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Delete ANYTHING with the new Credit Crunchtime Power Course!

Brand new 8-week course! Introducing the CREDIT CRUNCHTIME POWER COURSE! Based on popular demand, I've created this to learn how to specifically remove charge-offs, collections, late payments, bankruptcies, other public records, inquiries, identity theft, personal info and more. Each negative item type will have its own module! Why did I create this? Well, most consumers don't realize that there's a difference to disputing each of them and IT MATTERS! Credit repair is NOT something you should take lightly and if you're currently using dispute letter templates OR are with a company that does so, you are NOT doing your future any favors! What will you learn, you ask? - How to dispute everything listed above - How to beat the bureaus @ their own game - 4 reasons using NOT MINE is suicide - 5 ways to dispute an inquiry - 3 reasons why factual disputes will remove a bk faster than blocking 3rd parties - 4 ways to remove a collecti

Dispute Letter Tactics: The Stacking Technique for Credit Repair

Access the 2 downloads at for free - no email required! Use this worksheet and map to create your Stacking Workflow (using the Stacking Technique). This is b asically where you just become a huge pain in the  behind and keep shooting at them with everything that you have. You're going to break down your dispute letter and your dispute reasons and figure out whether to challenge or come at them with a new disputre reason. You want to begin by looking at the following: Was the account verified? If yes, should you challenge or use a new dispute reason? Should you use a simple request letter or a demand dispute letter? Do you have a higher probability of result with a CFPB complaint or not? Shoul you write the original creditor or the collection agency? To achieve the highest number of deletions and the highest FICO, you need to learn to break down the process and use the best ammo against them. Attack the FCRA

Biggest Dispute Reason Ammo - The Inverted Pyramid: Free Worksheet

Click here to get instant access to the Biggest Ammo Worksheet and the Inverted Dispute Reason Pyramid: Simply enter your email, confirm and get instant access via the link in your email! You'll be able to download and print and get to work! Other places to get help: ALL services, courses, classes, products and software: To get ME to do your credit sweep, simply schedule a free Discovery Call at Use this to remove collections, charge-offs, repos, late-payments, inquiries, public records and anything else on your credit report! This worksheet will allow you to take control of your dispute letters by breaking down the WHY's and get your brain turning! Take back the wheel of credit repair TODAY! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at