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The truth about credit repair and the bubble of yours that needs busting

The truth about credit repair & the bubble of yours that needs bursting You may be getting frustrated with your disputes and wanting to jump ship/throw in the towel/etc. I get it. Results are NOT easy to come by. It takes PATIENCE and it seems to be something that literally no one has these days. It takes HARD WORK. I could go on for like 2 hours about how lazy people are, looking for that next "get rich without lifting a finger and do it overnight" type of thing. Nobody wants to put on their big-boy pants.  Well, I'm here to break your little bubble.  Everyone else wants to feed you a lie and dig into your pocket. It's all about the sales gimmic. Oh, haven't you heard about the letter-to-end-all-disputes, the 14-day sweep, the 4-letter remove it or I'll sue you, the guaranteed deletion in 4 business days credit repair lies? It doesn't exist. If it did, you wouldn't be reading this because you'd be doing it or would have done it alrea

What does YOUR credit report say about you? Access yoru IdentityIQ credit report today and save!

I CHALLENGE you to check out your credit report on the only site that I use for my clients: IdentityIQ! Your credit report is your financial biography and you need to control its content. Sign up today! Use my link and save $8/m! Get started here

BAD CREDIT COSTS YOU MONEY and you CAN'T afford NOT to fix it

Have you ever needed to split payment for lunch with friends and pulled out your prepaid debit card while they pulled out their credit cards? What about having to wait to schedule a night out with those friends because your paycheck that week goes to rent or other bills? Or having to ride the bus because you can't afford to repair your car? If you could get into a new car and afford to take your friends to lunch where you pull out a credit card to pay the full bill, what would that mean to you? If I could make this happen in less than 9 months on average, what would that be worth to you? When I ask that question, I hear replies like "$1000s", "priceless", "$25,000", etc. But the great part about this is that I can get you there without the pain, without breaking your bank and without waiting years. BAD CREDIT COSTS YOU MONEY and you CAN'T afford NOT to fix it. Trust me, you're already paying for it, you just don't realize it