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How to Protect Your Credit When the System is Now Against You

Everything is changing. The CFPB has reversed it's consumer protection. They're for the BIG BANKS instead of the consumer. The bureaus are being sued again for failing to remove, correct or verify outdated, inaccurate or incomplete information. Consumers are going to extremes to save a penny, learn everything they can online and do it themselves. The wrong way. With the wrong advice. It's getting more and more difficult to "force" the bureaus, creditors and collection agencies to delete inaccurate info even with proof that it's reporting wrong. True identity theft victims are going to great lengths just to get frauduent accounts blocked. And it's just not happening - not with a police report and affidavit. Not with 55 pages of proof. The solution? Do your research. Learn everything you can about protecting your credit, not just fixing or rebuilding. Don't make frivilous disputes or use templates. Organically