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10 Statistics to Know About the $2000 Blocked Stimulus $$$ | Credit Repair

You can find the transcript below. If you would like information on how to fix your credit yourself for free (besides my massive library here in youtube) you can go to and check out the Subscriber's Hub as well as other content (free and paid). To see if I can help you with your credit report, schedule a call with me at and I will see if a credit sweep would be a good fit for you. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a move to boost stimulus checks from $600 to $2000 for struggling Americans while the gov't paid him $3300 this week. Before the pandemic 40% of Americans were struggling to afford at least 1 basic necessity & 78% of full-time workers were living paycheck to paycheck (figures from 2017). 1/2 Million people were counted as homeless in 2018 alone. And then came the pandemic to make things even worse: 22 million jobs were lost in the spring and it can take 4 years to recover from that without significant relief. By June, about 14 millions workers & dependents lost health coverage. The # of Americans affected by food insecurity is now projected to hit 54 million - up from 35 million pre-pandemic. More than 14 million American households are now at risk of eviction and more than 336k Americans have died from the virus. And so here's Mitch McConnell blocking relief that Americans really need right now! here are 10 statistics to put the stimulus proposal in perspective: 1. Total cost of $2k checks ($465 billion) is less than 1/2 what American billionaires made during the pandemic ($1 trillion). Total cost is less than the amount that just 16 Am. billionaires increased their net worth by during the pandemic ($471 billion). 2. Jeff Bezos and Elon Must gained more wealth during the pandemic ($158 billion) than Congress just authorized for additional unemployment benefits for millions of Americans ($120 billion). 3. Jeff Bezo's personal wealth increased more every second of 2020 ($2,800) than Congress is considering giving Americans who are facing eviction, starvation and bankruptcy. 4. Congressional lawmakers are being paid $3300 of gov't money every week while they find ways to block $2000 checks to millions of Americans. 5. It took Congress less than a month to pass legislation of giving a $700 billion bailout to bank executives during the financial crisis. It has taken Congress more than eight months to mull the far less expensive stimulus bill to give $2000 to Americans struggling in an economic crisis. 6. A $2000 survival check would give the avg soldier more $$ than the proposed 3% military pay increase that is included in defense legislation that Senators Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey said they would filibuster in order to force a vote on the survival checks. 7. The richest 5% of Americans received more in Trump tax cuts in 2020 ($145 billion) than Congress is spending on increased unemployment benefits for millions of Americans during the economic crisis ($120 billion). 8. In 2016, "children, elderly, disabled people, and students made up around 70 percent of the poor," according to the People's policy Project. unlike unemployment benefits, $2000 would help them. 9. About 60% of Georgia households make less than $75000, meaning Georgia republican senators allowing $2000 checks to be blocked would deny aid to roughly 2 million of their state's households as they run for reelection. .10. As republicans to try block the $2000 check legislation, a new national survey found that 78% of Americans support it... I think it would be a different outcome if Congress weren't paid $3300/wk while they find reasons to block this much-needed money, don't you? As we begin this new year, this 2nd year of the pandemic, we have a lot to look forward to and a lot of change is being made for the good... but I've gotta admit that it's a terrible thing when the American people - the everyday Jane and Joe are treated entirely different than the rich. Need more examples? Need a bailout if a you're a billionaire? Sure, give us less than a month. Need to claim bankruptcy? Not a problem at all - let us know as soon as it's done so you can borrow more money. These numbers were taken from Newsweek and The Daily Poster but you can check them for yourself.


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