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Why are you losing clients? Lack of clients = lack of $$$$

Sometimes you have to give it to your clients as if they were 2 year olds....
I do not say this to be rude, but one must fully and completely explain how a sweep works, what one can and cannot do with a file, and guide them through from beginning to completion.

Tedious? Yes.
Rewarding? Yes.
This means that your clients now have the correct information to not only build theirs correctly, but pass on the word to their family, friends and co-workers.

I have run into the issue many times where a client will come to me and say that they are losing clients and do not understand why. I ask them a few brief questions and the underlying problem is the lack if information.


How, you ask?
Read my blog, listen to my recorded conference calls, email or call me! I also have e-books, PDFs and other materials regarding credit repair, credit sweeps, staying anonymous, the name change, shelf corps, authorized user tradelines, primary tradelines, business credit, personal credit, basic and advanced how-to's and other information which can help you in your credit journey.

Remember that the only stupid question is the one that you do NOT ask!

If you need links to specific blog topics, or the phone numbers to my recorded conference calls, please ask.

We are here to help!

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Credit Sweep Q&A #1

Credit Sweep Q&A #1:

What is a credit sweep? What does this mean? A credit sweep is where we dispute the negative items contained in your credit report to get them deleted. Basically just "sweeping" away the negatives. We delete 100% of the negative items. There are restrictions, which I will post further down the page. Of course, there are items that we will not be able to get taken off, either because they validate with proof, as demanded, or for some other reason within the law. We do sweep all 3 bureaus and the inquiries as well. 
Which items can be deleted? (Not to be limited to) Late paymentsCollectionsCharge-offsBankruptciesJudgmentsLiens InquiriesForeclosuresIdentity theftIncorrect informationWhich items cannot be deleted?
Child support Foreclosures in process and unpaid Tax liens  *We are able to remove tax liens with proof of payment arrangement or proof of full payment
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7 Companies That Will Ruin Your Credit by Paying Late

I'm going to give you some pro advice that you can take to the bank:
Do EVER be late on these accounts, because they're extremely difficult to delete from your report: Credit cards such as: Capital One, Macy's, Discover, Barclays, BOA, etc.  Mortgage: Ocwen *Credit Acceptance (car loan for bad credit): this company will sue you if you dispute against them either with the CRA's or directly; if you have this company on your file, I will NOT dispute it! Student loans: If your loans are reporting with Dpt of Ed, the lates more than likely will NOT come off until the account goes to collection. I can then remove it. If your loans are reporting with Navient, it's much easier  because they're being sued after a 3yr investigation by the CFPB for failing to apply payments to millions of consumer accounts as well as tricking students into taking on loans at a higher cost than the one they're currently in 
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1000s of collections removed with this FREE VOD letter!

I'm giving you the 1st of a 4-letter collection removal campaign that's removed thousands of collections in the past 12 months for FREE! You'll find the link to the letter in the video. Believe me, if you're even 1/2 as successful as my other clients, you'll be very, very impressed.
For those of you who need some help, I provide a free consultation to take over your file and do the dirty work for you. For those of you DIY-ers, I provide 3 new DIY packages on the new services page of the website. You may also request a 1-hour session to go over your file and get my advice and an action plan @ $85 p/h. Just schedule an appt on the website.
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