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Fastest Inquiry Deletion Methods- FREE Templates! username: free password: info It seems that bumping inquiries isn't working anymore so I'm giving away inquiry templates to you for free! You can download using the link and login info above. I go over the different inquiry letters that you can send out and which one works best for my clients (the FCRA purpose for a credit pull) and show the progress report for a recent client for the 1st round of disputes and how to take the inquiry listing from your report and put it into the letter. You do have a few ways of attacking inquiries and can dispute either with the bureaus or the creditors (or both) and even make complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus or the attorney general for your state. My recommendation: #1 Start with Rapid Inquiry Removal #2 then use the FCRA purpose #3 dispute with the creditor #4 use other inquiry templates as back ups if that does not work #5 go to the CFPB or AG if that does not work

5 Credit Facts that will get You Jammed Up! Free Consultation! Pay attention to these 5 facts that will get you jammed up with your credit.  Whether you go with another company, do it yourself or go with me, you need to fact-check and do your homework. Protect yourself, your identity and your credit! 5 facts regarding: identity theft credit sweeps primary lines CPNs payment security disputing the wrong way Do I want to tell you no? Of course not but someone's got to have the balls to give you the right info! If you're looking for the right solution, I invite you to schedule your free consultation using the link above. We'll be able to determine whether this credit sweep service will benefit you. I can't help everyone, but virtually all clients that I do assist achieve substantial impact to their credit!

Avoid these 2 "Credit Repair options" like the plague!

I gave away my video for free this past week on How to Get Insanley Fast Results and now it's available for purchase for only $99. ( ). Tonight's video goes over your only 2 other choices besides Expert Credit Sweeps when choosing a company to remove your negative items: the illegal identity theft theft method that'll get you nowhere, or a 1-3 year program with little to no deletions. Who the heck wants to waste 1-3 years OR do something illegal that doesn't work anyways?? Avoid these 2 other credit repair options like the plague! You've really only got 1 shot at this to do it the right way the 1st time; otherwise, it'll be even harder to get your credit swept or repaired! You can go with a company that proves nothing, where you just have to take their word for what they do (more than likely because they're not doing anything or don't know what they're doing) OR you can go with Expert Credit Sweeps. I provide all cop

Major Deletions with Sesame Street-simple Reasons!

One of the best ways to determine how to delete a negative item/account is to find what does NOT belong. I've given you a short but super powerful list of what to look for when analyzing your credit report to achieve the max deletions in the least amount of time. Remember, sometimes it's what's missing on an account that will get the deletions and other times it's what's reporting that will get the deletions. Either way, you need to know what to LOOK for! Just like I said, keep it Sesame Street simple and and you'll be seeing major removals of your most difficult derogatory items! (One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong!) This is NOT credit repair - it's a credit sweep. This is NOT difficult - you just need to know what should and shouldn't be on each account type and the reasons behind it and that's what I'm trying to exemplify in my videos. I hope this gave you more ammunition to get t