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How to Remove Closed Accounts From a Credit Report

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How to Remove a Collection From a Credit Report Without Paying

Today we're talking about how to remove collections from a credit report without paying and it goes with the last video on how to remove a charge-off without paying, which can be found here: | If you would like to see if a credit sweep would be a good fit, head over to for a Discovery Call and I will see if I can help. The problem: Many consumers were taught that you should send a validation of debt for EVERY single collection account and that's most definitely not the answer to the problem. Not only are there collections that should NOT be disputed this way, but it can put you in hot water, and no one wants this. Another problem: Each type of collection has its own action plan and method for disputing, such as: medical and utility, apartment and debt buyer collections. I go over each of these methods as well as example dispute reasons, collection myths and timing of disputes to get the fastest results (in thi

How to Remove a Charge-off WITHOUT Paying | Credit Sweep Tips

Today I'm showing you how to remove a charge-off without paying and this also covers different inaccuracies you should be on the lookout for on your credit report to get the account removed. If you would like a free consultation for a credit sweep, schedule your call today at and I'll see if I can help. Here are the 3 videos referenced on how to remove charge-offs and what an account should look like on a credit report: 🔮 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 🔮 ✨ Check out all 3 credit reports and scores with the same credit monitoring I show in my videos and use for my clients with IdentityIQ: ✨ 🧙‍♀️ GET HELP WITH YOUR CREDIT JOURNEY DIY awesome free tools, tutorials and downloads -

+329 Credit Score Increase in 90 Days [Includes All 3 Reports!]

I'm sharing with you another client win: he got some $300k removed and gained 329 credit score points in JUST 90 DAYS! These always astonish me because it's most definitely not normal to have it happen that quickly! The way we did this was by attacking his accounts using factual disputes and then went after the violation for failure to enter the notice of dispute (violation of section 623 on the bureaus and 807.8 for the collectors). Do YOU need help with your own credit? If so, head over to to schedule your free credit sweep consultation and I will see if I can help! How factual disputes work vs. credit repair: Credit repair: - generally uses dispute letter templates ONLY, which means that it is the same letters sent for all clients regardless of situation - not targeted to specific reason why account needs to be removed or updated and simply asks for a verficiation - if the consumer is with a credit repair company, that company will normally dispute o

How to Remove a Charge off From a Credit Report | Worksheets

Today we're talking about how to remove a charge-off from a credit report again, and you can access the worksheets I show in this video totally free at to map out your accounts and strategy of attack. If you would like to schedule a 1:1 call for a credit sweep head to and I'll see if I can help. Here's the reason we do this: The longer you dispute, the harder it is to remove the account, so when writing your dispute letter, it's imperative that it be PERFECT and planned out. You also want to keep track of everything - the rounds, violations, responses, etc. so that you can use them in complaints and fighting those violations. 🔮 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 🔮 ✨ Check out all 3 credit reports and scores with the same credit monitoring I show in my videos and use for my clients with IdentityIQ: ✨

How Much Time To Remove an Account From a Credit Report?

Today we're looking at how much time it takes to remove an account from a credit report and we're going over medical collections, collections like evictions, late payments, charge-offs, student loans and bankruptcy. If you would like to schedule a free call for a credit sweep, head over to to see if a 1:1 custom sweep would be a good fit for your situation. You see, the problem is that many companies will tell you whatever you need to hear to get you to sign up - like "in as little as 30 days, this can be removed" - when the truth is THAT'S ONLY ONE ROUND! What they are NOT telling you is that yeah, it CAN come off in that timeframe, but the majority of the time it will be verified and you'll have to send out another round of disputes. When it's verified, the only way to get your results is to keep moving forward and hold them accountable by disputing. This is the reason why I teach you so many different methods and strategies so that

501 to 635 Credit Score Increase in 60 Days (With PROOF!)

Today I'm sharing with you today another client win: credit score increase of 501 to 635 in just 60 days and 1 letter sent to the credit bureaus (and 1 to the collectors)! You'll see the breakdown inside the video and I take you inside the actual credit report on the IdentityIQ credit monitoring website! Why do I post these videos? Because I have hundreds of video tutorials and I like to show you that my methods work! What can be removed with a credit sweep? Collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, late payments, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgements, short sales, inquiries and more! Do all clients receive results like this? Seriously? Of course not! I create videos that give inspiration, proof that the methods work and that you can too get results BUT you have to dispute the right way. If not, not only will the negative items not be removed, but they can be re-aged illegally or worse, you can get banned. This is why I send out letters that contain VERIFIABLE FACTS and use a le