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What To Do If a Deleted Account is Reinserted and How to Avoid It | Cred...

One of the most frustrating things to happen with your credit report is when you finally get a deletion just to have it put right back onto your credit report - it happens all the time with millions of consumers. The worst part is when you don't know what to do about it and it ends up staying for the full length of time up to the statute of limitations. So what do you do? In this video I explain the 2 different types of reinsertions, what is NOT a reinsertion, how to remove a reinserted account and then how to avoid it. ⚡️ Check out the "Set the Follow-up" Dispute Funnel training at ⚡️ 💡 👉 Transform your RESULT-LESS letters using a battle-tested cheat sheet. Get yours free for unlimited results at👈 I show you the most aggressive credit sweep tactics, techniques, strategies and methods that'll drive your results. This channel was set up to be the gas t

Back Dating Dispute Letters - Fact or Fiction? | Credit Myth Busting

What do you think about this - is it a fact or is it fiction? Can you just take off 2 weeks - 30 days and and your negative items removed because of the failure to respond within a 30-day time period? *SPOILER ALERT* It is 100% fiction. The date they receive your disputes is when the clock begins. This is why some consumers send certified mail - it's a way to prove #1 the letter was received and #2 the date the clock started ticking. This is an automated system that reads your letter and also clocks the date in the system. This way, they always know how much time has passed since receiving the letter. 💡 👉 Transform your RESULT-LESS letters using a battle-tested cheat sheet. Get yours free for unlimited results at👈 I show you the most aggressive credit sweep tactics, techniques, strategies and methods that'll drive your results. This channel was set up to be the gas that powers your vehicle to y

NEW: Atomic Email Solutions | Credit Sweep Help

Are you having issues with your credit or client's credit report? Do you have something that seems impossible to remove? Maybe you're totally stuck on what to do next and feel like you've tried everything or just don't know where to go. You can now ask me directly by sending an email to and get a response for ONLY $50 - you even get a free reply when I respond! If you don't want to pay for a full course or have to spend 10 hours researching to find the right answer, then this is most definitely for you. It's quick, targeted, everything you need and nothing you don't. Now, while you can't have me teach you how to do something general (like "how do you...?"), I'll absolutely help you resolve your specific dispute issues. Stop wasting time on the wrong information and get the help you need. Right now. 💡 👉 Transform your RESULT-LESS letters using a battle-tested cheat sheet. Get yours free for unlimited results at

FICO Scores Rebucket - Why Did My Credit Score Drop?

You've heard me mention FICO Score Rebucketing before, but this is the first video on it. So many consumers don't understand what goes on "behind the scenes" with their credit report and credit scores, and this is one of the factors. It follows directly behind why your credit score drops when you remove older collections and charge-offs from your credit report. If you need help with your credit sweep, here are a few resources for you: DIY - *You can find the How to Correct or Remove Student Loans Mini-Course on this link DFY credit sweep (where I fix your credit for you) -

How to Remove Student Loans Mini-Course | Credit Sweep Secrets

If you'd like to check out the How to Remove Student Loans Mini-Course, you can do that at (direct link) - it's ONLY $17 and immediately accessible. This will show you how to correct or remove student loans, either entirely or just the late payments, example dispute reasons, a video that shows you how to use the factual dispute method for credit sweeps so you understand exactly what I'm referring to, as well as how to remove student loan collections, such as with US Dpt Education. Alternately, you can schedule a call with me for the credit sweep service at and I'll see if I can be of assistance.

150-Pt Credit Score Increase in 4 Rounds! | Credit Sweep Proof

If you'd like to check out the slide deck, you can do that using the long link below. This video was created to give you encouragement at a time of attempted consumer disempowerment from the credit bureaus, banks and collectors. It's also a great way change for me to show you this works, just because! MANY of my clients receive results like the ones you're about to see in this video. However, it takes a lot of work and most certainly patience to achieve this. Anyone can increase their credit scores - but do you really want to give up years of your life chasing the wrong methods? If not, watch my videos or get on a call with me to see what I can do for you. It doesn't matter what you're disputing - as long as it is not child support or foreclosures in-process, you have the chance of removal. This means charge-offs, collections, student loans, public records like bankruptcies, inquiries, late payments, short sales, etc. all have the possibility of removal. It H

Top 3 Credit Sweep Questions Answered | 2021 Dispute Process

I took the top 3 questions I get consistently and turned them into a public DisputeIQ quiz! We go over why factual based disputes for credit sweeps work, why it's a conflict of interest for the credit bureaus to do investigations (of dispute letters), what to do when the credit bureaus say your accounts are verified (or reject, stall or scare you) and more! Just watch the video - the 20mins are most definitely worth it... even with my tangents. You can find the DisputeIQ quiz series at If you're looking for the free Hub for stupendously-awesome (and again, FREE) diy credit repair goodies, you can find it at If you're looking for the link to schedule a call with me for a credit sweep, you can find it at [this is for the paid credit sweep service ONLY] You can access the DisputeIQ Quiz as shown in this video at (long link!) https://www.canva.

#1 Credit Bureau Win Strategy and How to Beat Them | Credit Repair Process

The #1 strategy for the credit bureaus to win is to ignore you. Your #1 tactic to beat them is to keep disputing, and to do it the right way. This means that you're not going to give up when they don't respond and not going to give in when they stall and attempt to scare you. You win by sending in factual disputes, not stopping when they say it's been verified and by exhausting all of your dispute letter remedies. You can find out more about how to fix your own credit report by going to . You can find out if I can help you raise your credit score with the credit sweep service by going to

Top 12 Credit Report Errors Banks & Credit Bureaus Get Sued Over [Downlo...

In today's video, we are going over the top 12 errors that McCarthy Law sues banks and the credit bureaus over failure to correct after a dispute, and I know that these can help you in learning how to write factual dispute reasons! You can access this for free, directly in the Subscriber Hub at - just scroll down to the last module and you'll see it. If you are looking for the link to schedule a call with me for a credit sweep, you can find it at OR If you found value in this video, make sure to smash the like and hit the bell for notifications after you subscribe and check out the rest of my 450+ videos for free here on youtube.

Warning! You Can Lose 100's of Credit Score Points If You Do This

You can access this slide deck at (editable Canva template) to start creating your own credit score and dispute letter action plan using the credit sweep method. You can alternately access the PDF version (cannot be edited) at . *I noticed on playback this morning that the recording looks fine on mobile until used as full-screen. Now that I know this, I will not be recording in full-screen. My apologies! The entire point behind this video is for you to be careful with the way that you dispute and to ensure that you've done a complete analysis and risk assessment prior to disputing the derogatory accounts on your credit report. Always create an action plan and follow it. (I give it to you here!) This will work for you whether you have collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, repos, student loans, late payments, etc. Just plug in the info and start planning. If you would like to schedule a call with me to see if I am able t

#1 Reason Why You're Not Getting Results | Credit Sweep Tips

You can access the #1 Reason Why You're Not Getting Results - the PDF of today's presentation at (link expires 2 years from now BUT I have no control over the continuation of their website). The problem is whatever you are doing to get your results - meaning the tactics and strategies and dispute letters you're sending for your so-called credit sweep or credit repair. Your results are a direct reflection of your labor. I forgot to mention that I am coming out with a Dispute Blackbook about a week from now and if you want to be first to access it, make sure to sign up for the Subscriber Hub at - my list ALWAYS gets first and early access to my products and services! You will also receive a discount by joining (when it launches). You can also schedule a call for a credit sweep at

10 Statistics to Know About the $2000 Blocked Stimulus $$$ | Credit Repair

You can find the transcript below. If you would like information on how to fix your credit yourself for free (besides my massive library here in youtube) you can go to and check out the Subscriber's Hub as well as other content (free and paid). To see if I can help you with your credit report, schedule a call with me at and I will see if a credit sweep would be a good fit for you. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a move to boost stimulus checks from $600 to $2000 for struggling Americans while the gov't paid him $3300 this week. Before the pandemic 40% of Americans were struggling to afford at least 1 basic necessity & 78% of full-time workers were living paycheck to paycheck (figures from 2017). 1/2 Million people were counted as homeless in 2018 alone. And then came the pandemic to make things even worse: 22 million jobs were lost in the spring and it can take 4 years to recover from that without si