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17 Judgments Deleted on the 1st Round!

30 total deletions on the 1st round! (Only public records shown).  Want to bring in the new year with better credit? Check out the website today to start your life!

No More Debt - In Depth v2

If you're wondering how I can help with your bad credit, I've put together webcast that is slightly more in-depth than the 1st version. This webcast was created to answer a few basic questions submitted by clients just like you such as "How can you help?", "How long does it take", "What method do you use?" I even show you the 4 collection letters that make up the credit sweep and go over what I give my clients that other companies do not such as all proof of services and progress reports. Look no further for a great credit repair service. I've got you covered! Submit your questions for the next webcast where I will answer client-submitted questions during the webcast and even questions asked via live-chat while recording. See all information at

No More Debt webcast: How to Remove Public Records

Want to know a secret? Check out the webcast to find out how we remove public records as well as see client before & after reports. I reveal the how and why behind the credit sweep service as well as explain who this is for and what can't be removed. This is only a 10-minute webcast and I will be uploading a longer version later this evening with more detail. If you are looking for a credit repair service with an honest company, look no further. Expert Credit Sweeps will help you break the credit mold! For more information, visit the website at or cal us at (845) 481-0780

Quit living like a robot and break out of the credit mold with our credit repair service!

3 more videos I created last night and this morning. This is an addicting website for video marketing ads! Check out what we can do for you. Break yourself out of the credit mold and get your life back in about 6 months or less! 845-481-0780

10 Reasons we won Best Debt Relief Services for 2016

It's no coincidence that we won Best Debt Relief Services for 2016.  It wasn't by chance that you happened by this video.  Check out why we were selected and why we won.  We're here for you when you're ready to move forward. 845-481-0780

Why are we different? We PROVE everything we do for you!

Let us explain why we're so different than the others! Choosing Expert Credit Sweeps for your credit repair needs is the 1st step to taking back control of your financial life. Check out the website for more information or give us a call at (845) 481-0780!

Put on your big boy/girl pants and get your groove back

Is bad credit & debt holding you back from life? You're not alone. We've helped over 10,000 people just like you. Wipe away the tears, put on your big boy/girl pants and give us a call. It's time. (845) 481-0780 or

Spend more time with your family with our credit sweep!

Save time, save money and sleep easily at night with the help of Expert Credit Sweeps! Wish that you had more time to spend with your family? Worried about bill collectors calling all day long? Rest assured, you'll have more time with your kids and the phone will stop ringing with our brilliant credit sweep program. It's affordable for everyone and a fast process due to the method we use. Call today for more information - 845-481-0780 - or go to the website

50% Negative Item Deletion in the 1st Round!

50% negative item deletion in the 1ST ROUND! Check out the progress report for yourself below! 17 items have come off and I have one happy client tonight! This is a great example of my brilliant credit sweep program working and it can happen for you too. Head to the website for more information. 

Change your life in 1 hour with our consulting session!

Catapult yourself to financial freedom! We have a new service! 1 hour credit consulting @ $85 p/hour via online meeting with video and screenshare. This is for individual clients and brokers alike. For individuals: You will receive a file analysis with an action plan that includes advice on how to improve your credit file. For brokers: analyze up to 2 files OR business analysis that includes advice on recommended advertising, CRM, website, process or script & closing (not limited to). If more than 1 hour is required or requested, you will be able to pay for it at the end of the 1st hour. Requirements: trial or membership prior to appointment time. This service is available to prospective and existing clients alike. We will analyze and dive into your credit file together to come up with the perfect plan to catapult you to financial success. You will receive a PDF of the analysis, the action plan we came up with

Want 50 Buckaroos just for knowing someone? Become an affiliate!

Do you know someone who could possibly benefit from a credit sweep? Want to get paid $50 just for knowing them?  Here's how it works: If you have someone who is interested, give me their name so I know who referred them when they call (I keep everyone honest!) You can also give me their name and phone # for me to initiate When they sign up, I pay you $50 after the legal cancellation time frame of 3 days It's really as simple as that! *You also have the option of signing them up yourself on the broker page Step 1: Sign up for free as an affiliate: Step 2: Give the referral my contact info or provide me theirs Step 3:  I will sign them up via phone or they will sign up on my website or you will sign them on the broker's page Step 4: You get paid $50 via PayPal Please let me know if you have any questions! 845-481-0780

Getting Down & Dirty: Astute Service with No Upfront Deletion Fees

Let's get down and dirty and talk about why you're reading this and why I'm writing this: You need credit repair and I'm one of the best. It's really as simple as that. You either didn't pay your bills or didn't pay on time and now the creditors want their money or you want to obtain more credit and can't because you didn't pay as agreed. The beauty of my program is that for most consumers who call, I can help. Who I can't help: Those who have foreclosures in process or child support to be disputed (cannot be removed) Those who do not wish to pay for their own credit sweep expenses and want free credit repair Why I can't help a consumer who doesn't wish to pay their expenses: It's not free for me to process the disputes I put forth maximum capital to obtain maximum results in a minimal amount of time I use an aggressive credit sweep method that not only takes a ton of time but also comes with costs like certified mai

Risk-free Credit Sweep: Hard Evidence

Let me guess: You fall into one of these 2 categories, right? #1 You went to another company and either got scammed or didn't see results or #2 You have no clue how to get the job done yourself, know a little bit but have no time, or tried it and failed It doesn't matter whether you are a #1, 2 or a don't fit either. I can help you. Let's be real, though. Most of you think that credit repair is free, and you don't want to pay anything up front. If you don't think its free, you probably don't want to pay up front because you A: got scammed, B: have no money or C: want to see results first. Realization #1: Credit sweeps are NOT free for me to do for you. Let's use some logic: I'm in business for ONE reason: You guys didn't pay your bills or you didn't pay them on time, right? And hey, I know that credit repair is a sketchy business, I know that there are companies that don't deliver, but there's a ton of clients/consume

1 $8797 Tax Lien Removed from Experian in 4 DAYS!

Tax lien removed from Experian in 4 DAYS!  What?! Yup, it's for real.  Check it out yourself below (receiving Equifax results in a few days!) and see more at the Before & After Report s page! *Update: 1 month EQ results posted below as well! Before : After : EQ 1 Month Results:

1 Month + 4 Public Records Removed = 1 Happy Client

Another 4 public record items removed  from  a  file in 1 month!!  Check it out below for yourself! You can find more on the  before and after reports page of the website at  Client Q Before: Client Q After:

2 Judgements Removed in 2 Months on all 3 Bureaus!

Brand new client N before & after reports for you to view!   2 judgements removed in 1 month from all 3 reports!  Experian report to be posted tomorrow evening. Do you have any public records that are weighing your scores down? We can basically guarantee that they will be removed! Check them out at EQUIFAX BEFORE EQUIFAX AFTER TRANSUNION BEFORE TRANSUNION AFTER

Client M: 2 judgments deleted in less than 1 month!

Some say it can't be done, some say they can do it. I do it every day.  Client M had 2 judgments and both were deleted from Experian in less than 1 month; check out the images below: (to see more, head to the website ) Before : After :

Brilliance: Judgement Removed in 3 Weeks

Here's another judgement that was removed in only a few weeks!  check out the before and afters and give us a call to start your new life today! 845-481-0780 Click HERE to visit the website Client L Before: Client L After:

Stay connected with a new comments/questions & reviews sections!

Stay Connected! You can now add a question or comment directly on the Credit Sweeps page! Scroll to the bottom, check to see if your question has already been submitted by another individual, or just post it! All questions are answered same-day and most of the time are answered within a 1/2 hour. Don't have a question and just want to leave a comment? Awesome, tell us what you have to say! Check it out at New Comments Section: New Testimonials/Review Section:

September 2016: Utilizing for Per-deletion Program

Beginning sometime this month we will be using for the per-deletion program. This will protect us from scammers who sign up, have us do the work and then do not pay. It also makes our job easier when we do not need to reinsert items, make police reports for theft of services or take clients to court. After receiving the estimate for the per-deletion program and sign up, a client will receive a transaction email from for the full amount of the deletions and will need to deposit the funds. Once the deletions occur, the proof will be uploaded to, client will approve and funds will be released. If client does NOT approve even though proof was provided, the funds WILL be released. This is the protection afforded to us. 

$77k Tax Lien & 50%+ Neg. Item Deletion on the FIRST Round!

Head to the Before and After Reports page to check out Client K's full 1st report and update 1 month later! Check out the tax lien deletion below: (AFTER)

Credit Score Fails: Don't Remove ALL Collections!

Did you know that not ALL negatives need to be removed? If you remove paid collections that have age on them, your score may decrease. Why? One of the factors of your score is the average time the accounts have been opened. Removing a collection from 2010 with a $0 will actually hurt your score! Find out how we can increase your score by calling 845-481-0780 or head to the website for more information. 

1st Round: 50% Deletion

The before & after reports are finally on the website that I  promised on 8/9 for client J! To view the PDFs, head to the Before & After Reports page  and scroll to the bottom for "client J" 845-481-0780

Revealed: Initial Audit & Sign Up Process Broken Down

I've explained the sign up and Initial Audit process in this video so that you can obtain a better understanding prior to signing up with Expert Credit Sweeps. I show examples of each section of the process and am happy to answer any questions! If you would like to change your life and obtain financial freedom, I would love to engage in a conversation with you! 845-481-0780

We gave Isac his mom back by fixing her credit!

This is Isac and his mom is a client of Expert Credit Sweeps. We were able to change Janelle's life and make such an impact that her son reached out and let us know! See more information about obtaining financial freedom at

$200,000.00+ and 107 Negatives Removed from a Couple's Files in 3 Months

This client and his wife are well on their way to financial freedom by hiring us to fix their credit. They had a combined $200,000.00 and 107 negative items removed in only 3 months! See more at

90 Days: Transformed into Financial Freedom Painlessly

We have another completely satisfied client! We're so grateful that we can change lives and assist others in obtaining financial freedom. If you're looking to fix your credit or to make a lucrative income as a broker, head to !

Brilliant Credit Repair: Samantha's life was changed in 3 months

I'm so grateful for all of the clients that provide video reviews for me! This is Samantha and her life was changed in less than 3 months! Are you looking for an honest, dedicated and real  company? Check out to see how we can change your  life today!

$161,168 Removed from Public Records on 1 File in 1 Month! See the Before and After Reports

As promised, here are the before & after reports where I removed $161,168 in just ONE MONTH! This doesn't even include the regular accounts that were removed; these are just public records that I'm sharing with you. Check out the other before and after reports as well as deletion proof at   Here's the client's public records before: Here's the client's public records after: Need to change your life? Are you overwhelmed by debt and don't see a way out? Give me a call at 845-481-0780 or visit the website HERE

8 Requirements of Choosing the Best Credit Repair Service

So, choosing a credit repair service provider is akin to choosing a lawyer to represent you. Is that a weird representation? I don't think so. Let's look at it: How do you choose a lawyer? You decide based on word of mouth references, high rate of case wins & past results, as well as their knowledge on your specific needs. *How is that any different?* In reverse: How do you choose a credit repair service provider? You decide based on word of mouth references, high rate of case wins & past results, as well as their knowledge on your specific needs. Right? When you call that lawyer, do you tell them that you'll be choosing the right lawyer based on price? Definitely not! Guess what type of lawyer you'll end up with: first year grad, legal assistant or paralegal. I receive calls all the time where prospects let me know that they'll be choosing based on price, or that they want to know the price right off the bat. *Waste of my time* Why? Let'

Black Magic or Brilliance? 2 Clients, 2 Lives Permanently Changed

Do you need to change your life today? Give me a call at 845-481-0780 or go to!

Selected for Best Debt Relief Services in Clifton Park for 2016!

Life Changing Results in Just One Month!

All Public Records Deleted: How I Make Happy Clients

Client's file before negative deletion removal Client's file after 1 month