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What is a credit sweep? Why do I need one?

This blog is specifically regarding my credit repair company. All information contained in this blog is derived from the knowledge I have incurred while working on credit repair for my clients. Nothing will ever be taken from another website other than my own. If there are any similarities between my blogging and other site, it is pure coincidence. Some of the information here may also be taken from my other blog. Please ask questions and comment so that I can be more of service to you!

Let us keep this simple. Here is a copy of my current ad:

                                    ~Credit Sweeps Done Right- The First Time~

We do all of the work on your behalf!
All 3 bureaus
45-60 business days to complete
100% negative item deletion and inquiries
Restrictions: child support, tax liens (unless paid or payment arrangement with proof) and foreclosures in process.
One-time fee of $500; no recurring charges
Debit and credit accepted

All updates are sent to broker or client via email
Paperwork sent to bureaus also sent to broker or client via fax or email
*We also do inquiry-only deletion

We remove (not limited to):
    Late payments
    Incorrect balances
    Unauthorized inquiries
    Incorrect personal data

Requirements: membership, ID, SSN and proof of address.

Although the normal time frame for a credit sweep is 60 business days, there are times when it may take longer than this. At your request, we will follow your credit and work on it for a max of 12 consecutive months. At the beginning of the 13th month, we will give you instructions at that time to continue with anything that is remaining. I would like to add that it is highly unlikely any items would remain at that time; if there are, I will still assist you with a PDF for item removal. 

Some of the most difficult items to delete are the following:

Tax liens
Child support

Can these items be removed? All except for child support. 

We will add a new post to the blog at least every 3 days. Some companies will charge you for this information, but we want our clients to be informed and educated regarding their credit. 

We are also coming out with a new ebook, "The Truth Behind CPNs". This will be for sale soon for $125 and we will announce the release of this first on our blog. Please note: this ebook will not give instructions on how to create credit profile numbers, nor how to use them. We will not be selling that information to the public. This ebook is related to the misconception regarding the profiles and the illegality which can land the client and/or provider in federal prison. This is not something that you want to miss, as this industry is growing larger every day online. 

Be on the lookout!

Soon to come:
Detailed website
Our facebook page 



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