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Free Credit Sweep Giveaway! Today Only (4/26) to schedule your free consultation and enter for your chance to win! This is for Arpil 26th only. Must be scheduled for today to be entered into the drawing. Winner will be chosen tonight at 9:30pm EST. We're at the Hilton today doing a conference on credit sweeps (our first one at the Hilton!) and I'm really excited about it, so I feel like giving away credit repair services to someone! We hope to see you at the next conference and there's a lot of exciting things coming with Expert Credit Sweeps that we'll be sharing with you. Take the time to fix your credit and fix it right the first time with a credit repair company that won Best Debt Relief Servicees 2016 and 2017 and is A-listed with the Credit Consultant's Association!

25/30 Deletions in 30 days with Expert Credit Sweeps

I have a couple (husband and wife) with joint accounts and I did their progress reports last night. Both files have the same accounts. The husband had 25/30 deletions and he's never gone with another company, but his wife has gone to 2 huge companies and because of that, only had a few deletions. It's SO important that you find the right company to dispute your derogatory info the first time because you'll run into issues like this! If his wife had come to me first, she'd be 30-60 days away from completion like her husband! If you are looking for a credit reoair company that gets the results and doesn't play games, then head to to schedule your free consultation!

Why You Need to Avoid Online Disputes Like the Bubonic Plague!!ArxmS7LKSo3zplJnz95fSZsudUGE to view the ebook! Stop doing your credit disputes online! Find out WHY by clicking on the link, but to simpify it: nothing is forwarded to the creditor, if you do get a deletion it may be a temporary one, and there's no paper trail! Stop giving up your rights! Credit repair shouldn't be difficult, and you may think that disputing online is a shortcut that works. Although this may be easier for you, you'll end up hurting yourself and your credit in the long run. Take the time to write out your disputes and save yourself the headache of reinsertions, denials, and stall tactics! If you're looking for a credit repair service that knows the in's and out's of the FCRA/FDCPA and that uses the correct strategies, click on the link in the PDF to schedule your free consultation today! A credit sweep may be just what's needed to get you to that next step in your financial freedom! *link for a free consultation: 

Fastest Pubic Record Deletion Secrets Revealed! for a consultation! Yes, I'm giving you my secrets to deleting public records: bankruptcies, judgements, tax liens, child support and criminal records. Why? (Cuz I feel like it).Reports are from Credit Check Total, but you'll find inaccurate public record info on other sites such as and reports. Other companies won't show you their process or what to look for to remove negative items, but there's no other credit repair service like mine. I want you to be informed to help yourself, and if you come to me with only 1 account to delete, I won't take the case anyways. If that's the case, you more than likely only need a little guidance and not a credit sweep or credit report done by a company. What it boils down to is knowing how an account is SUPPOSED to report to be able to delete it because you know that it's not accurate. Q: Is it guaranteed to remove judgements/tax liens/evictions? A: I&

Don't sign up for credit repair/sweep services without asking these 5 qu... for a free consultation with an expert! When you're calling credit repair companies, make sure to ask these 5 simple questions to protect yourself from being scammed and to find a company that will treat you as a client instead of a paycheck! You are the one that controls whether you're taken for a ride! It's as simple as asking the right questions and getting to the bottom of whether that credit repair service or credit sweep service is right for you and your specific situation. Ask about payment methods, dispute process, average timerame, communication and proof of services. If you're looking for a company that offers a risk-free credit sweep and starts your file same-day, click on the link above to schedule your free consultation!

New Inquiry Deletion Packages! Remove Them Fast! To view PDF with pricing and details. We've created a new inquiry-deletion package for those DIY-ers with 2 options. 1 is where we analyze and customize your dispute letters and the other is where we also create the dispute letters for you (all you need to do is stick them in the mail!). If you want to delete your inquiries fast, while also controlling the entire process, this is for you! NO more handing over the wheel to companies that don't deliver, no more waiting for results that just don't come. Click on the link to get started and we'll get you going!

What Your Credit Repair Company Isn't Telling You If you've hired a credit repair company and are wondering what they're not telling you and why they won't, then you need to check this out! Did you know that they only use templates, dispute 3 items per month and use the same dispute letterse for 1,000s of consumers? Click on the link to get informed! We've also included some red flags at the end for when you're looking for a new company and how to get in touch with us as well. Stop being part of a system that doesn't work and get with a credit repair company that actually gets results fast! If you'd like to schedule a free consultation, simply go to

STOP Using Templates! What's the Whole Point?? To view ebook. The entire point behind a dispute letter? Getting the deletion! But what about knowing WHY you should use specific language/wording or whether the FCRA/FDCPA law should be referenced, or whether a template would be beneficial? Most consumers that we speak with don't know the WHY and that's the reason they're stuck. In this short ebook, the WHY is broken down as well as what should and should not be said in a credit bureau dispute letter, why the company AND method matter, the difference between a credit sweep, consulting and score building and what Expert Credit Sweeps offers that other companies don't! If you you'd like a free consultation for a credit sweep, simply schedule online at