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Want 50 Buckaroos just for knowing someone? Become an affiliate!

Do you know someone who could possibly benefit from a credit sweep? Want to get paid $50 just for knowing them?  Here's how it works: If you have someone who is interested, give me their name so I know who referred them when they call (I keep everyone honest!) You can also give me their name and phone # for me to initiate When they sign up, I pay you $50 after the legal cancellation time frame of 3 days It's really as simple as that! *You also have the option of signing them up yourself on the broker page Step 1: Sign up for free as an affiliate: Step 2: Give the referral my contact info or provide me theirs Step 3:  I will sign them up via phone or they will sign up on my website or you will sign them on the broker's page Step 4: You get paid $50 via PayPal Please let me know if you have any questions! 845-481-0780

Getting Down & Dirty: Astute Service with No Upfront Deletion Fees

Let's get down and dirty and talk about why you're reading this and why I'm writing this: You need credit repair and I'm one of the best. It's really as simple as that. You either didn't pay your bills or didn't pay on time and now the creditors want their money or you want to obtain more credit and can't because you didn't pay as agreed. The beauty of my program is that for most consumers who call, I can help. Who I can't help: Those who have foreclosures in process or child support to be disputed (cannot be removed) Those who do not wish to pay for their own credit sweep expenses and want free credit repair Why I can't help a consumer who doesn't wish to pay their expenses: It's not free for me to process the disputes I put forth maximum capital to obtain maximum results in a minimal amount of time I use an aggressive credit sweep method that not only takes a ton of time but also comes with costs like certified mai

Risk-free Credit Sweep: Hard Evidence

Let me guess: You fall into one of these 2 categories, right? #1 You went to another company and either got scammed or didn't see results or #2 You have no clue how to get the job done yourself, know a little bit but have no time, or tried it and failed It doesn't matter whether you are a #1, 2 or a don't fit either. I can help you. Let's be real, though. Most of you think that credit repair is free, and you don't want to pay anything up front. If you don't think its free, you probably don't want to pay up front because you A: got scammed, B: have no money or C: want to see results first. Realization #1: Credit sweeps are NOT free for me to do for you. Let's use some logic: I'm in business for ONE reason: You guys didn't pay your bills or you didn't pay them on time, right? And hey, I know that credit repair is a sketchy business, I know that there are companies that don't deliver, but there's a ton of clients/consume