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Use These 2 Formulas to Remove Virtually ANY Negative Account From a Cre...

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How to Know if You Are Being Scammed By a Credit Repair Company

To get your credit repaired the right way, schedule a call with me 1:1 at OR to get instant and free access to awesome DIY credit repair resources, check out Today, we're talking about something that really drives me crazy - companies taking advantage of consumers. This is why we're going over what to look for so that you can protect yourself from being scammed by a credit repair company! If you would like to check out your IdentityIQ Credit Report to see all 3 credit bureaus next to each other, AND get it at a deep discount ($21.99/m v $29.99/m) head over to (*affiliate link) 💡 👉 Transform your RESULT-LESS letters using a battle-tested cheat sheet. Get yours free for unlimited results at👈 I show you the most aggressive credit sweep tactics

How to Use Blatant Inaccuracies to Remove Negative Accounts From Your Cr...

You can get instant no opt-in free access to the Blatant Inaccuracies PDF at Follow along as we go over the difference between blantant inaccuracies and regular factual disputes for credit sweeps in addition to why it matters for removing negative accounts from your credit report. The link to grab IdentityIQ Credit Monitoring at $21.99/m instead of $29.99/m is (*affiliate link) - copy and paste the link to your browser if you have an error show up Learning how to do a credit sweep is not rocket science but I can definitely tell you that if it is not done the right way, you'll end up with more headaches than results and can do permanent damage. This is why this information is free and made available to you! Leave me a comment on this video letting me know what you're struggling with (related to fixing your credit)

Over 100-Pt Credit Score Increase On All 3 Credit Bureaus in Less than 1...

Today I want to give you some inspiration, because it can be REALLY frustrating to fix your credit, and especially having to deal with the credit bureaus right now. Normally, I don't share results like this but I see a lot of people giving up when they just don't need to. As I mention in the video, if you would like to learn to fix your own credit yourself for free, you can do that by visiting Alternately, you can visit to see if I can instead take over your file and do the credit sweep for you to get better results than you would (or have been) alone.

This is What an Account SHOULD Look Like on a Credit Report [ download]

You can grab the What an Account SHOULD Look Like PDF at and the Simple Letter Tracker at . If you would like to find out more about what an account should look like for credit sweeps, join the free Subscriber Hub at and you'll be notified as soon as it drops. To access your 3-bureau credit report with IdentityIQ at the discounted rate of just $21.99/m instead of $29.99, use my link: *affiliate link Why is it important to track your dispute letters? Well, the answer to that is really, really simple: You need to know who to follow up with, who to send a 1st dispute with, who you want to dispute with, etc. If you don't track these things, then you may end up forgetting something that you need t

Breaking Down the Answers to the Dispute Reason & Tactic Worksheet | Cre...

Grab the Dispute Reason & Tactic Worksheet at and the intro video (went live last night) can be found at . We're going over the answers to last night's worksheet and I'm breaking down WHY these are the correct answers so that you can understand how to use them when you write your dispute letters yourself. If you're finding that your dispute letters just ARE NOT getting the results you're looking for (either credit score-wise or deletion/correction-wise), then it may come down to the type of letter. You see, a lot of consumers think that credit sweeps involve police reports and other shortcuts, but I can promise you this isn't the fastest way to remove the derogatory accounts (collections, foreclosures, repos, chargeoffs, late payments, inquiries, etc.). The BEST, and FASTEST way to get legal, permanent deletions is to dispute each of the negative accounts at th

Dispute Reason and Tactic Worksheet | Test Your Dispute Zest Totally Free

Afraid your letters aren't cuttin' it because of your dispute reasons, or do you just wanna test your "dispute zest"? Head to to download the Dispute Reason & Tactics Worksheet totally free (no opt-in or email required). Because we're leading up to a VERY important part of the series, I want to make sure that you're positioned for success. So take a moment to see where you're at with how to write dispute reasons (using the factual based dispute method for credit sweeps) and take stock of your knowledge! Other important links for you: Schedule a 1:1 free Discovery Call to see if the credit sweep service would be a good fit at and I will see if I can help! Learn how to dispute: Save $10 on the Deep Dive Workshop until 9pm PST on 4/5 at