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Save up to $600! Last Day Until the Price Increase!

Our last day on the sale is December 31st! Make certain to get your orders in unless you wish to pay for the 25-50 hours I put in on each file and the actual results: 1 sweep ALL inquiries included: $500 (Save $100!) 3 sweeps ALL inquiries included: $1300 (save $600!) Make sure to enter for a FREE sweep! Tomorrow is the last day of the month for entries - Click HERE After the 31st the price will be as follows (unless you have purchased from me before - ever-): $600 upfront and $200 per month x 3 months ($600) or Pay per item deletion, per bureau (I do NOT recommend this for over 5 items) Please remember to schedule all phone calls. I receive over 400 per day and that is time I could be using to remove negative items from reports instead of answering questions that are clearly posted on the website!

$500 for $25,000 Line of Credit: How these people are scamming you

Don't fall for it! Look, if it seems too good to be true, 99% of the time, IT IS! Alright guys I want to talk about something that is   seriously concerning me!.     I received a few phone calls from prospective clients lately who have all told me   t hey want to   know what my opinion is regarding some of the ads they saw on Craigslist.   I really want to warn you guys about companies or entities like this out there who only want to steal your money.   This gentleman told me that he stayed on the phone with someone at this company for 2 hours before   the guy told him that it would cost $400 up front for a credit sweep and  $500 upfront to receive $25,000 o n a credit card . I'm not talking about a trade line that just posts on your file credit. I'm talking about a literal line of credit   that he would be able to use as he feels fit.  Now,    do you see what's wrong with this picture here?.    You're going to pay $500 and receive $25,000 in return?  Come on

Parts 3&4 of the Road to Financial Freedom series!

Part 3 Part 4: Paying down debts and obtaining credit

Road to Financial Freedom: Part 4

In this video Joey goes over how detrimental bad credit is to your life as well as what your job is during the process!

New FREE 10 Part Video Series - Road to Financial Freedom!

Part 1 Introduction Part 2 Finding Answers Parts 3&4 coming at the beginning of this week! My question for you: Is there something that you REALLY want to know about that many people ask about? Let me know, and I will include it! Website 845.481.0780 Email

Save up to $200 on the Christmas Special!

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you!  We have a Christmas Special coming up! This will occur right before I raise the price of the files to include a fee for my services, as the intro period will be up.  What is the special, you ask? You can save $100 per file purchased individually and $200 purchased in bulk - 3 or more files! Say that again? Sure: 1 sweep original price = $600 Sale price = $500 3 sweep bulk pricing = $1500 Sale price = $1300 This will only last from December 21st - December 26th. We will have the new payment form on the website on the 21st. You may purchase in advance, of course, but you cannot submit the file until the 21st of December. Questions, comments, suggestions? Head to the website! Click HERE

Expert Credit Sweeps video testimonial/review by multiple clients in our office!

Check out what our happy clients are saying about us! I would love to hear what YOU think! Don't forget to check out the rest of our videos, audio testimonials, Whiteboard animations, broker and Q&A videos!

How it works: What do I do about my bad credit?

How it works: What do I do about my bad credit? I know how hard it can be to figure out exactly what to do once you see an unwanted credit score. This is why I am here: I will analyze your file and create a proposal, assist you in realizing the potential of your credit and will then remove all the negatives. Sound good?

Meet my #1 broker: A video testimonial by a client-turned-broker

Have you wondered what it would be like as a broker? Are you interested in increasing your income exponentially? Meet one of my brokers who started out as a client and is now my top seller.  You will be seeing him in future webinars and other videos!

1 minute to find out how simple the process is!

Are you wondering what the process is after you give us a call or visit the website? Check out the video that explains it in just over 1 minute!

9 Brilliant Tools for Business and Website Owners

Are you a business owner, or have a website? If you said yes, then these tools are a must for you! Cloudfare TransFirst Fax87 Mouseflow Hellobar Sumome Zoom Hotjar Mylivechat Some are free and some are not, but all are imperative for me to run my business! Are you looking for heatmaps, landing pages, newsletter sign-ups, promotion, website monitoring, website chat, SSL certificates and security? (Not limited to, of course!)  Then check out this video! Questions? Let me know!

Fact or Myth: Paying off an old debt will improve my credit immediately

You’ve probably heard that your credit score is a numerical picture of your credit-worthiness on a scale of 300 to 850. You may have also heard that whether it’s a FICO score or a VantageScore, or another scoring model, it is generally comprised of the following factors: Payment history New accounts and inquiries Amounts owed and used Account mix Age of credit Beyond that, credit scores can be confusing and many myths abound so let’s examine each common misconception by factor and set you straight on a path to a better credit score. Payment history MYTH: Paying off an old debt will improve my credit immediately. FACT:  While paying off debt is always a positive thing to do in the long run, the negative account is not immediately removed from your credit report. It will be marked “paid as agreed,” “satisfied,” “charged off,” or closed, depending on how and at what point in the collections process you pay the collection amount. And, the negative account will remain on

Free Credit Line Info: 100% Free and Will Save You $1000's!

Here are some tips....Did you know.....? 200% Importance - 100% FREE Knowledge! Is this you? You’ve been around the debt block already and have no desire to repeat the journey You’ve seen the damage credit card debt can do to a person’s financial life and you go out of your way to avoid the same fate You prefer to pay cash and never owe anyone money You value privacy and prefer to stay off the mainstream financial grid Your credit is poor or nonexistent and you don’t qualify for a credit card If the answer is yes, you might be one of the hundreds of thousands of American consumers who don’t have (or even want) a credit card. Whether you’ve been locked out of the credit card market because of bad financial experiences or you simply don’t believe in credit cards because of the risk they can pose to your financial health, credit cards are  not  the be-all, end-all credit building tool. It is possible to build credit in other ways. 1.  Ask companies you do business wi

2 Programs to Wipe Out Your Debt & Negative Items: Before & After Repair Comparison

  The proof is in the numbers!  Once you enter our program, the following will occur: We will remove your negative items on your credit within 3-6 months The amount of debt on your credit summary will decrease substantially Once the process is complete the APR you receive on loans - vehicle, mortgage, etc. will decrease Your credit limits will increase Loan amounts on new accounts will increase For positive accounts currently on your report, you will be able to request limit increases Your income can increase because your good credit allows you to either implement a business strategy or obtain a higher-paying job that pulls credit We have 3 different credit programs to assist you: Credit Sweep (repair) Credit Rebuilding Financial Freedom Coaching Program  *Only the credit sweep and Financial Freedom programs will remove negative items.  845-481-0780 Website Email Forum Facebook Twitter Youtube

Have you heard? Your bad debt (even $100,000+!) can be wiped out!

You must have heard right? Your bad debt - even $100,000 or more! - can be completely wiped out! What is your bad debt costing you? Your family? Income? Job? How much debt are you in? $10,000? $20,000? $50,000? $75,000? $100,000? I have good news!  With our Financial Freedom Coaching Program we will: Eliminate your consumer debt Remove your negative items Eradicate your inquiries Compose a personalized credit rebuilding plan Formulate a strategy to maintain your new healthy credit life Take a look at our webinar introduction to our new program! So what if I told you that it would only cost you $3,500 to get you out of all of that debt and find financial success? (2 other payment plans are available!) Just need your negatives removed? $600 for our credit sweep.  Find all the details on the website HERE ! 845-481-0780 Website Email Forum Facebook Twitter Youtube

Credit Sweep Q&A #3 Identity theft method and removing personal information

Here is out Q&A #3 where I go over the following questions: How does removing personal information help the dispute process? How does it help in obtaining new credit? What would make the ID theft method illegal and why doesn't it work on all accounts?

How to make $5,000-$15,000 a month with 1 hour of "work" per week

Does $5,000-$15,000 per month sound like good income?  That's what my brokers are making! If you're reading this, you're probably in the wrong profession. So how can I help you? Let's talk about brokering.  One of mine told me how he feels regarding the word "broker". If you do not want to use that word, we can substitute with "consultant" or "affiliate"; any that you choose. They are the same. This is how it works: I do the work; you get paid They are your clients; you are my client - I have no contact with them and they do not even have my website or name If you know how to put up an ad or have a conversation, you are able to be a broker! (4 out of 5 people you know either have bad credit or need at least 1 correction on their file) You fill out our form with their info, submit payment if you have not done so previously and we process the file We send you the updates, you forward us their correspondence from the b

Credit Sweep Q&A #2 - How it's Done

Want an inside look at how we do it?  Watch our "How it's Done" video!  I show you how a file will look after late payments come off, how to handle "verified" results and more.  What are you waiting for? Learn from The Expert! Sign up  HERE 845-481-0780 Website Email Forum Facebook Twitter Youtube

Financial Freedom Formula: No one left behind with this brilliant program!

Credit Sweep FAQs - Q&A Session - First Biweekly Video

Check out our first Credit Sweep FAQs video!

What questions are going to be answered in the first video this week?

Alright so pursuant to our new policy, if you have a NON-URGENT question, you can submit it using the Biweekly Question Submission Form and all questions will be answered during the videos. I highly  suggest reading our FAQs, Q&A sessions and Questions from our Recorded Conference Calls. This is why I take the time to create these, so that you can access these quickly. I cannot tell you how many times I receive the exact same question from 15 clients in ONE night! This is why I am making videos with the questions from now on. The very first video will more than likely go over the questions that I have already posted about and the submissions since I changed the policies. Here are the questions that have been recently asked and will be answered during the video: Results came back and it shows that nothing has come off! What do we do now? There are 2 parts to this question. I am going to answer this in general terms, and then give the answer to the client who asked it.

New webinar location!

Hey guys, we have over 150 ready for the webinar, so we are moving it to a new place! I will be posting the webinar link about 10 minute prior to 7pm EST and will email it to you all! Previously it was going to be at a link for no more than 50 attendees, so this is the reason for moving it.  Have a great rest of your Sunday!

We now have over 1,000 followers on Twitter!

Over 1,000 followers on Twitter! Check it out! Sign up  HERE 845-481-0780 Website Email Forum Facebook Twitter Youtube

First webinar on Monday October 12 at 7pm EST! New policies as well

First webinar on Monday October 12 at 7pm EST: Link for webinar: Only the first 50 attendees will be accepted We have some new policies:

To ALL those who read my blog - Please answer 1 question for me - EVERYONE is invited to answer and is 100% anonymous!

Can you help us out by answering just  1  question? (You don't need to be in the same industry, or one of my clients or at all associated with me- I just want to know from as many people as possible!)   This 1 question survey will assist us in creating our new program for our clients and is  100% anonymous! Thank you in advance!  C lick HERE Sign up  HERE 845-481-0780 Website Email Forum Facebook Twitter Youtube