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3 Sets of Credit Scores: Potential of a Only Few Months!

We have so many scores increases coming in the last week that I just wanted to share a few of them with you! 3 Month Increase: Beginning Scores: Current Scores 1/29: 1 Month Score Increase: Current Scores 1/29:  5 Month Score Increase: Current Scores 1/25: Website Email 845-481-0780

Free webcast: Learn to make $5k-$25k monthly and take back control of your credit

Registration required: HERE *No obligation, FREE webcast Limited tickets available

#1 App for business that does everything except for BBQ!

I've been checking out different apps and programs that will help me keep organized and create an ease of workflow. I just signed up for an app called 17hats and wanted to share it with you! From what I have seen, it basically does everything except for BBQ!  Instead of using a bunch of different programs to do what I need, I am going to move over to 17hats. Check out the app: Click HERE

Save $250: Remove your inquiries for free with these proven methods!

Today we are giving away free tools on how to remove your inquiries the same way that we do! Even if you don't have negative accounts on your file, the inquiries can lower your score by 3-5 points each time. That sounds crazy, right? It's true.  Check out the video for exclusive strategies that we use and recommend instead of having to pay for it.  You can either soft-pull your credit every day by logging into your credit monitoring site such as Credit Check Total or dispute the inquiries online with Experian and TransUnion, (Equifax online dispute are a waste of time). In place of Equifax, you can send a fax to each creditor. After 28-90 soft pulls, they will start pushing the hard ones off of your file. It works!  There are 4 other systems that we use as well and I can answer any questions that you have. Head to the website to schedule an appointment for a free file analysis. Click HERE !

Exclusive Facebook Offer: No pay-per-deletion or monthly fees!

Click HERE to redeem offer Until January 18, 2016 I am offering the same price as last year!  This means NO pay-per-deletion or monthly fees and this offer is ONLY redeemable on Facebook! I will not do this again so make certain to take advantage of this offer now! What does this mean? You only pay for the cost of the sweep: $600 Permanent deletions 24/7 access to updates Free credit file analysis Schedule your initial consultation on the website now! You receive 30 minutes of my time for FREE where we go over your credit together! Click HERE to redeem offer Website Facebook Blog 845-481-0780

No more guessing what I'm currently working on! Brokers with 5 or more clients receive a Trello board!

I'm excited to announce that I'm not using Trello (collaboration tool) for brokers with 5 or more clients! This allows for brokers to see a board (only the broker or members of the company can view this board) that lists the following: Clients To do In progress Completed They can comment quickly on any of the individual items listed and view the due dates, full calendar, priority that I have given and so much more! This way, there is no guessing as to what file I am working on, what letter is currently being written, whether something has been completed, etc. Do you have questions on this that I can answer for you? Contact me for more information!

347 Negative accounts removed from 12 files in the past month!

I just did some comparisons and saw that I've collectively removed 347 negative accounts last month from the 12 files I'm looking at right now! (That's ONLY on the 12 files! Can you imagine how many in TOTAL?) On the file I am currently on, 2 public records and 7 other negative accounts were removed! What a great night!  I will be adding a few before/after screenshots to the website (Proof of Services page) once I remove the confidential information from them! Happy New Year guys! Check out the website for more information if you have any questions!