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FREE Credit Repair Dispute Letter Flash Cards to download the FREE flash cards! I know that it can be confusing having to memorize what letter is for what, what dispute reason is the best to use and when to use it so I created these free credit repair dispute letter flash cards for you! Simply download and print. If you would instead like to find out if the full credit sweep services is for you, simply go to and grab a free Discovery Call. To see all software, services, products and courses, go to Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Credit Repair Dispute Process Breakdown: Secret to Success

Check out the digital version here: I know that not everyone is advanced and quite a few people don't even know where to s tart, so I created this video to help explain the credit repair dispute process breakdown! Open the digital version to watch at your own pace! Links: 15% off The Dispute Project: Beta Tester Application: Check out all software, services, courses and products: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Automate Credit Repair Letters - 6 Rounds with 1 Click!

I've created the Ultimate Dispute Reason and Round Automator and you can create 6+ rounds of dispute reasons, 6+ rounds of dispute templates and create your dispute letter right in the software! I was too excited to wait to show you guys so I'm posting this video pretty late. The software isn't done yet but once it is, I'll post a launch video with the link. Want to see all software, products and services? Check out Want to sign up for services? or book a Discovery Call at Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Do I have to pay if my account was deleted from my credit report?

My question to you is more like: why WOULDN'T you have to pay for an account that's removed from your credit report?? I've got some videos lined up for you guys; I've been busy working on results and my clients come first though. If you'd like to get access to your own personal credit advisor, now you can. It's called the "Answer Project" and besides a few restructions, you can virtually keep me in your back pocket for credit advice and consulting! Get access at You may also get access to free dispute letters, the Credit Project, behind-the-scenes, early access, the full content library and the Video Project on Patreon. Or, you can ust support me there because you think I'm wonderful! Once again: if you need help with dispute letters, your fico, credit repair, your credit report, vod letters,  removing charge-offs, collections, foreclosures, public records, inquiries, late paym