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How to Remove Unpaid Collections Outside Statute of Limitations

Wednesday Night Video: How to Remove Collections Outside Statute of Limitations - Click on the links below to open the docs in the video. What we want to do is catch the collection agency in a violation to get a removal and with this letter, we can! This is similar to the debt validation method, but just a tad different. It's called the Nervous Nellie Method/Technique and can only be applied to those collections in which they cannot sue you any longer. I'll also show you how your dispute letters are handled and processed to prove that there's no such "investigation" when you dispute with the credit bureaus! They don't even get the documentation you send over! How crazy is that??? Links: Nervous Nellie: Credit Bureau Investigation Flow Chart: Results:

How to Use the Credit Bureau Investigation Process Against them to Get Deletions!

Introducing tonight's topic for the Wendesday Video Series: Use this credit bureau investigation flow chart I'll be giving you to leverage your chances of inaccurate negative item deletions; we have proof that there's no such thing as an "investigation". Use the collection letter for collection accounts outside the statute of limitations to "trick" the collection agency and catch them in a violation to achieve a deletion! We're going to look at how to remove collections fast using a different type of dispute method that has probably gotten overlooked before! If you're wondering how credit repair works and how you can use this to your advantage, you need to check out the video tonight and subscribe to make sure you don't miss out! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Free Credit Sweep Giveaway & VACATION Giveaway!

Wednesday night video @ 9:30PM EST & immediately following that @ 10PM EST LIVE is a Credit Sweep giveaway & a VACATION giveaway for either 3 or 5 nights in places like Cancus, Puerto Rico, Orlando, Las Vegas and Acapulco! You gotta be there for a chance to win during the live event.

LIVE Webinar! How to Fix 3 Credit Repair Mistakes You Probably Didn't Kn...

Live webinar @ 3pm EST June 19th!  Replay link will be posted here 5 hours AFTER the live event. Don't miss this live webinar! If you're wondering why your credit repair strategies aren't working, it's more than likely due to a mistake you probably don't know you're making. I'll also be giving you 3 free downloads! Click to reserve your spot now and I'll see you at 3pm EST on the 19th! *if there are any mistakes during the webinar, please remember that this is a LIVE event! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

How to Get a TKO with Your Credit Bureau Letters - Saturday Workshop

Workshop #1: How to get a TKO with your disputes - Saturday 6/16 @ 9PM EST. Registration only - limited to 10 people. Register here: I'll create your dispute "reasons" for you during this workshop and you'll be able to share a doc with me (or you'll be able to explain the situation if you cannot share a document). I'll write out your disputes and send them to you during the workshop! Cost: FREE Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Don't Believe a "30-Day Credit Sweep" Lie!

Wednesday Video #5: Do you really believe that the world is all peaces and cream and that 30-day/21-day/7-day credit sweeps exist legally? Stop dreaming and start living in reality! YES, anyone can get RESULTS in 30 days or less, that's not what I'm saying here. But it's almost impossible to come by a legal sweep that removes all negative items in 30 days or less without doing an identity theft credit sweep. In this video, I lay out a very simple plan to dispute by and it's exactly what6 I talk about in my other videos. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so I just want for you to use common sense. If you need to fill out a police report and there was never any fraud, don't do it. If the company won't show you how they're disputing, don't stay. To schedule a free consultation for me to take over your file, simply go to