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What The Flow? Domino Effect Disputing For Credit Sweeps

Check out the "What the Flow" Domino Effect Disputing Board at to see for yourself how each account element influences the other. If you want to get the best results and fix your credit the right way, this is where you need to start! You can get access to some awesome free credit repair stuff at and make sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at *I offer this content for free. Buy me a coffee at

Top 5 Most Important Credit Sweep Dispute Reasons (Dispute Flow)

Check out the interactive Dispute Flow image at to read why each of the top 5 dispute reasons are the most important (for factual-based credit sweeps) and how each of them connect from element to the other. You can also get access to other news and free info at We've gone over the Pyramid Method for years now but many still do not get why it's so important, why the method results in so many deletions and corrections and how to use it themselves. That's why I wanted to explain how the one impacts the other and where they sit in the pyramid. This is mostly for removing charged-off accounts but it can be used for literally any negative item on your credit report - collections, charge-offs, repos, bankruptcy, late payments, short sales, foreclosures and whatever else you think of. If it has info, it can be disputed using this method! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a

Use This Game To Learn How To Dispute Difficult Accounts | Credit Sweeps

I created this game to teach you to use the Pyramid Method for disputing derogatory accounts on your credit report. It's a fun and interactive way to test your skills and has 8 different scenario branches that result in either win or lose. Best par - it's totally free! Credit sweeps are already difficult to do, so knowing the right way to remove the accounts is always the most important part. This is why I started with how to remove charge-offs. The Dispute Scenario Game uses 2 charged-off accounts to show how using different dispute reasons or tactics leads to different results and how it can make it very difficult VERY quickly if it's not done the right way. This can be used for any derogatory account that you find on a credit report - collections, charge-offs, repos, late payments - whatever. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at *I off

How to Write the Perfect Dispute Letter for Credit Sweeps

If you would like to check out the Anatomy of a Dispute Letter at your own pace, you can access it totally free at - just click on Anatomy of a Dispute Letter. It's a fully-interactive image that shows everything that is required for learning how to write the perfect dispute letter to the credit bureaus and even gives dispute reason examples and 2 different tactics! I don't care whether you're disputing a late payment, collection, charge-off, repo, bankruptcy, charge-off or just an inquiry - every single dispute letter for every single account is required to state very specific information. Without it, your likelihood of removing the derogatory info from the credit report is less. If you've ever purchased or gotten a free credit repair course, this is normally one of the very first things that you learn (what goes into the actual letter), however unless you learn this first, none of those advanced tactics are going t

Free Dispute Stream - Credit Sweep Dispute Reason Tool

I created this cool little dispute reason tool to walk you through determining your next best dispute reason using a simple yes/no flow. It will show you what to look at on your credit report and where to go next. It's 100% free and accessible at Alternately, if you need help with your letters and want me to take over for you, schedule your call at Is this considered credit repair software? No. It's simply an application that easily tells you what should occur next using the natural flow of the Pyramid Method for credit sweeps. *I offer this content for free. Buy me a coffee at

Letterfy180 Unlimited Dispute Letter Creator Launch | Credit Sweeps

If you want to benefit from tons of split tests (so you don't have to figure it out yourself!), check out the Launch of Letterfy180 - create unlimited dispute letters with these 3 apps! You can also access the Perfect Dispute Reason Creator for free at This works on collections, charge-offs, repos, bankruptcies, inquiries, judgements, tax liens, late payments and literally any other type of account you can think of. Just click a few buttons, add some info and get your letter. Done! Or, if you would rather have me do your credit sweep for you, use the link below: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at *I offer this content for free. Buy me a coffee at

Introducing The Massive Credit Bureau X Factor | For-Profit/Anti-Consumer

Always keep in mind that the credit bureaus are for-profit/for-creditor/anti-consumer. Their money comes directly from the creditor and processing investigations, deleting accounts and information and "ensuring the accuracy" of your credit report costs them money. Learn how to dispute like a pro at Join the beta coaching program to get more money, more leads and better results at - doors close on 9/15 Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at *I offer this content for free. Buy me a coffee at

The Perfect Dispute Reason Creator - Get Results Backed By Science (100%...

Use the Perfect Dispute Reason Creator to structure your reasons with science-backed formulas - it is totally free! Your dispute letters can now be written without worry and your results will come in as little as 1 letter! Access link and instructions: Step by step instructions: Step 1: go to to access the Perfect Dispute Reason Creator Step 2: sign up for Airtable if you have not done so already using the link at the top-right of your screen Step 3: Once signed in, use the link at the top-right of the app to copy this app to your workspace and then click on the app to open it Step 4: follow the instructions in the step by step screenshots to access your form Step 5: that's it! Use it to create dispute reasons that get results! Are you experiencing issues with your client files and want to take it to the next level? Check out the beta coaching program at https://the