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17 Judgments Deleted on the 1st Round!

30 total deletions on the 1st round! (Only public records shown).  Want to bring in the new year with better credit? Check out the website today to start your life!

No More Debt - In Depth v2

If you're wondering how I can help with your bad credit, I've put together webcast that is slightly more in-depth than the 1st version. This webcast was created to answer a few basic questions submitted by clients just like you such as "How can you help?", "How long does it take", "What method do you use?" I even show you the 4 collection letters that make up the credit sweep and go over what I give my clients that other companies do not such as all proof of services and progress reports. Look no further for a great credit repair service. I've got you covered! Submit your questions for the next webcast where I will answer client-submitted questions during the webcast and even questions asked via live-chat while recording. See all information at

No More Debt webcast: How to Remove Public Records

Want to know a secret? Check out the webcast to find out how we remove public records as well as see client before & after reports. I reveal the how and why behind the credit sweep service as well as explain who this is for and what can't be removed. This is only a 10-minute webcast and I will be uploading a longer version later this evening with more detail. If you are looking for a credit repair service with an honest company, look no further. Expert Credit Sweeps will help you break the credit mold! For more information, visit the website at or cal us at (845) 481-0780

Quit living like a robot and break out of the credit mold with our credit repair service!

3 more videos I created last night and this morning. This is an addicting website for video marketing ads! Check out what we can do for you. Break yourself out of the credit mold and get your life back in about 6 months or less! 845-481-0780

10 Reasons we won Best Debt Relief Services for 2016

It's no coincidence that we won Best Debt Relief Services for 2016.  It wasn't by chance that you happened by this video.  Check out why we were selected and why we won.  We're here for you when you're ready to move forward. 845-481-0780

Why are we different? We PROVE everything we do for you!

Let us explain why we're so different than the others! Choosing Expert Credit Sweeps for your credit repair needs is the 1st step to taking back control of your financial life. Check out the website for more information or give us a call at (845) 481-0780!

Put on your big boy/girl pants and get your groove back

Is bad credit & debt holding you back from life? You're not alone. We've helped over 10,000 people just like you. Wipe away the tears, put on your big boy/girl pants and give us a call. It's time. (845) 481-0780 or

Spend more time with your family with our credit sweep!

Save time, save money and sleep easily at night with the help of Expert Credit Sweeps! Wish that you had more time to spend with your family? Worried about bill collectors calling all day long? Rest assured, you'll have more time with your kids and the phone will stop ringing with our brilliant credit sweep program. It's affordable for everyone and a fast process due to the method we use. Call today for more information - 845-481-0780 - or go to the website

50% Negative Item Deletion in the 1st Round!

50% negative item deletion in the 1ST ROUND! Check out the progress report for yourself below! 17 items have come off and I have one happy client tonight! This is a great example of my brilliant credit sweep program working and it can happen for you too. Head to the website for more information.