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1 $8797 Tax Lien Removed from Experian in 4 DAYS!

Tax lien removed from Experian in 4 DAYS!  What?! Yup, it's for real.  Check it out yourself below (receiving Equifax results in a few days!) and see more at the Before & After Report s page! *Update: 1 month EQ results posted below as well! Before : After : EQ 1 Month Results:

1 Month + 4 Public Records Removed = 1 Happy Client

Another 4 public record items removed  from  a  file in 1 month!!  Check it out below for yourself! You can find more on the  before and after reports page of the website at  Client Q Before: Client Q After:

2 Judgements Removed in 2 Months on all 3 Bureaus!

Brand new client N before & after reports for you to view!   2 judgements removed in 1 month from all 3 reports!  Experian report to be posted tomorrow evening. Do you have any public records that are weighing your scores down? We can basically guarantee that they will be removed! Check them out at EQUIFAX BEFORE EQUIFAX AFTER TRANSUNION BEFORE TRANSUNION AFTER

Client M: 2 judgments deleted in less than 1 month!

Some say it can't be done, some say they can do it. I do it every day.  Client M had 2 judgments and both were deleted from Experian in less than 1 month; check out the images below: (to see more, head to the website ) Before : After :

Brilliance: Judgement Removed in 3 Weeks

Here's another judgement that was removed in only a few weeks!  check out the before and afters and give us a call to start your new life today! 845-481-0780 Click HERE to visit the website Client L Before: Client L After:

Stay connected with a new comments/questions & reviews sections!

Stay Connected! You can now add a question or comment directly on the Credit Sweeps page! Scroll to the bottom, check to see if your question has already been submitted by another individual, or just post it! All questions are answered same-day and most of the time are answered within a 1/2 hour. Don't have a question and just want to leave a comment? Awesome, tell us what you have to say! Check it out at New Comments Section: New Testimonials/Review Section:

September 2016: Utilizing for Per-deletion Program

Beginning sometime this month we will be using for the per-deletion program. This will protect us from scammers who sign up, have us do the work and then do not pay. It also makes our job easier when we do not need to reinsert items, make police reports for theft of services or take clients to court. After receiving the estimate for the per-deletion program and sign up, a client will receive a transaction email from for the full amount of the deletions and will need to deposit the funds. Once the deletions occur, the proof will be uploaded to, client will approve and funds will be released. If client does NOT approve even though proof was provided, the funds WILL be released. This is the protection afforded to us. 

$77k Tax Lien & 50%+ Neg. Item Deletion on the FIRST Round!

Head to the Before and After Reports page to check out Client K's full 1st report and update 1 month later! Check out the tax lien deletion below: (AFTER)

Credit Score Fails: Don't Remove ALL Collections!

Did you know that not ALL negatives need to be removed? If you remove paid collections that have age on them, your score may decrease. Why? One of the factors of your score is the average time the accounts have been opened. Removing a collection from 2010 with a $0 will actually hurt your score! Find out how we can increase your score by calling 845-481-0780 or head to the website for more information.