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Learn to be a Credit Repair & Dispute Letter Pro! Pre-Order 10/19

Pre-orders for the full credit course starts tomorrow, 10/19/18 after 8PM EST at and submissions will receive early access to the official (soft launch) on 10/31. Learn to be a Credit Repair & Dispute Letter Pro with this FULL course: A-Z and all the knowledge in my "dome". What do you know about credit repair  basics? What you'll learn: Factual disputes 7 Points to prioritizing derogatory items Deadliest mistakes 3 keys of credit repair Metro 2 files format, matching algorithms, partial data matches E-Oscar codes - how they affect disputing approach "Not Mine":  the FOUR reasons it's stupid and dangerous to dispute like this How to obtain a 700+ score only 2 years after bankruptcy - the secret 8 Point hierarchy of impact 3 Criteria every dispute must be based on 60 credit repair tactics and letters 142 Sample dispute letters 123-page Guide for Operating, Organizing and Marketing 537 Study Questions