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Brilliant Techniques to Expedite Your Credit Repair Process

Maximizing deletions: Let's take a look at the difference and results between disputing your derogatory accounts with the credit bureaus vs disputing with all available parties (credit bureaus, creditors, collections) and the time frames. We also have a difference between how these items are disputed: templates & using laws vs "free-hand". The wrong way: What's sad is that most credit repair companies use the old credit repair 101 techinique: disputing with the credit bureaus using templates. Most of the time, it's by using credit repair software, where they've stored templates and just insert your info with generic "reasons": i.e. account not mine, never late, etc. Guess what this says about you? "I'm working with a credit repair company" and your dispute letters will go into "pile 2" (the one they just ignore). Even if YOU are the one that's writing them, if it looks like you're just being irresponsible and

Credit Sweep Holiday Special Extended!

I'm extending the holiday special until NEW YEAR'S DAY! I've had a ton of calls where pay day isn't until the week after Christmas, so I've decided to add some time to the credit sweep special for you guys. If you're searching for a way to beat the creditors at their own game and fix your credit the right way (the 1st time!), then make sure to book your free consultation with me! Do you have late payments? Bankruptcy? Tax liens & Judgements? Collections or charge-offs? Inquiries? Book your consultation. This is NOT the regular credit repair 101 that you normally find. This isn't the identity theft credit sweep that so many companies are doing, and doing without their clients even knowing. What it IS, is the fastest way to get permanent deletions in the least amount of time at a nominal cost, LEGALLY! This is a really busy time for the credit bureaus and there might be some "mistakes" with processing your account disputes or with making

Super-easy Credit Sweep Course Created Just for You!

I've created a Credit Education Program for you guys which walks you through disputing simply and effectively to get the best results possible! Whether you're working on your own credit file or own a credit repair business, this course is for you. This would be for you if: you're fixing your own credit you own a credit repair company are starting your own credit sweep service are a broker for another company you need extra tools and advice but already know a little bit you need help on closing sales you know how to delete negative items but need help on the process and more! I'm also going over my 2 other programs: consulting and coaching as well as where you'd fall if you need a full program to learn to do credit repair or just need some direction. Take advantage of the super-easy credit sweep course I created just for you! Schedule your consultation today at  and you & I will customize it to suit your specific

7 Staggering Statistics Good Credit Combats

What would happen if you lost your job tomorrow? What would happen if you lost your job tomorrow?  How long could you survive? 1 week 1 month 2 months How would you pay for: mortgage bills clothes food Did you know: 49% of Americans live check to check 40% don't have $400 saved up between the entire household Nearly 10% making $100k+ say they can't make ends meet Most workers state they're in debt and think they'll always be 71% of all US workers said they're in debt 56% save $100 or less per month 61% can't cover 6 months worth of expenses in an emergency *source What would make this situation easier?  Good credit = good job = lower APR's = more savings Good credit = good job = more savings = money in an emergency Good credit = less stress = stability = financial wellness What changes can be made?  Utilization/limits/balances:  lower utilization = higher scores higher limits = lower balances = lower ut