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Revealed: Initial Audit & Sign Up Process Broken Down

I've explained the sign up and Initial Audit process in this video so that you can obtain a better understanding prior to signing up with Expert Credit Sweeps. I show examples of each section of the process and am happy to answer any questions! If you would like to change your life and obtain financial freedom, I would love to engage in a conversation with you! 845-481-0780

We gave Isac his mom back by fixing her credit!

This is Isac and his mom is a client of Expert Credit Sweeps. We were able to change Janelle's life and make such an impact that her son reached out and let us know! See more information about obtaining financial freedom at

$200,000.00+ and 107 Negatives Removed from a Couple's Files in 3 Months

This client and his wife are well on their way to financial freedom by hiring us to fix their credit. They had a combined $200,000.00 and 107 negative items removed in only 3 months! See more at