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Tools & Programs for Online Businesses (like Credit Repair!)

I've been asked quite a few times to update my programs and tools video for online businesses from 2 years ago, so here's the main ones I currently use. They include: lead generation, help desk software, ticket system and email, productivity, automation, webinar, CRM, appointment scheduling, email marketing, webinars and more! It takes a ton of time and effort to run a successful business and when you have the right tools and programs, it makes the machine run smoothly. If you're finding that you need to expand with what you're currently using, watch the video to find out more! This isn't just for credit repair services. You can virtually apply this to any online business! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

They Key to Successful Dispute Results l Credit Repair Services

A simple video tonight for you! I know that this whole "credit repair", "credit sweep", "credit restoration" process can get really overwhelming, aggravating, slow, etc. and you may reach the point where you want to give up. This video is about the key to successful dispute results, wherein I express to you that it's quite simply persistence and perseverance. I made this video because I fell into a rut this week where I realized that I needed to renew my love for what I do, and set a loftier goal for myself. I came back to work renewed, and placed everything on my "canvas" exactly where I wanted it. Have faith that you'll beat the credit bureaus. have faith in your ability to learn the right way and beat them at their game. It's not enough to just send out 1 dispute letter. It's not enough to make a complaint. You need to dig in, not give up and keep beating them in the head with facts, facts, facts. If you're not g

12 Creditor FCRA Violations: How to Fight Verified Accounts l Credit Repair Tutorial

This video completes the series for credit bureau, creditor and debt collector  (collections) FCRA & FDCPA violations! The live link for Saturday at 9PM EST is at That's whree I will show you how to take these violations and get your deletions and results! We'll also use the last part for some Q&A. So, if you're stuck and don't know where to go with your credit bureau, creditor, collection agency disputes, take a look at all 3 videos and I'm sure you'll find some violations, even if you're just in your 3rd round or less! Video 2: Debt Collectors, goes over the VOD process. (This video also includes the purpose of an inquiry, which can be used to remove inquiries that are not attached to accounts). And as always, if you need some help, click on the link below to schedule a free consultation for a credit sweep (file take-over). If you want credit repair services that don't break the bank

11 Credit Bureau FCRA Violations to get Maximum Deletions! *4th of July Sale!*

Leverage these 11 credit bureau FCRA violations to get super-fast, maximum deletions! 2 upcoming videos: creditor violations and debt collector violations. Also announcing 4th of July Sale - find it at to Save $400! Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

How to Avoid Template Suicide l Avoid OCR Scanner l 3 Requirements of a Dispue Letter

Although difficult, you want to do everything possible to avoid the OCR scanner and I'm giving you son tips to do exactly that! I also PROVE why you're committing template suicide as well as give you the 3 requirements of a credit bureau dispute letter. Watch the video to see the mistakes you're probably making with your dispute letters and how to fix it. If you don't believe that my process works, watch the video to see the deletions from the credit sweeps I do for consumers just like you! You know, I 100% agree with you that it's hard to fix  bad credit, but if you know what you're doing or at least have SOME of the right info, you can get there quickly! Some quick tips: Do NOT use templates (template suicide) Do NOT dispute online or on the phone Do NOT use the same dispute reason multiple times Do write your disputes letters from a regular-Joe perspective Do tell them what you want - deletion or correction Do remember that not ALL negatives ne