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What's the skinny? What can REALLY be deleted?

Alright guys, I am getting the same questions over and over again. So what I am going to do is post this for you so that it is publicly out there: What can REALLY be deleted? We remove (not limited to): • Collections • Late payments • Charge-offs • Incorrect balances • Foreclosures • Repossessions • Garnishments • Unauthorized inquiries • Bankruptcies • Liens • Incorrect personal data I added "not limited to" because there are some items that do not fall into any of the categories. We have a very simple rule to follow. If it does not fall under one of the following situations, we ARE able to remove it. Permanently. It will not be ghosted, and will not report again.  100% negative item deletion and inquiries Restrictions: child support, tax liens (unless paid or payment arrangement with proof) and foreclosures in process. Certain items do take longer than others, such as judgments and bankruptcies. By law, we cannot tell you how long it will take to delete any

Credit Sweeps FAQs Part 1

I am listing some of the most FAQs. We will post more tomorrow.  Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions by either commenting, calling or sending us an email. FAQs: Why doesn't the identity theft method work on all negative accounts? To use the ID theft method, a few criteria have to be met and a few types of accounts cannot be disputed: The account cannot ever have been paid on You cannot dispute child support, foreclosures or tax liens (If you have not been a victim of ID theft, you may be sued for filing a false report) Unless it is truly ID theft, you do not want to dispute bankruptcy this way Charge-offs cannot be disputed this way, unless it is true ID theft This method is very effective, but it does not work on all accounts. For a full list and examples of situations that may occur please inquire directly from us. What can I do if the bureaus don't respond or delete within the allotted time frame of 30 business days? We take care

Credit Sweep Procedure Information Sheet

Procedure Information Sheet It is still imperative that you read this Procedure Info Sheet as you will be receiving the results in the mail and need to email or fax them to us so that we can process the results and continue the Credit Restoration Process if necessary!  RECEIVING INFORMATION BACK FROM THE CREDIT BUREAUS: You may receive a letter from the credit bureaus after a week or so stating they are investigating your disputes or send you a letter of different time frames that items may stay on or that you do not need a third party to do this work for you, please put this into your purple folder or you can call your Credit Consultant if you have any questions. These are usually just form letters that they send out to everyone. Some are scare tactics to get you to give up and go away. (Remember, they make more money if you don’t do this dispute process and it is legal for you to get help or assistance in the Credit Restoration process if you so choose

Questions and Answers to help you better understand the Credit Repair/Restoration/Rebuilding Process

Questions and Answers to help you better understand the Credit Repair/Restoration/Rebuilding Process. Q: How long does the credit restoration process take? It all depends on how many negative inaccurate, obsolete, misleading or duplicate items are on your credit reports. It also depends on the credit bureaus properly doing their job by heeding the federal law, Fair Credit Reporting Act.  You will usually see results from all 3 credit bureaus in as little as 35-45 business days. The credit bureaus can respond faster if they gather all of the information back from your creditors in a timely manner, which by law is no more than 30 business days. Q: What guarantee can you give me? We can guarantee that we can improve your credit and credit scores within the 2 months time. But you must have done at least two rounds of disputes through each of the credit bureaus and not have any new items appear on your credit reports. We cannot guarantee that a certain item will

Credit Sweep Q&A #1

Credit Sweep Q&A #1: What is a credit sweep? What does this mean? A credit sweep is where we dispute the negative items contained in your credit report to get them deleted. Basically just "sweeping" away the negatives. We delete 100% of the negative items. There are restrictions, which I will post further down the page. Of course, there are items that we will not be able to get taken off, either because they validate with proof, as demanded, or for some other reason within the law. We do sweep all 3 bureaus and the inquiries as well.  Which items can be deleted? (Not to be limited to) Late payments Collections Charge-offs Bankruptcies Judgments Liens  Inquiries Foreclosures Identity theft Incorrect information Which items cannot be deleted? Child support Foreclosures in process and unpaid Tax liens  *We are able to remove tax liens with proof of payment arrangement or proof of full payment What is the time frame? The tur

Tips for my brokers; Craigslist, Facebook, websites, advertising and more!

I work 90% with brokers, 10% with clients, and I actually prefer to work with brokers, as I have contact with only one person instead of 300 clients. So considering there are 528 of you brokers, I figured that I would post some tips and tricks for my brokers. I will break it down into sections to make it easier reading, and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, let me know! Advertising Advertising can be a serious pain in the butt, and it is utterly necessary for a business like this one. I will give you a couple of suggestions that work for me. I am mostly just word of mouth now and do not need to advertise, as I have thousands of clients, but there are days when I do put my business out there again for new clients. Craigslist It is quite difficult to advertise with CL now, but there are tons of ways to get around being flagged or to prevent it from happening. CL is the 4th most visited site in the  world , so that right there should tell you that you need to

We have been so busy the past 2 weeks, that I have not had time to get out another post for you guys. I have compiled some tips for brokers and clients regarding sweeps. Tips for brokers and clients on credit sweeps: Broker and client rules: If you are my broker, you must follow these rules. If these rules are not followed, the business relationship structure crumbles. 1. If you become my broker, please do not give my contact information (or anything related to my company; i.e. company name, website, email, phone number, etc). These are  your  clients, not mine.  You  are  my  client. 2. When sending info regarding numerous clients, please send it to me in  one  email, not 10. 3. Please understand there are days when I am not available via phone. I am  always  available via email. 4. You set your own price after purchasing from me. (For example, you purchase 5 sweeps from me. You can then sell them at whatever price you wish). 5. You send me the information for the work that needs