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Learn to be a Credit Repair & Dispute Letter Pro! Pre-Order 10/19

Pre-orders for the full credit course starts tomorrow, 10/19/18 after 8PM EST at and submissions will receive early access to the official (soft launch) on 10/31. Learn to be a Credit Repair & Dispute Letter Pro with this FULL course: A-Z and all the knowledge in my "dome". What do you know about credit repair  basics? What you'll learn: Factual disputes 7 Points to prioritizing derogatory items Deadliest mistakes 3 keys of credit repair Metro 2 files format, matching algorithms, partial data matches E-Oscar codes - how they affect disputing approach "Not Mine":  the FOUR reasons it's stupid and dangerous to dispute like this How to obtain a 700+ score only 2 years after bankruptcy - the secret 8 Point hierarchy of impact 3 Criteria every dispute must be based on 60 credit repair tactics and letters 142 Sample dispute letters 123-page Guide for Operating, Organizing and Marketing 537 Study Questions

Tools & Programs for Online Businesses (like Credit Repair!)

I've been asked quite a few times to update my programs and tools video for online businesses from 2 years ago, so here's the main ones I currently use. They include: lead generation, help desk software, ticket system and email, productivity, automation, webinar, CRM, appointment scheduling, email marketing, webinars and more! It takes a ton of time and effort to run a successful business and when you have the right tools and programs, it makes the machine run smoothly. If you're finding that you need to expand with what you're currently using, watch the video to find out more! This isn't just for credit repair services. You can virtually apply this to any online business! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

They Key to Successful Dispute Results l Credit Repair Services

A simple video tonight for you! I know that this whole "credit repair", "credit sweep", "credit restoration" process can get really overwhelming, aggravating, slow, etc. and you may reach the point where you want to give up. This video is about the key to successful dispute results, wherein I express to you that it's quite simply persistence and perseverance. I made this video because I fell into a rut this week where I realized that I needed to renew my love for what I do, and set a loftier goal for myself. I came back to work renewed, and placed everything on my "canvas" exactly where I wanted it. Have faith that you'll beat the credit bureaus. have faith in your ability to learn the right way and beat them at their game. It's not enough to just send out 1 dispute letter. It's not enough to make a complaint. You need to dig in, not give up and keep beating them in the head with facts, facts, facts. If you're not g

12 Creditor FCRA Violations: How to Fight Verified Accounts l Credit Repair Tutorial

This video completes the series for credit bureau, creditor and debt collector  (collections) FCRA & FDCPA violations! The live link for Saturday at 9PM EST is at That's whree I will show you how to take these violations and get your deletions and results! We'll also use the last part for some Q&A. So, if you're stuck and don't know where to go with your credit bureau, creditor, collection agency disputes, take a look at all 3 videos and I'm sure you'll find some violations, even if you're just in your 3rd round or less! Video 2: Debt Collectors, goes over the VOD process. (This video also includes the purpose of an inquiry, which can be used to remove inquiries that are not attached to accounts). And as always, if you need some help, click on the link below to schedule a free consultation for a credit sweep (file take-over). If you want credit repair services that don't break the bank

11 Credit Bureau FCRA Violations to get Maximum Deletions! *4th of July Sale!*

Leverage these 11 credit bureau FCRA violations to get super-fast, maximum deletions! 2 upcoming videos: creditor violations and debt collector violations. Also announcing 4th of July Sale - find it at to Save $400! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

How to Avoid Template Suicide l Avoid OCR Scanner l 3 Requirements of a Dispue Letter

Although difficult, you want to do everything possible to avoid the OCR scanner and I'm giving you son tips to do exactly that! I also PROVE why you're committing template suicide as well as give you the 3 requirements of a credit bureau dispute letter. Watch the video to see the mistakes you're probably making with your dispute letters and how to fix it. If you don't believe that my process works, watch the video to see the deletions from the credit sweeps I do for consumers just like you! You know, I 100% agree with you that it's hard to fix  bad credit, but if you know what you're doing or at least have SOME of the right info, you can get there quickly! Some quick tips: Do NOT use templates (template suicide) Do NOT dispute online or on the phone Do NOT use the same dispute reason multiple times Do write your disputes letters from a regular-Joe perspective Do tell them what you want - deletion or correction Do remember that not ALL negatives ne

How to Remove Unpaid Collections Outside Statute of Limitations

Wednesday Night Video: How to Remove Collections Outside Statute of Limitations - Click on the links below to open the docs in the video. What we want to do is catch the collection agency in a violation to get a removal and with this letter, we can! This is similar to the debt validation method, but just a tad different. It's called the Nervous Nellie Method/Technique and can only be applied to those collections in which they cannot sue you any longer. I'll also show you how your dispute letters are handled and processed to prove that there's no such "investigation" when you dispute with the credit bureaus! They don't even get the documentation you send over! How crazy is that??? Links: Nervous Nellie: Credit Bureau Investigation Flow Chart: Results:

How to Use the Credit Bureau Investigation Process Against them to Get Deletions!

Introducing tonight's topic for the Wendesday Video Series: Use this credit bureau investigation flow chart I'll be giving you to leverage your chances of inaccurate negative item deletions; we have proof that there's no such thing as an "investigation". Use the collection letter for collection accounts outside the statute of limitations to "trick" the collection agency and catch them in a violation to achieve a deletion! We're going to look at how to remove collections fast using a different type of dispute method that has probably gotten overlooked before! If you're wondering how credit repair works and how you can use this to your advantage, you need to check out the video tonight and subscribe to make sure you don't miss out! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Free Credit Sweep Giveaway & VACATION Giveaway!

Wednesday night video @ 9:30PM EST & immediately following that @ 10PM EST LIVE is a Credit Sweep giveaway & a VACATION giveaway for either 3 or 5 nights in places like Cancus, Puerto Rico, Orlando, Las Vegas and Acapulco! You gotta be there for a chance to win during the live event.

LIVE Webinar! How to Fix 3 Credit Repair Mistakes You Probably Didn't Kn...

Live webinar @ 3pm EST June 19th!  Replay link will be posted here 5 hours AFTER the live event. Don't miss this live webinar! If you're wondering why your credit repair strategies aren't working, it's more than likely due to a mistake you probably don't know you're making. I'll also be giving you 3 free downloads! Click to reserve your spot now and I'll see you at 3pm EST on the 19th! *if there are any mistakes during the webinar, please remember that this is a LIVE event! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

How to Get a TKO with Your Credit Bureau Letters - Saturday Workshop

Workshop #1: How to get a TKO with your disputes - Saturday 6/16 @ 9PM EST. Registration only - limited to 10 people. Register here: I'll create your dispute "reasons" for you during this workshop and you'll be able to share a doc with me (or you'll be able to explain the situation if you cannot share a document). I'll write out your disputes and send them to you during the workshop! Cost: FREE Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Don't Believe a "30-Day Credit Sweep" Lie!

Wednesday Video #5: Do you really believe that the world is all peaces and cream and that 30-day/21-day/7-day credit sweeps exist legally? Stop dreaming and start living in reality! YES, anyone can get RESULTS in 30 days or less, that's not what I'm saying here. But it's almost impossible to come by a legal sweep that removes all negative items in 30 days or less without doing an identity theft credit sweep. In this video, I lay out a very simple plan to dispute by and it's exactly what6 I talk about in my other videos. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so I just want for you to use common sense. If you need to fill out a police report and there was never any fraud, don't do it. If the company won't show you how they're disputing, don't stay. To schedule a free consultation for me to take over your file, simply go to

150 Collections Removed - Validation of Debt Method!

VOD + Bureau Template Series $49 @ Check out the full validation of debt templates series and the corresponding credit bureau letters in this video to get rid of your collections. I used these same exact letters to remove 150 collections - that's between 415 and 440 negative items between all 3 bureaus in just under 90 days!!! If you want to do it yourself, you can either purchase the dispute letters, schedule your free consulation with me using the link below or find the free letter 1 at I hope this was helpful! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

609, VOD (Validation of Debt), 623 or 1681 Method?

Wednesday night series - #4: Which letter and law do you use? 609, VOD (Validation of Debt), 623 or 1681 Method? Once you learn which law pertains to your derogatory account, disputing becomes easy! Check out the uses for the VOD (Validation of Debt) letter vs. the 609 template and you'll see that they're pretty similar except for the fact that the VOD is to a collection agency and the 609 is for the bureaus most of the time. Although it can be confusing to determine what's what and whether one letter type should be used over another, as long as you can break down the basics, the only difficulty you should have is just waiting for your results! If you're with a credit repair company that only uses templates to dispute your negative items, you might as well be doing it yourself, so check out this video and the other tutorials to get your file started. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Dumbing it Down: How to write "real" bureau disputes

Learning video #3 - How to write bureau dispute letters by coming across as real: Each bureau dispute letter you write should be unique. Taking it a step further than that: you want each letter to be as "dumb" as possible. You're a real person, with a real issue and need to be taken seriously. Stop sending out the 609 disputes. Stop sending templates. You need to take a different approach to get your negative items deleted quickly and the most effective method is to just tell it like it is! You don't want to come across as a company and you don't want a "frivilous" response, so be very careful with your wording. Throw in some grammatical and spelling errors. Use a run-on sentence. Whatever. Just be real with it and you'll get some great results! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at!

Happy Client of Expert Credit Sweeps!

Another happy client of Expert Credit Sweeps! Thanks, LT! It's hard enough to deal with issues on a credit report, and it's another thing entirely to be willing to stick your face online to give a video review! So I appreciate all my clients that are willing to give their honest feedback about the credit sweep services that we offer. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at!

Tools to remove student loans from a credit report

I'm sure I failed you guys on this one, but at least I can admit it! I've given a few tools that can be used to remove student loans. It basically follows the same steps as removing charge-offs but I've thrown in a few others for you. References: Credit Secrets - Scott & Allison Hilton Federal Student Aid Navient lawsuit Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at!

Mother's Day Credit Sweep Giveaway

Live giveaway tonight for Mother's Day! This is for a woman that's a caregiver (blood doesn't make you a mom!). 10pm EST at

How to remove accurately reported negative accounts

Free credit sweep consultation: Here's the first video made based off what you guys are telling me you want to learn. How to remove accurately listed accounts and the differences between account types (collections/charge-offs, etc.) These should always be posted either Wednesday or Thursday each week but I'm taking the topics directly from the comments. Please post your comment to tell me what you'd like to learn, clarify, get a walkthrough on, etc. having to do with your credit! If you need a credit sweep and want an expert to take over, simply schedule your free consultation using the link above. Credit repair shouldn't be difficult, so take the burden off your shoulders by calling and get your credit life back today!

Kristin Vargas Live Stream

Going live at 10pm!  up to 15 items; 4 months service coverage! *winner will be chosen from the comments (after I figure out how it works!)

Are you obligated to pay collection agencies?

Link to article: and link to schedule a free consultation for a credit sweep: Many consumers have it wrong when they think they have no obligation to pay a debt buyer/collector (Portfolio Recovery, Midland, etc.). I found an article that explains why a debtor is legally obligated to pay and wanted to share it with you guys! In no way does this mean that you can't dispute it on your credit report; it just means that when an original creditor sells the unpaid/charged-off account to a collector, your obligation is now with them. "Othewise, the debt purchasing industry wouldn't exist". I've been on many calls when a consumer said they've been disputed this by asking for a copy of the invoice, or stating that the contract was cancelled. I've also heard them say that the wan to see a signed contract stating they agreed to pay or owe that specific company. So..

Save $400 This Weekend Only on a Credit Sweep! We put out a couple specials each year and this is our 3 day flash sale! Ends Monday 11pm EST May 7. Included: 35 negative items, 6 months service coverage, all 3 bureaus. It's only $599 and takes less than 1 minute to get started! If you're tired of trying to do this credit repair mumbo-jumbo  yourself or want to do a credit sweep right the first time, then save yourself time, money and tons of headaches and click on the link at the top. Questions? We've got answers - the live chat is currently up on the website so let us know! (You may also schedule a consultation for a different time online).

Easily build your credit for free without AU's! for a free consultation: Did you know that once your major negative accounts are removed from your credit report, rebuilding becomes incredibly easy? Did you know that it can also be free? These days, authorized user accounts can also get you rejected from credit approval, so obtaining primary lines has never been more important! If you're currently in the process of repairing your credit - either with another credit repair company or Expert Credit Sweeps - you can save time simply by removing the worst negative items and and then slowly starting with a secured card. #1 get a secured card - Capital One is preferred #2 use it, pay on it, wait for it to post #3 once it's posted, apply for Kohls #4 do the same thing #5 Apply for Discover #6 do the same thing #7 wait a few billing cycles and apply for another card with Capital One If you're looking for a system that allows you to obtain deletion of negative items as w

Apparently consumers don't need proof of services! for a free consultation! A company I met with today completely blew my mind. They actually wanted to buy me out and have me teach them what I do.....but they wanted to them turn around and milk as much money out of their clients as possible. The head dude literally stated that I offer way too much and that consumers don't need proof of services and that disputing all negative items is a waste of company time because it gets them deletions too fast! On top of that, he asked me WHY I give copies of disputes....and WHY I dispute all negative items.... And WHY I dispute every month instead of 60 days....and why I'm not using templates. What it comes down to, he said, is that if I didn't prove what I do, then I could be spending 20 seconds per client per month instead of a few hours, use templates, disputes on 60 day intervals, take on 27x more clients per month, charge for 12+ months instead of 6 and that I would still get bett

Free Credit Sweep Giveaway! Today Only (4/26) to schedule your free consultation and enter for your chance to win! This is for Arpil 26th only. Must be scheduled for today to be entered into the drawing. Winner will be chosen tonight at 9:30pm EST. We're at the Hilton today doing a conference on credit sweeps (our first one at the Hilton!) and I'm really excited about it, so I feel like giving away credit repair services to someone! We hope to see you at the next conference and there's a lot of exciting things coming with Expert Credit Sweeps that we'll be sharing with you. Take the time to fix your credit and fix it right the first time with a credit repair company that won Best Debt Relief Servicees 2016 and 2017 and is A-listed with the Credit Consultant's Association!

25/30 Deletions in 30 days with Expert Credit Sweeps

I have a couple (husband and wife) with joint accounts and I did their progress reports last night. Both files have the same accounts. The husband had 25/30 deletions and he's never gone with another company, but his wife has gone to 2 huge companies and because of that, only had a few deletions. It's SO important that you find the right company to dispute your derogatory info the first time because you'll run into issues like this! If his wife had come to me first, she'd be 30-60 days away from completion like her husband! If you are looking for a credit reoair company that gets the results and doesn't play games, then head to to schedule your free consultation!

Why You Need to Avoid Online Disputes Like the Bubonic Plague!!ArxmS7LKSo3zplJnz95fSZsudUGE to view the ebook! Stop doing your credit disputes online! Find out WHY by clicking on the link, but to simpify it: nothing is forwarded to the creditor, if you do get a deletion it may be a temporary one, and there's no paper trail! Stop giving up your rights! Credit repair shouldn't be difficult, and you may think that disputing online is a shortcut that works. Although this may be easier for you, you'll end up hurting yourself and your credit in the long run. Take the time to write out your disputes and save yourself the headache of reinsertions, denials, and stall tactics! If you're looking for a credit repair service that knows the in's and out's of the FCRA/FDCPA and that uses the correct strategies, click on the link in the PDF to schedule your free consultation today! A credit sweep may be just what's needed to get you to that next step in your financial freedom! *link for a free consultation: 

Fastest Pubic Record Deletion Secrets Revealed! for a consultation! Yes, I'm giving you my secrets to deleting public records: bankruptcies, judgements, tax liens, child support and criminal records. Why? (Cuz I feel like it).Reports are from Credit Check Total, but you'll find inaccurate public record info on other sites such as and reports. Other companies won't show you their process or what to look for to remove negative items, but there's no other credit repair service like mine. I want you to be informed to help yourself, and if you come to me with only 1 account to delete, I won't take the case anyways. If that's the case, you more than likely only need a little guidance and not a credit sweep or credit report done by a company. What it boils down to is knowing how an account is SUPPOSED to report to be able to delete it because you know that it's not accurate. Q: Is it guaranteed to remove judgements/tax liens/evictions? A: I&

Don't sign up for credit repair/sweep services without asking these 5 qu... for a free consultation with an expert! When you're calling credit repair companies, make sure to ask these 5 simple questions to protect yourself from being scammed and to find a company that will treat you as a client instead of a paycheck! You are the one that controls whether you're taken for a ride! It's as simple as asking the right questions and getting to the bottom of whether that credit repair service or credit sweep service is right for you and your specific situation. Ask about payment methods, dispute process, average timerame, communication and proof of services. If you're looking for a company that offers a risk-free credit sweep and starts your file same-day, click on the link above to schedule your free consultation!

New Inquiry Deletion Packages! Remove Them Fast! To view PDF with pricing and details. We've created a new inquiry-deletion package for those DIY-ers with 2 options. 1 is where we analyze and customize your dispute letters and the other is where we also create the dispute letters for you (all you need to do is stick them in the mail!). If you want to delete your inquiries fast, while also controlling the entire process, this is for you! NO more handing over the wheel to companies that don't deliver, no more waiting for results that just don't come. Click on the link to get started and we'll get you going!

What Your Credit Repair Company Isn't Telling You If you've hired a credit repair company and are wondering what they're not telling you and why they won't, then you need to check this out! Did you know that they only use templates, dispute 3 items per month and use the same dispute letterse for 1,000s of consumers? Click on the link to get informed! We've also included some red flags at the end for when you're looking for a new company and how to get in touch with us as well. Stop being part of a system that doesn't work and get with a credit repair company that actually gets results fast! If you'd like to schedule a free consultation, simply go to

STOP Using Templates! What's the Whole Point?? To view ebook. The entire point behind a dispute letter? Getting the deletion! But what about knowing WHY you should use specific language/wording or whether the FCRA/FDCPA law should be referenced, or whether a template would be beneficial? Most consumers that we speak with don't know the WHY and that's the reason they're stuck. In this short ebook, the WHY is broken down as well as what should and should not be said in a credit bureau dispute letter, why the company AND method matter, the difference between a credit sweep, consulting and score building and what Expert Credit Sweeps offers that other companies don't! If you you'd like a free consultation for a credit sweep, simply schedule online at

How to Protect Your Credit When the System is Now Against You

Everything is changing. The CFPB has reversed it's consumer protection. They're for the BIG BANKS instead of the consumer. The bureaus are being sued again for failing to remove, correct or verify outdated, inaccurate or incomplete information. Consumers are going to extremes to save a penny, learn everything they can online and do it themselves. The wrong way. With the wrong advice. It's getting more and more difficult to "force" the bureaus, creditors and collection agencies to delete inaccurate info even with proof that it's reporting wrong. True identity theft victims are going to great lengths just to get frauduent accounts blocked. And it's just not happening - not with a police report and affidavit. Not with 55 pages of proof. The solution? Do your research. Learn everything you can about protecting your credit, not just fixing or rebuilding. Don't make frivilous disputes or use templates. Organically

Fastest Inquiry Deletion Methods- FREE Templates! username: free password: info It seems that bumping inquiries isn't working anymore so I'm giving away inquiry templates to you for free! You can download using the link and login info above. I go over the different inquiry letters that you can send out and which one works best for my clients (the FCRA purpose for a credit pull) and show the progress report for a recent client for the 1st round of disputes and how to take the inquiry listing from your report and put it into the letter. You do have a few ways of attacking inquiries and can dispute either with the bureaus or the creditors (or both) and even make complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus or the attorney general for your state. My recommendation: #1 Start with Rapid Inquiry Removal #2 then use the FCRA purpose #3 dispute with the creditor #4 use other inquiry templates as back ups if that does not work #5 go to the CFPB or AG if that does not work

5 Credit Facts that will get You Jammed Up! Free Consultation! Pay attention to these 5 facts that will get you jammed up with your credit.  Whether you go with another company, do it yourself or go with me, you need to fact-check and do your homework. Protect yourself, your identity and your credit! 5 facts regarding: identity theft credit sweeps primary lines CPNs payment security disputing the wrong way Do I want to tell you no? Of course not but someone's got to have the balls to give you the right info! If you're looking for the right solution, I invite you to schedule your free consultation using the link above. We'll be able to determine whether this credit sweep service will benefit you. I can't help everyone, but virtually all clients that I do assist achieve substantial impact to their credit!

Avoid these 2 "Credit Repair options" like the plague!

I gave away my video for free this past week on How to Get Insanley Fast Results and now it's available for purchase for only $99. ( ). Tonight's video goes over your only 2 other choices besides Expert Credit Sweeps when choosing a company to remove your negative items: the illegal identity theft theft method that'll get you nowhere, or a 1-3 year program with little to no deletions. Who the heck wants to waste 1-3 years OR do something illegal that doesn't work anyways?? Avoid these 2 other credit repair options like the plague! You've really only got 1 shot at this to do it the right way the 1st time; otherwise, it'll be even harder to get your credit swept or repaired! You can go with a company that proves nothing, where you just have to take their word for what they do (more than likely because they're not doing anything or don't know what they're doing) OR you can go with Expert Credit Sweeps. I provide all cop

Major Deletions with Sesame Street-simple Reasons!

One of the best ways to determine how to delete a negative item/account is to find what does NOT belong. I've given you a short but super powerful list of what to look for when analyzing your credit report to achieve the max deletions in the least amount of time. Remember, sometimes it's what's missing on an account that will get the deletions and other times it's what's reporting that will get the deletions. Either way, you need to know what to LOOK for! Just like I said, keep it Sesame Street simple and and you'll be seeing major removals of your most difficult derogatory items! (One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong!) This is NOT credit repair - it's a credit sweep. This is NOT difficult - you just need to know what should and shouldn't be on each account type and the reasons behind it and that's what I'm trying to exemplify in my videos. I hope this gave you more ammunition to get t

How to Get Insanely Fast Results with HARD Accounts Click to buy video now for $99! Immediate delivery. How to Get Fast Results with HARD Accounts - an overview: starting with where to pull your report, how to analyze your credit report, how to determine what to dispute to creating the right dispute letter. Get the right info to delete your accounts the first time! Don't wait until you've gone through 2 different companies to figure out your credit repair's being done incorrectly! Do your own credit sweep and learn to determine what to dispute the right way. This isn't the 5-part video series that's coming out this week - this is the overview on how to identify the accounts that need removal and what to do with them. If you would like for me to do your credit sweep, feel free to schedule your free consultation at

Easily Learn to Delete Hard Accounts Extremely Fast!

I'll have a new video available next week that will easily walk you through the A-Z of deleting difficult accounts! This will be an in-depth, no BS tutorial to get super-fast deletions so you can STOP messing around with your credit repair! It's only $99 and will be available the minute the video is posted with immediate delivery. Stop the madness of credit repair that doesn't work and jump on your new journey using a credit sweep! This will work on: late payments student loans charge-offs collections foreclosures repos Stay tuned for the best credit sweep walk through! You won't want to miss it. Offer will be posted in a few days so stay tuned.

Are CPNs legal? What you REALLY need to know about them Free Consultation for a credit sweep! Are CPNs legal? Are identity theft sweeps legal? Although the FBI website states that CPNs are legal, if you don't obtain them from the right source, they're more than likely fraudulent numbers. If you're filing a police report for a credit sweep and you're not a victim of identity theft, you're committing perjury and it's illegal. On the other hand, if you buy a CPN from a legitamate source, such as going through an attorney with the Social Security Administration's knowledge, then you have nothing to worry about! When you need to change your information (date of birth, address, email) and are literally provided instructions on how to defraud banks into extending credit to you based upon what they believe to be a SSN, then you're breaking the law. Stop falling into this trap and just fix your own credit! You may also run into the problem of going to a credit sweep

How to Rebuild Your Credit During a Credit Sweep Free consultation with an expert! I explain how to rebuild your credit while you still have negative items reporting. We're all pretty impatient and want results overnight, but unfortunatley, that's just not how it goes, which is why I show you how to start rebuilding your credit once you get those large derogatory items deleted. Even if your credit sweep hasn't been completed yet, you'll still be able to start the process so that you don't need to wait 3-6 months just to begin! Make sure to start small, start with what credit you'll be approved for and in no time, you'll see your score rising and your history getting longer. Recommendations: authorized user account secured credit catalog card utilities rental history unsecured credit Capital One Journey/Classic/Platinum Kohls Discover Make sure to research which companies will pull your highest scored-bureau to take advantage of 1 bureau report

How to Fight "Verified", "Frivilous" & will not reinvestigate" Responses to schedule your free consultation! Are your disputes coming back as verified, frivilous or they won't reinvestigate? Are you going to accept stall tactics, scare tactics and denials? NO! What you need to do is look at your credit repair or credit sweep process and figure out the cause for these responses because you shouldn't be receiving them if you're doing this correctly! Are you sending in template letters? Disputing all of your derogatory accounts in 1 letter? Using generic dispute reasons? Using a credit repair company that's doing any of these things? One of these can be the reason you're encountering this and you need to stop right now. What can you do? #1 Don't use dispute templates #2 Dispute based off factual info from your credit report #3 Find out HOW the items are being "verified" #4 Fight them on the "frivilous" response #5 Make complaints #6 Don't take "NO&qu

How to Write Bureau Disputes that Get Results

(links to all docs below) I'm showing you how easy it is to create letters to the credit bureaus using factual information to get fast results! I've generated 3 dispute letters using different situations and have noted WHY the language matters each time. Stop using templates and start getting results today! Remember, you're a regular person who needs REAL help. That's going to stop you from "frivilous" disputes, denials of investigations and refusals to process because they think you're "working with a credit repair agency". I've linked each of the docs here with the notes attached so that you can view my sample disputes: "Real Person" "Frustrated" "No Proof"

*Why Your Credit Repair Isn't Working!*

For the 10,000s of you going to the wrong company, I've clearly spelled out WHY your credit repair is not working and how it can easily be solved! If you're looking for the best service, fastest deletions, guarantees and no BS, then schedule your free consultation with me to find out exactly how I can assist you and take over your file! I had 2 consultations today that I go over with you and share the differences between their credit repair services and my credit sweeps as well as how I addressed these clients and their concerns. I know it's really difficult to find the right company, I know it's difficult to hand over your identity and just say ok, I'll just sit back and wait for my deletions and I know it's difficult when that just doesn't pan out! Watch as I point out why it's not working and how fast a credit report can be resurrected just by making the right decision the first time. For those of you that need assistance and would like for me t

How to dispute like a PRO - The wrong vs. right way

 I go over how to dispute like a pro - the wrong vs. right way. This works whether you've got late payments, charge-offs, repossessions, collections, foreclosures or even evictions. I show you why you don't want to use a template (and yes, I even show you one that I purchased specifically for this video so that there was no bias using one I'd written), how to write a correct dispute letter and the resulting proof of deletion. The wrong way is using a template; the wrong way is using software; the wrong way is not being clear when listing what you're disputing; the wrong way is using a 609; the wrong way is using a VOD; the wrong way is being law-heavy. The right way: keep it simple: this is my issue, this is why it's wrong and (then justify it) it needs to be removed because this is seriously hurting my credit worthiness! Brilliant Techniques to Expedite Your Credit Repair Process.