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Although nominal, here is a breakdown of our fee!

Although our fee is nominal, we would like to provide a breakdown: We would like to clarify that we are not charging an upfront fee for our services. We charge for our materials and also for the account setup with on our online provider. Rather, this is what we change for: Account set-up Client encrypted and password-protected server for updates  Printer ink- up to 2 sets of cartridges Postage - certified mail and First Class Mail Envelopes - regular long and 9x11 envelopes Paper - copy paper, printer paper, client note paper File setup - offline file setup Faxing service - up to 100 pages in total incoming and outgoing We do not charge monthly fees, upfront service fees or pay-per-deletions. We do not charge clients once the deletions and corrections are completed. If we did, this would cost in the upwards of $3-5k. When we founded this business, we make a promise to help clients break the chains of debt and obtain financial freedom, and this includes the fee t

106 TransUnion deletions: 3 pictures that will kill your doubt!

If in doubt, take a look at these 106 TransUnion deletions that came in about 10 minutes ago off of ONE file!! Sign up HERE Pay HERE Email Website 845-481-0780

Is there anything that will hurt or help my credit sweep?

Feel free to comment with previous experiences- if you have had credit repair before and something did or didn't work for you let us know! There are a couple things that will help and hurt the credit sweep while its in process. Here are a few things: 1. Do NOT apply for credit while your sweep is in process. 2. As much as possible, do not allow any new accounts to appear - such as collections or other derogatory items - until the sweep has been completed. 3. Keep track of all your receipts- proof of mailing, post office receipts, etc. You will need these in the future and they will help your case if it goes to court. 4. Do not refresh your report more than once every 2 weeks. 5. Do not overload the bureaus with dispute letters. Send your letter and wait for the results before submitting the next round, (if necessary). 6. do not write more than 20 accounts per dispute letter, unless they are medical. With medical, there are no limits. 7. The dispute process must alwa

New Forum!

We have a new forum where we welcome all prospective & current clients, and brokers to post!  All questions are welcome, and advice can be shared in either the general discussion board or the broker's.  Forum Site

Why Does the Sweep Take 45-60 Business Days to See Results?

I've gotten this question a few times this week, although the answer is posted right on the website. I decided to specifically do a post for this question. Why does the sweep take 45-60 business days to see guaranteed results? Let's break this down: The bureaus have 30 days to deliver your results - delete or verify. It is either 30 days or 30 business days depending on where the credit report was obtained. The accounts that the bureaus "verify" have the be challenged again, due to the fact that they will not send the required physical proof for validation. We take action according to the results. This is when the 2nd round happens. Our method does take awhile, but is guaranteed to work. We have many ways to remove the negative items There are different ways to delete these undesirable accounts. I will not give away our secrets, but it is quite simple to understand: First is the debt validation with physical proof We also remove them by disputing ot

Live Posts on Craigslist, Changing IPs and More!

Craigslist ad posting- live posts, changing IPs, tips on writing and more! Tonight, I'm going to post something short and to the point about posting on Craigslist. There are a few ways to beat getting flagged and ghosted. Have you ever noticed that your ads do not go live for 20 minutes? They have to pass through CL's algorithms first. Here are a few ways to combat this: Write different ads- For each account, I post 1 ad per day. Each body is different. I change it every 3 days. Use different titles. Each of my ads have unique titles. Post 1 ad per day per account. If it allows you to post 3 or 5, ONLY post 1. This will help in keeping the live/flagged ratio in your favor. This is per section. For example, I only post in services => financial.  Craigslist only wants local posts, so change your IP address according to the location you are posting in. See the images below. I use HMA software (HideMyAss)..  Clear your browsing history after each post- history

Marketing Tools for Brokers

Marketing Tools for Brokers  This video has a few important tools that my brokers can use in advertising my services! Comments, questions, suggestions? Contact: Email Website

Website overview video

Website Overview Video Here is a website overview to help you navigate! Questions, comments, suggestions? Let us know!

Bottom line- making $$$$

Let's talk about what every one is thinking about- How can I make money off of this? Step 1- See the previous blog post HERE Become a Broker Becoming a broker is easy. See below:  The formula is simple: The more clients a broker has, the more money they make. If you do this full time, you can be swimming in money.  How? We do the work. We send it to you and you forward it to them. The most important part of that sentence is WE DO THE WORK. If all you are doing is fielding questions, advertising and forwarding the client updates, that means you have time to sit back and watch your bank account balance increase! This means that if you purchase 3 sweeps @ $1500, and you charge your clients $1200 per sweep, you make $2400.  Besides the benefit of not actually doing any of the actual work on the file, you also get a discount. If you purchase only 1 sweep, you pay $600, (my fee plus postage). If you purchase at leas 3, you receive a major disc