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Dave Ramey Series: I am the Problem l I need credit repair l Whiteboard ...

#DaveRamsey We are back on the Dave Ramsey Series and we're starting at the beginning with the most important part: realizing that we are the problem. Not our credit or credit score, not our  spouces or children or job. We explore the snowball effect that is bad credit and how it changes our thought process and we justify our actions. Links: Webinars and downloads: go to and click on the "webinars and downloads" tab Let's start by taking responsbility for our actions and blame the person we see in the mirror. Once we do that, we can create a plan, a blueprint to get out of debt, fix our credit or take advantage of free credit repair advice, raise our FICO and prevent ourselves from getting into the same mess again. Even if you've been trying the diy credit repair strategy and it's not working out, you can quit trying to improve what's not working and try something new with a credit sweep. (I do have videos explaining the dif