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Credit Repair Dispute Letter Reasons: Unverified vs. Factual

Which dispute reason do you think results in faster deletions? Factual disputes! Which one gets taken seriously by the bureaus? Factual disputes! What's a factual dispute? Check out the video to learn what it is and how it works. Stop the template madness and get the results you need on your dispute letters today! Credit repair is too much for you? It's cool. You can check out my pricing at Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Credit RepairDispute Letter: Using Templates vs Using a Blank Canvas

Using a template in credit repair is like tracing over someone else's work. Instead, think of crafting your dispute letter like using a blank canvas, where every word is purposeful and placed there by you. Stop using templates and doing a "copy and paste" job, stop tracing and fingerpainting. Want to have an expert take over? It's really simple: Check out pricing at and sign up at Last minute questions prior to signing up?

Credit Repair Lies: Stop Paying Your Bills with No Repayment Obligation

Maybe you've fallen VICTIM to this yourself, believing that you can stop paying your bills - credit cards, loans, vehicles - and the creditors will forgive the debt & you can remove them from your credit report. It's like chapter 7 without going to court, right? Let me tell you about a conversation I had yesterday with a nice lady who fell VICTIM to believing this. The intention behind this video: To save you guys from learning the hard way. Save you from going to court and having to give up your hard-earned money. Stop the epidemic of false information being spread! The credit bureaus are not your friends. The creditors are not your friends. Credit repair will not save you. Collection agencies may take you to court. It's all true. What can you do? Yes, negative items can be removed from your credit report using credit repair or a credit sweep. Yes, you can fight the creditors and collections and try to save yourself some money. But that's what it's abo

2 Violations to get Collections and Charge-offs Removed Fast

Use these 2 violations to remove collections and charge-offs. Include in your dispute letter the fact that the credit limit cannot be reported on a collection or that there cannot be late payments after the closed date. You can also send a copy of the page from the credit report showing these 2 violations. Looking to learn the full credit sweep program? Check out the soft launch pre-order page at - pre-ordering is now live for early release on Wednesday. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

25 Collections Removed in 30 Days & 2 Reasons You're SUBPRIME

Quick video for you guys tonight: 25 Collections Removed in 30 Days & 2 Reasons You're SUBPRIME. 4 People tried to tell me that the bureaus want consumers to have accurate credit reports, so I dug in to find this document that explains otherwise. The credit bureaus don't care about your dispute letter. They don't care about anything other than keeping you in the sub-prime market to make money! Why does credit repair take time? Because they're not helping you and they have no incentive to remove inaccurate negative information. Also, check out the 25 collections removed in 30 days using the VOD method. Soft Launch Early Access is now live at Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at site:

5 Dispute Letter Tactics to Fight Verified & Frivolous Results

What do you do if the credit bureaus verify your collection, charge off, repo, late payment, etc.? What do you do if they say it's frivolous? How do you write a dispute letter that will make a difference? Check out the video to determine what recourse you have and the 5 dispute letter tactics can be used to figut verified & frivolous responses. Want to learn how to do credit repair or credit sweeps? Check out to get started now and save over 50%! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

HOW TO REMOVE BANKRUPTCIES FAST l Tips for your dispute letter

Wondering if there's another method for removing bankruptcies? There is and it's really, really simple - Sesame Street simple. Check out these dispute letter tips on how to remove bankruptcies fast. Looking for the credit sweep course? Check it out: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

New Channel! A Level Up: Coaching/Consulting & How to Make Money Online Doing it!

I created this new channel to help anyone make a ton of money doing what they already know how to do. Sounds easy enough, right? A consultant or coach just needs to know how to do something better than the person they're teaching/coaching/consulting. That's it! Check it out & like, comment and subscribe for future videos: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Stop Letting Your Credit Define Your Self Worth

Ashamed. Worthless. Useless. Piece of cr*p. Never going to amount to anything. Broke. Stupid. Good for nothing. Words that consumers use to describe how they feel about themselves because of their credit. Stop doing this. It's more damaging than the actual negative items! Please remember that yhou are not your credit score. You are not your debt and this is a temporary situation and you WILL get through it. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Verified, Frivolous, Refuse to Reinvestigate - How to Fix Credit the Right Way

Round 1: Verified; round 2: Frivolous; round 3: Refuse to investigate because we've heard this before... whose fault is that?  Well, if you're sending out templates, it's YOUR fault! The right way to write a dispute letter is very simply to take a look at your credit report and take the info from there. Why search for "how to fix credit" when you're just going to buy some dispute letters anyways? The only templates that I send out are the VOD letters for collections (to the collection agencies). That's it. Other than that, each and every dispute letter shows the actual inaccuracies, violations and reasons for removal. That way, there's no way for the bureaus to come back and state that something is accurate because I'm proving it's not! If you're looking to fix credit the right way and fix it permanently then stop the template insanity. Yes, there's a credit loophole. Yes, you can get these removed. Just do it the right way with

4 Reasons You’re Dispute Letters are NOT Getting Results

Wondered why your dispute letters aren't getting results? Check out these 4 reasons and see if you're doing something wrong and find out how you can fix them. One of the main reasons is sending out VOD collections on non-collection accounts as well as using templates or online disputes. Credit repair may not be a super-science and you don't need to have a degree to do it, but you do need to make sure you're sending out the right letters. November special: Credit sweep course: Consultation: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

14 Creditor Violations: Super-Fast Deletion of 217 Items in 45 Days

Would you be surprised to learn that I find violations on EVERY credit report? It's true! Take a look at these 14 FCRA creditor violations I used to remove 217 negative items in 45 days (across many client files). Start paying attention to the info you see on the credit report and the info you write on the dispute letter. You'll find the main reason that the VOD method works on collections in this video as well as how to get fast deletions. Credit repair may not be fun, but it sure is when you see the results when it's done right! Looking for the holiday special? You can find it at Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

100% Deletion in 24 Hours - Credit Loophole - Santa is Real Too!

When something sounds too good to be true, normally it is. When someone says everything that you want to hear - it's normally not real. It's impossible to get anything removed in 24 hours and yet, I get these calls all the time where people tell me that this credit repair company said they can send out dispute letters and remove collections, charge-offs and even bankruptcies removed from a credit report extremely fast using some method that doesn't even pertain to the account type! By the way, The Tooth Fairy is REAL and so is Santa! Unicorns too. That's basically what I'm hearing when I get these calls every week. Look, if it were that easy, there would be no debt collection industry, everyone would be doing this and we would all rack up our debt and do it all over again. Can someone get 100% results in 24 hours? Absolutely not! Not with the VOD process, not with the 609 methods, not with anything. If you're looking for the credit sweep course, check ou

How to Remove Previously Deleted Collections Reporting with New Agency

When a collection is deleted and then shows up with a new collection agency, it can be very frustrating. One of the most important aspects of disputing is doing it right the first time to make sure the deletion is permanent. Link to PDF Take a look at the process for removing collections that show up with the VOD dispute letter process. Credit repair isn't easy but with the right tools, results are possible! Don't miss out on the holiday special! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Credit Cards: How to Make a Profit with 0 Debt and 0 Interest

Want to know how to make a profit with 0 debt and 0 interest from your credit cards. The wrong way to make a profit is obviously racking up your debt and not paying. You'll learn how to own the credit card companies instead of owing them! Our job is to avoid credit card debt and the credit repair process altogether. If we do this, then there's no need for the VOD method to remove collections! Too bad they didn't teach this type of stuff in school, right? You can find the PDF from this video here If you would like to grab a time on my calendar you can do that here To see the special that saves $251 check that out here To learn how to be a dispute pro check that out here Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Credit Repair Companies and Dispute Letter Copies (Where's your money going?)

Wondering why the credit repair company you hired doesn't give you the dispute letter copies? It's one of these reasons: trade secret (that's what the big "L" says), confidential info, they're not actually doing anything, they're taking you for a ride, they're doing something illegal, using the wrong credit repair technique or method or just don't want to show you what they're doing! Basically, you're just taking your hard-earned money and putting it right into a black-hole you have no clue who they are, what they are doing and you're ok with it. Want to hire a company that provides all dispute letter copies? Expert Credit Sweeps does! Special ends the last day of November: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Credit Repair Companies are in Bed with the Bureaus and Creditors

Have you ever wondered about why the big credit repair companies have a partnership with the bureaus to get your credit reports and why they want you to settle your debt regardless of whether it hurts your credit or not? Or why they won't share the work they've done for you? It's because they're in bed together! The credit card companies, credit bureaus and big credit repair companies and you're the victim of their schemes. You don't pay the credit card companies and it gets reported to the credit bureaus and then you hire the big credit repair company to remove the credit card from your credit report....and then have to pay it back. What? Whatever, just food for thought. Links: DIY template store: Fiverr store: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

How to Write Effective Reasons on Your Dispute Letters

One of the most difficult things is to figure out how to write effective dispute reasons on your dispute letters (to the credit bureaus) to achieve the maximum number of deletions in the shortest period of time. This is why it's so important to understand what a violation is or what makes an account invalid or why something needs to be removed. In this videos, I explain the examples from real-client dispute letters and why they work. If you're looking for the DIY credit repair template store, you can find it at and if you're looking for the fiverr gigs you can find them at Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Credit Score Increases: 107 pts in 35 Days, 221 pts in 96 Days, 286 pts in 130 Days

Is it possible to get a 107 point credit score increase in 35 days? Yes! What about 221 in 96 days? Yes! What about a 286 point boost in your credit score in 130 days? Yes! If you go into this believing you can't do this too, then you've already lost the battle and might as well keep your dispute letter at home. However, if you're willing to accept that the key to credit repair is persistence and perseverance, then you have a chance  IF you do this the right way, the first time. Links: check out the DIY templates at and the super-awesome gigs at Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at https://www.expertcreditsweeps/bookonline

The Most Important Credit Repair Cheat Sheet is Yours for FREE!

Now you can access all of the most important dispute reasons for credit repair in 1 place - for free! If you're looking for the most effective and strategic ways to dispute with the credit bureaus, then take a look at the cheat sheet I created for you: To make sure that your dispute letters are straight and to the point, keep it simple - no templates, no "pursuant to section 609", no "Congress states that", etc. Simple say this is what I'm disputing and this is why. You'll find examples on how to remove collections, charge-offs, bankruptcies and more. Take a look at your credit report on IdentitiyIQ and you'll see what I'm talking about (in relation to the video): Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Cheap Credit Repair Software - Test for FREE!

Want to save time and money with credit repair software? Check out the Dispute Processor that I created today! It's simple, powerful and is a dispute letter processor and tracker all in 1! Either buy it as-is, straight out of the box or have me customize it for you. Built-in dispute reasons and the dispute body (meaning the sentence or paragraph at the beginning of the letter, such as: I don't know what these accounts are and you need to investigate them). Buy here: Test the read-only version here: What it does NOT do: unfortunately, it cannot read a credit report or compare to reports against one another. You will need to manually enter in the negative items BUT I've already created the forms for you to do so and have created the dispute letter template. Want to hand over the burden to a

Best Credit Repair Review EVER!

Wondering what the best credit repair review sounds like? Listen to the video! This client has been with me for  4 months and appreciates everything that Expert Credit Sweeps does for him! This is a credit sweep client and dispute letters were sent out on his behalf. Links: credit repair dispute processor: pricing: template store: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Cheap Credit Repair Software - New & Improved & Credit Sweep New Years Discount

Credit repair software/Dispute Processor is now even better than it was before and I'm going to show you guys tonight just how easy it is and how to save a ton of time with it! Even better, you can go and check it out yourselves to see it with the link below. Make sure to watch this video for important credit repair updates on faxing and Credit check Total changes! New & Improved dispute Processor: Original Dispute Processor: Link to discounted pricing: Link to discounted IdentityIQ: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

How to Build a Credit Repair Client Portal for Free - Can be Used for ANY Other Business too!

Want to save yourself some money and build your own credit repair client portal? Want to do it for free? In this video, I show you how easy it is to share your content or deliverables with your clients and you'll find the demo link below. I also show the difference between my credit repair software and Client Dispute Manager as well as the buy link. Buy the Dispute Processor & see the comparison between Expert Credit Sweeps and Client Dispute Manager: Sign up for Airtable for free: Client Portal Demo Link: Original dispute Processor Demo link: Improved Dispute Processor Demo Link:

Credit Repair Software Comparison - ECS Dispute Processor vs. Client Dispute Manager

Here's the proof that the ECS Dispute Processor is faster than the Client Dispute Manager (credit repair software comparison!). If you want to save TIME and you want to save MONEY, thank you need to check this out. I forgot to mention that your bases automatically populate on a mobile app, which CDM doesn't have! Links: ECS vs CDM comparison & purchase link: Improved Dispute Processor Demo: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Credit Repair Process: How to Dispute Past Round 1

I get it- the credit repair process isn't easy. It's confusing. It takes too long. However, when you have the right formula, any deletion or correction is possible! Did you know that accurate information can be removed? This video is all about how to dispute past round 1 (rounds 2+) to get results. Links: Dispute Processor demo: Buy Dispute Processor: Hierarchy: Dispute Reasons: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Credit Repair Dispute Reason Cheat Sheet

Use this Dispute Progression chart (cheat sheet) to craft your dispute reasons when writing your dispute letter for credit repair purposes. Buy for only $15 at or directly at Stop using TEMPLATES! Start thinking logically and create your disputes based on "factual" information. This means that you take the info on the credit report and base your disputes on it. This covers ALL negative item types and falls into 6 categories: Collections Charge-offs Late Payments Inquiries Identity Theft Bankruptcies Judgements/tax liens *all negative items fall into these categories, including foreclosures, student loans, repossessions, etc. i.e. charge-off with 3 different dates listed under "date of last activity" dispute reason: remove this account immediately due to the fact that you're reporting 3 different dates under "date of last activity" and this is inaccurate This PDF