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150 Collections Removed - Validation of Debt Method!

VOD + Bureau Template Series $49 @ Check out the full validation of debt templates series and the corresponding credit bureau letters in this video to get rid of your collections. I used these same exact letters to remove 150 collections - that's between 415 and 440 negative items between all 3 bureaus in just under 90 days!!! If you want to do it yourself, you can either purchase the dispute letters, schedule your free consulation with me using the link below or find the free letter 1 at I hope this was helpful! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

609, VOD (Validation of Debt), 623 or 1681 Method?

Wednesday night series - #4: Which letter and law do you use? 609, VOD (Validation of Debt), 623 or 1681 Method? Once you learn which law pertains to your derogatory account, disputing becomes easy! Check out the uses for the VOD (Validation of Debt) letter vs. the 609 template and you'll see that they're pretty similar except for the fact that the VOD is to a collection agency and the 609 is for the bureaus most of the time. Although it can be confusing to determine what's what and whether one letter type should be used over another, as long as you can break down the basics, the only difficulty you should have is just waiting for your results! If you're with a credit repair company that only uses templates to dispute your negative items, you might as well be doing it yourself, so check out this video and the other tutorials to get your file started. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Dumbing it Down: How to write "real" bureau disputes

Learning video #3 - How to write bureau dispute letters by coming across as real: Each bureau dispute letter you write should be unique. Taking it a step further than that: you want each letter to be as "dumb" as possible. You're a real person, with a real issue and need to be taken seriously. Stop sending out the 609 disputes. Stop sending templates. You need to take a different approach to get your negative items deleted quickly and the most effective method is to just tell it like it is! You don't want to come across as a company and you don't want a "frivilous" response, so be very careful with your wording. Throw in some grammatical and spelling errors. Use a run-on sentence. Whatever. Just be real with it and you'll get some great results! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at!

Happy Client of Expert Credit Sweeps!

Another happy client of Expert Credit Sweeps! Thanks, LT! It's hard enough to deal with issues on a credit report, and it's another thing entirely to be willing to stick your face online to give a video review! So I appreciate all my clients that are willing to give their honest feedback about the credit sweep services that we offer. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at!

Tools to remove student loans from a credit report

I'm sure I failed you guys on this one, but at least I can admit it! I've given a few tools that can be used to remove student loans. It basically follows the same steps as removing charge-offs but I've thrown in a few others for you. References: Credit Secrets - Scott & Allison Hilton Federal Student Aid Navient lawsuit Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at!

Mother's Day Credit Sweep Giveaway

Live giveaway tonight for Mother's Day! This is for a woman that's a caregiver (blood doesn't make you a mom!). 10pm EST at

How to remove accurately reported negative accounts

Free credit sweep consultation: Here's the first video made based off what you guys are telling me you want to learn. How to remove accurately listed accounts and the differences between account types (collections/charge-offs, etc.) These should always be posted either Wednesday or Thursday each week but I'm taking the topics directly from the comments. Please post your comment to tell me what you'd like to learn, clarify, get a walkthrough on, etc. having to do with your credit! If you need a credit sweep and want an expert to take over, simply schedule your free consultation using the link above. Credit repair shouldn't be difficult, so take the burden off your shoulders by calling and get your credit life back today!

Kristin Vargas Live Stream

Going live at 10pm!  up to 15 items; 4 months service coverage! *winner will be chosen from the comments (after I figure out how it works!)

Are you obligated to pay collection agencies?

Link to article: and link to schedule a free consultation for a credit sweep: Many consumers have it wrong when they think they have no obligation to pay a debt buyer/collector (Portfolio Recovery, Midland, etc.). I found an article that explains why a debtor is legally obligated to pay and wanted to share it with you guys! In no way does this mean that you can't dispute it on your credit report; it just means that when an original creditor sells the unpaid/charged-off account to a collector, your obligation is now with them. "Othewise, the debt purchasing industry wouldn't exist". I've been on many calls when a consumer said they've been disputed this by asking for a copy of the invoice, or stating that the contract was cancelled. I've also heard them say that the wan to see a signed contract stating they agreed to pay or owe that specific company. So..

Save $400 This Weekend Only on a Credit Sweep! We put out a couple specials each year and this is our 3 day flash sale! Ends Monday 11pm EST May 7. Included: 35 negative items, 6 months service coverage, all 3 bureaus. It's only $599 and takes less than 1 minute to get started! If you're tired of trying to do this credit repair mumbo-jumbo  yourself or want to do a credit sweep right the first time, then save yourself time, money and tons of headaches and click on the link at the top. Questions? We've got answers - the live chat is currently up on the website so let us know! (You may also schedule a consultation for a different time online).

Easily build your credit for free without AU's! for a free consultation: Did you know that once your major negative accounts are removed from your credit report, rebuilding becomes incredibly easy? Did you know that it can also be free? These days, authorized user accounts can also get you rejected from credit approval, so obtaining primary lines has never been more important! If you're currently in the process of repairing your credit - either with another credit repair company or Expert Credit Sweeps - you can save time simply by removing the worst negative items and and then slowly starting with a secured card. #1 get a secured card - Capital One is preferred #2 use it, pay on it, wait for it to post #3 once it's posted, apply for Kohls #4 do the same thing #5 Apply for Discover #6 do the same thing #7 wait a few billing cycles and apply for another card with Capital One If you're looking for a system that allows you to obtain deletion of negative items as w

Apparently consumers don't need proof of services! for a free consultation! A company I met with today completely blew my mind. They actually wanted to buy me out and have me teach them what I do.....but they wanted to them turn around and milk as much money out of their clients as possible. The head dude literally stated that I offer way too much and that consumers don't need proof of services and that disputing all negative items is a waste of company time because it gets them deletions too fast! On top of that, he asked me WHY I give copies of disputes....and WHY I dispute all negative items.... And WHY I dispute every month instead of 60 days....and why I'm not using templates. What it comes down to, he said, is that if I didn't prove what I do, then I could be spending 20 seconds per client per month instead of a few hours, use templates, disputes on 60 day intervals, take on 27x more clients per month, charge for 12+ months instead of 6 and that I would still get bett