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2 Hours Left to Change Your Life with Credit Repair!!

You have less than 2 hours to sign up for the credit repair promo at only $139 per month or $1251 flat fee! Pricing goes back to normal and will stay there. Don't miss out! Head to and click on the get started button. You may also schedule a call for tomorrow at but this pricing will have already expired.

2 Days Left for the Credit Repair Promo! Head Into the New Year with the...

If you want a credit repair at the promo pricing, you only have 48 hours left! Head to https://services.vargasconsultingwork... If you need to increase your fico credit score or have collections, charge-offs, repos, bankruptcies, late payments, etc. then this is the time and you can head into the New Year with the BEST YOU! Get started now OR jump on a call at

How to Delete ANY Negative Account from Your Credit Report - the RIGHT Way

I'm sure you've heard it, read it and seen it all when it comes to credit repair, right? 30-day credit sweeps that don't exist, 609 credit repair that doesn't work, dispute letter templates that get immediately verified by the credit bureaus.  So, what do you do? Unfortunately, it's kinda like having a janitor's ring full of dispute reasons. The KEY to deleting ANY negative item is to find which of those hundred keys opens the door to the deletion or correction . Make sense? What consumers need to know is that using templates instead of factual-based disputes is kinda like coming home to find out that your house is being robbed and walking into the dark living room and not turning on the light. In the dark, you start throwing rocks at the intruders, hoping to knock one of them out. It's a hit or miss, right? When you use factual-based disputes (by taking the facts directly from the credit report), it's like seeing the intruders, walking into your

Best Credit Repair Software 2020- #1 Might as Well be Magic

If I told you that a dispute letter could be created in just 5 seconds, you probably wouldn't believe me, right? This is why I'm proving it by showing you. If you're in the market for credit repair software, I'm sure you've noticed there are quite a few options to choose from. The problem is that you're either limited due to cost or limited because of features. So what do you do? Continue to process files manually or pay for dispute software that doesn't meet your needs? FYI, I didn't write this because I'm a saint and just feel like informing you. No, I wrote this because I created a literal time machine that will get you back your time and money and I want to share it with you. However, to do that I need to compare it to the others that are out there so you can get the full picture: If you have any of the following negative accounts, you are going to want to read this full post: collections charge-offs repossessions bankruptcy judgements tax liens

8 Credit Repair Questions to Answer to Write a REAL Dispute Letter ( a ...

I've created a few questions that will walk you through creating dispute letters that sound real, authentic and help create a flow that will get you results. It's all about the results, right?! I'm also inviting you to a FREE webinar on Saturday 12/14/19 (will be an evergreen replay) at 6pm PST so that you can see how easy it is to create your dispute letters using the World's 1st Time Machine that I've created just for you! Go to to sign up for free. I've got a new comment video coming this week - I've just been really busy and there's a ton of other stuff as well. If you have questions about the webinar please check out the link. If you have questions about this video, please comment. I have a ton of comments to catch up on, and I will. Make sure to subscribe as well! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at