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What is a credit sweep? Why do I need one?

This blog is specifically regarding my credit repair company. All information contained in this blog is derived from the knowledge I have incurred while working on credit repair for my clients. Nothing will ever be taken from another website other than my own. If there are any similarities between my blogging and other site, it is pure coincidence. Some of the information here may also be taken from my other blog. Please ask questions and comment so that I can be more of service to you! Let us keep this simple. Here is a copy of my current ad:                                     ~Credit Sweeps Done Right- The First Time~ We do all of the work on your behalf! All 3 bureaus 45-60 business days to complete 100% negative item deletion and inquiries Restrictions: child support, tax liens (unless paid or payment arrangement with proof) and foreclosures in process. One-time fee of $500; no recurring charges Debit and credit accepted All updates are sent to broker