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365+ Dispute Reasons & Letters - Instantly Access 2 Credit Sweep Databases to check out the 2 credit sweep databases. These are GROWING databases - this means that the dispute reasons will reach ~500 and the dispute letters will reach ~300. If you have any issues writing your dispute letters and want an easy way to get inspiration, this might be perfect for you. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at *I offer this content for free. Buy me a coffee at

Do This When The Credit Bureaus Don't Respond | Credit Sweep Secrets

Schedule a call at If the bureaus are ignoring you, if they are not responding when u send out your dispute letters, the best credit sweep tactic is to continue to dispute using the new info based on your credit report by using factual based disputes!

The (Unfiltered) Truth About the Credit Repair Process | What No One Is ...

If you want to remove your collections or charge-offs or repos or late payments or bankruptcies or whatever else you could possibly have on your credit report, one of the most important things to understand is the truth about the system and process. FYI I did not filter this video or have any notes. Fixing your credit is one of the most difficult things that you can do and your credit is the one door of opportunity to everything and all I want is for you to get there and get there safely. I feel like everyone tries to sugarcoat everything and make it all like it's peaches and cream when it's really not and so if you give me the chance, I'll explain to you why its not what it seems. I WISH there was a quick fix because trust and believe that I would be offering it - I already offer everything. If it existed, there probably wouldn't even be small businesses offering this as a service because the big companies would have their fingers all over it. Most people say that

How to Use A Credit Repair Loophole To Avoid Verification | Public Release

This is the public release of the EvolutionLine Method webinar, which was previously sign-up only. It teaches you to use the top of the pyramid for dispute reasons to get the highest credit score faster than if you were to use the regular factual-dispute method. We do this by using a legal loophole that allows us to re-use a dispute reason after information has changed on a previously-disputed account. Other news: You can find out about the newest web app called the StealthInvader, which also comes with StealthDoc Editor and StealthTracker. It allows you to create custom disputes as well as edit and print - all directly in-browser! You can check this out at for more information. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at *I offer this content for free. Buy me a coffee at

All in One Dispute Letter App & Editor & Tracker | Credit Sweep Arsenal

Check out the brand new StealthInvader App & StealthDoc Editor to create disputes that Avoid Detection From the Bureau's OCR Scanner & Fly Under The Radar, Even If You've Been Rejected Before at You can use this app to create dispute letters to the credit bureaus, original creditor, collection agencies and basically anyone you want to using over 300 dispute reasons and 100+ letter options built right into the app. You get access to the letter creator app as well as the editor and as a bonus, you receive the tracker. For the limited-time launch period ending at the end of November, it's a 1-time payment and goes monthly after that. If you are writing your own dispute letters and are looking for a credit repair software solution, this was made for you! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

If You Use Dispute Letter Templates You Need To Watch This | Credit Sweeps

Access some cool free stuff at or schedule a call with me at Transcript: You either opened this because you're guilty of sending dispute letter templates OR because you're curious about the consequences of using them. No matter why you clicked on this video, the most important thing is that you do NOT send out templates. Like ever. Do. Not. Send. Out. Templates. To. The. Credit. Bureaus. Look, I'm not trying to tell you what to do and what not to do. I'm just taking a min. from creating my own custom disputes for my clients to explain something that was weighing on me to save you from all the hardships that come with this dispute blunder. First, I guess we should address what a "template" means. These are the: • law-heavy, 3-page, "pursuant to", "I demand", "intent to sue"- type of letters • letters that do not include a custom reason why the a

35 Actionable Credit Sweep Tips

Access your free copy of 35 Little Boxes of Helpful Advice (35 Actionable Credit Sweep Tips) for free at . Simply click on the link and download your copy to follow along with the video. This covers things like the maximum number of negative items disputed in 1 letter, the max number of reasons per accounts, whether or not to sign your letter, the difference between holiday max and regular max number, the flashcard system to map letters, why you want to use clear dispute reasons, what can happen when you remove an old negative account, how a bankruptcy must report, what a collection should NOT report, what a charge-off should NOT report and more!

Do Credit Sweeps Really Work? | 208-Pt Credit Score Increase in 30 Days

You can grab some free goodies at as well as directly in the Subscriber Hub at or schedule a call for a credit sweep with me at Transcript: If you’re wondering if credit sweeps even work, I created this video to prove to you that they most certainly do, IF you do it correctly, you’re patient, persistent and consistent. So many times consumers give up because this is such a frustrating process, or because they’re impatient or just don’t understand what the process actually is. That’s why I wanted to just take a second and show you a small part of what’s possible. I have clients that get 100-200-pt credit score increases in 30 days, and then I have some clients that don’t see their scores move for 8 months. Every single file is different and if you give up early, the only people that win are the bureaus because they out-waited you. I guess the big question is

The Reason Dispute Letter Templates Fail | Credit Sweeps

Learn to Dispute the right way with factual-based credit sweeps at or You can also see if it would be a good fit for me to do your credit sweep by scheduling a call at Transcript: Imagine for a second that you and your friend both go to see a doctor – you for a sore throat and a sprained ankle for your friend. Not only does the doc sit you both in the same room and examines you at the same time, but he also GIVES YOU THE SAME PRESCRIPTION – you for your sore throat and your friend for their sprained ankle. You both get something called one-in-all. That would make absolutely no sense, right? Well if that makes no sense, how does it sound right that every consumer has different credit reports – accounts, balances, creditors, types, situations and circumstances, etc. – but that only 1 prescription is written? If you don’t think that’s the s

Little-Known Dispute Tactic - "Holiday Hacking" the Bureaus | Credit Sw...

Grab your free credit sweep resources at (or directly at ) to fix your credit yourself using some of the best dispute letter tactics available for credit sweeps. If I were a betting woman, I’d have to wager that quite a few of you don’t know what I’m about to tell you. But if you want to leverage all the secrets and tactics available to beat the bureaus, then this is definitely something you’ll want to take advantage of You see, the holiday season is normally a busy time, right? Family gatherings, parties, travelling, and ALL THAT TIME OFF FROM WORK. Well, it’s not just busy for us – it’s busy for the credit bureaus too and if you add everything that comes with the holidays on top of the 10-20k letters each bureau gets every day on top of our current situation, what is you get is- The best time of the year to dispute! The funny thing is that it’s actually listed as one of

Credit Sweeps - The Best Time to Fix Your Credit | Change For Success

Let's face it - change is scary. One of the most common ways that we hold ourselves back from success is FEAR of success (as crazy as that sounds). We change when we're ready to - whether it be leaving our current jobs, bad relationships, addictions or cleaning up messes we've made with our credit. One of the ways that I help my clients is by mental preparation and habit transformation. In other words: you know you have to fix your credit, it's not overnight and it most definitely a process, but this process is absolutely life-changing and will give you everything you've been working your entire life for. Look, credit sweeps are really difficult to do and we have to take a lot of grief from the credit bureaus, but on the other side is financial confidence and a life free from the chains of bad credit. If you're looking for free tools, tutorials and step-by-step info, check out the Subscriber Hub at . You can even ge

How to Remove Super Difficult Accounts Like a Pro | Credit Sweep Crash C...

Now made available to the public, "How to Remove Super Difficult Accounts Like a Pro" goes over the WHY behind why you might getting stuck with your disputes and what you can do to get results instead of "verified as accurate" responses. If you've been looking for a credit sweep crash course to fill in the gaps for disputing those negative items from your credit report, THIS IS IT. You can access the webinar notes at This is NOT for you if you're just looking for a way to get results without the work. This is NOT for you if you think removing collections or chargeoffs or even bankruptcies is an overnight process. I mean come on, it's called a "process" because it's not easy and it's not fast. What IT IS, is possible. If gives you the chance to do what no one could prior to the 1970's - have more control over your credit report and the information contained in it.