

The bureaus (pre-pandemic), received 10,000
letters per day, per bureau and if your letter doesn’t get to the point and
explain what you are disputing, why you are disputing it and what you want to
happen, it will be no different than all of the other letters they receive.

What’s my part in this?
You need to know if you will be sending out
the letters, forwarding responses, etc.
How will I stay updated?
Will you have a portal or a way to review
progress as you go along or do you just need to take their word for it?
What’s the expected duration and is there a
maximum timeframe?

Keep in mind:
Handwriting is a sales gimmick, identity theft is illegal,
online disputes remove your rights, notary letters is a waste of money and CFPB
complaints is used after exhausting all your remedies.

I never mentioned score questions because it is illegal to
guarantee specific changes because it is not possible to foresee specific
I never mentioned deletion questions because it is illegal
to guarantee specific changes because it is not possible to foresee specific

The best program will include:
Time cap/duration max
All items disputed at once
All 3 bureaus disputed at once
No templates or sales gimmicks used
Copies of disputes provided
Program transparency

Each of those questions is a requirement and shouldn’t be
passed up or traded-in for one that simply pacifies your preferences.

This is HARD and anyone who makes it seems as anything other
than that just wants your money. Using the wrong method or rushing or not
sending the right letter or lying can absolutely ruin your credit and some
damage just cannot be undone.

The good news is that you can get access to the best program
and everything we just went over simply by scheduling a call with me, because
it’s all included in my credit sweep. Use the link in the description and we
will see if it’s a good fit and if I can help you.

I don’t offer my services to everyone, which is why we jump
on a call first.

So, if you want to know what you’re paying for by seeing the
actual disputes instead of being told it is a trade secrets or “not our policy”,
have all your negatives disputed at once and all 3 bureaus disputed at once
instead of 9 items per bureau per month and know that you’re not just some
number on a spreadsheet, do this:
Subscribe, hit the bell for notifications, like the video,
drop me a comment, schedule a call and share this video with your friends
because you might save someone from irreparable damage on top of thousands of

I would be happy to jump on a call with you to see how I can best assist you. Here is the link and I look forward to assisting you! 


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