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26 FCRA & FDCPA Debt Collector Violations - Free Stack | Credit Sweeps

As promised, here are the links to grab the 26 Debt Collector FCRA & FDCPA Debt Collector Violations Stack, the EvolutionLine Method sign up link and the link to schedule a call with me directly for a credit sweep: Grab the Stack: or if youtube cuts off the link Sign up for the EvolutionLine Method: or if youtube cuts off the link Sign up for the Dispute Playbook Launch Updates at or if youtube cuts off the link Submit your dispute letter for the new video series at g Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at *I offer this content for free. Buy me a coffee at

Livresq Course Creator Review | 100% Customization!

Interested in a Live Letter-Writing Workshop? | Credit Sweeps

I'm considering doing a live workshop here on youtube where I write some dispute letters live based on pre-chosen credit reports and walk you through everything I'm doing. If you are interested, hit the "like" so I know whether it would be of value to you!

How To Avoid Getting Stuck On Round 1 | (Credit Sweep Dispute Letters)

😎 🎙️ No one (including me) likes to be told what to do,💰 so I'm not telling you what to and what not to do. I'm simply letting you know based on my 10 years in the financial industry and thousands of split tests how to avoid getting stuck on what to say in your dispute letters and what to avoid to get results and move forward without a hitch. We need to write our letters with purpose and know that the dispute reasons we use are going to get our negative accounts deleted (or updated).  If you would like to learn more about how to dispute, check out the Beginner's Guide and the Omni Letters at If you would like a  coaching call: To find out if I am able to take over your file for a credit sweep: *I offer this content for free. Buy me a coffee at

#1 Mistake with the Method of Verification Dispute Letter for Credit Repair

So, you sent out your method of verification dispute letter to the credit bureaus and are wondering WHY it's not working and WHY you aren't getting your deletions. Watch this video to learn why I do NOT send out method of verification letters for my clients and if I do challenge, why I always use the factual-based dispute method. To learn about products I currently offer: And to have me take over your file: Want to hand over the burden to an expert and get a credit sweep? Get a free consultation at *I offer this content for free. Buy me a coffee at

My Advice to You About Credit Repair | Credit Sweeps

None of this is about me. It's about learning how to get to your credit destination without losing money, wasting time or getting "taken" by a company that tells you everything you want to hear. The process behind this is really simple: listen to me and you'll get there. Don't listen to me and I guess I'll never know. Learn to use factual disputes and to look at this for what it is and have realistic expectations, and get the best outcome.

How to Delete Portfolio Recovery From Your Credit Report | Credit Sweep ...

This will work for ANY debt-buyer collector - and they are more definitely difficult to remove so make sure that you are preparing your disputes the right way! The link to sign up for identityiq: (make sure to copy and paste it to your browser - otherwise you will get an error code) If you are not using factual disputes for your credit sweep then you might find that it is very hard to get deletions - especially now. So please, take the time to learn to do this the right way. Need DIY help? go to Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at *I offer this content for free. Buy me a coffee at

Warning Be Careful with CFPB Complaints for Credit Repair

A lot of consumers use CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) complaints incorrectly, and it can end up costing them their results. If you're wondering how this can happen (or why), the answer to this is simple: the CFPB is there to receive complaints after you've exhausted your remedies, because all the company has to do is come back and respond with "we investigated and the creditor/collector said it is verified. We sent these results". That's it! You would need to start all over again, except for this time, the CFPB will not take you seriously. Now, if you submitted a complaint and included a ton of proof that you submitted FACTUAL DISPUTES proving that your accounts are listed inaccurately and can prove all these violations, then that would be a different story. What are they going to respond with, other than that they have to look into it and see what they can do to fix it? One thing that can make or break you is whether you are using dispute let

Credit Card Companies to Lose $100 Billion Over Debit Card Usage

We finally have a victory over the credit card companies and even though it may only be a small step, it’s going to cost them $100 bill per year because of the pandemic. I’m talking about the fact that consumers are using their debt cards more than credit right now and it’s costing the cc companies a lot of money – try a whopping $100 bill, as I mentioned. So while they’ve been cutting our limits and closing out cards and approving fewer consumers for new accounts like they’re our parents punishing us for coming home late, we’re slowly pushing back – but in a very big way! Debit card volume went up 12%, while cc volume declined by 21% in May – that’s a big hit and it’s because of the fear of being in debt during the pandemic, according to a visa executive. This is similar to the 2008 financial crisis, the 2018 gov’t shutdown and the initial clashes from the trade war with China when the stock market took a big dip. This is exactly what I was talking about when I said inve

How does using debit cards instead of credit cards affect the lenders?

I see a win for consumers floating in the air, coming towards us like far-off clouds. I read an article today about how the credit card companies are losing money because consumers are using more of their own money instead of their credit cards. This means that they are using their debit  cards and cash instead of making the credit card companies money. I think it was something like $100 billion or some crazy amount like that. But the point behind this is because the credit card companies only make money (outside of annual fees and whatnot), money on interest if you don't pay in full each month. So, if you're paying in full each month, they don't make money. If you're not using your credit cards, the lenders do not make money. Why am I saying that this is a win for us? Because they're been taking from us and closing our cards and cutting out limits and making it more difficult to get approved. They've been taking it all away from us like they think they're o

Top 7 Questions to Ask a Credit Repair Company

These top #7 questions will save you from wasting thousands of dollars, fraud, false hope and wasted time. At a time when people are trying to capitalize off the global situation, it’s extremely important that you protect yourself by knowing what you should and shouldn’t ask when you start looking around for credit report. If you skip ahead in this video you won’t understand WHY these questions matter, so make sure to watch until the end! You might be asking, “WHY?” Why does t his matter? Well, look at what you’re trying to accomplish and what’s required to get you there. You want a $500k mortgage, but can’t even get a $200 secured card? You want a $20k car loan but can’t even open a bank account? Your credit h as a direct effect on your life, so why wouldn’t you be serious about it? Your credit determines (most of the time), how much money you make, where you live, what you live in, who you live with (mom, close the door!), whether your work is your passion or pain, wher