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Why Credit Repair is So Difficult

I created this video because I receive so many questions about why the credit repair process takes so long and why it's so hard to remove negative items. It's not just about using the right techniques and letters. It's about understanding the bigger picture and looking at this for what it is. The creditors see this simply as the consumer stealing from them. The bureaus see this as the consumer stealing from the creditor and then trying to sweep it under the rug. So, when it is taking a long time and they are giving the run around, you need to understand that that is exactly what you did to them. Ok so here are a few links like I mentioned: Credit Repair Dispute Letter & Reason Creator Software: Time Machine Software: App Bundle: To schedule a call for a consultation for a credit sweep:

The Ultimate Credit Repair Software Bundle

I had a bunch of the same questions asked so I created a video explainer~! You will find the demo link as well as purchase link below. If you are currently paying for credit repair software, then you need to STOP and pay attention. I mean, unless you really want to continue paying $1188 - $8000 per year forever... that's up to you. *video cut off at the end before  I "signed off" Accidentally! Once again, this includes: Ultimate Credit Repair Software - both the personal and business versions Dispute Project Both generators: Dispute Reasons and Problem Letters Dispute Workflow Plug 'N Print *and an additional bonus! Total real-word cost: $462 1st and last time deal cost: Only $99! Ultimate credit Repair App business read-only demo: Buy it here: Also check out the Dispute Letter & Reason Creator Software: Otherwise, use the link below to s

11 Credit Repair Fails That Will Cost You Time & Money

Here’s my “Don’t Do” list based on the conversations I’ve had with you guys in the past 2 weeks! If you would like me to do a “DO do” (haha!) list, let me know in the comments! You can also now access the brand new Credit Repair Dispute Letter & Reason Creator Software at and the 7 Apps for 1 Process Bundle at .  Make sure to get a jump on it though, because the 7 apps for 1 is only available for a few days and will NEVER be offered again (this is the 1st and last time)! I’ll also be charging monthly for the dispute letter software after the special launch period, so get a move on! Credit repair isn’t easy, but it also  shouldn’t be difficult. Especially when you have all the resources and tools available to get the desired results. So, whether you want to buy a new house or that shiny new car, you need to get through the door and the only way to do that is to fix your credit. Instead of searchi

2 Sure-fire Credit Repair Software Applications to Fast-track Your Results

The brand new Letter Project - Dispute Letter & Reason Creator has been split into 2 different software applications to make it easier to create your dispute letters! Check it out here Additionally, you receive 2 HUGE bonuses to IGNITE your creativity and fast-track your results! Hurry, time is running out! At the end of the launch period, I will be charging monthly. You'll also want to check out: 7 Credit Repair Apps for the Price of 1... Check out the bundle here

7 Credit Repair Apps for 1: Brand New Process Bundle

Get immediate access to the Process Bundle and all 7 apps at - this is the 1st and last time that I will ever do this and copies and time are limited (you only have a few days!). If you are struggling with your dispute letters or are having issues with any sort of credit repair disputes or letters, this is the time to get started. Save time, make a ton of money and automate your entire workflow and business! With this credit repair software, you can dispute literally ANY type of negative account/negative item including collections, charge-offs, repossessions, foreclosures, late payments, bankruptcy, tax liens, judgements and inquiries. Bundle includes: *Ultimate Credit Repair Software - business and personal versions (Value $150 each) * Dispute Project (Value $67) * Dispute Reason Generator (Value $35) * Problem Letter Generator (Value $30) * Plug 'N Print (Value $15) * Dispute Workflow (Value $15) So, for only $99, you get to

$40,672.00 Deleted from his credit report in just 2 rounds!

***Click on the image to see the full deletions $40,672.00 deleted in just 2 rounds.... What have YOU done so far this year??? Oh yeah, I almost forgot: you can do this too with the Time Machine. Yup, head over to and check it out. I will be putting a whole list of awesome features as well as other videos of automations that are possible sometime this week. If you can think it, you can do it with this software. OR if you don't want to do anything at all because you're super-lazy or because you don't have the time or because you don't want to, schedule a call with me and I'll get you squared away and do it FOR YOU!

Credit Repair Janitor's Key Ring & Your Dispute Letters

I know you've seen a janitor's key ring before, right? They have like 100 different keys and it always takes 10 attempts at similar-looking keys to open the door.  How is your dispute process any different?  Imagine that John the Janitor needs to open the door to your office because you left your keys at home and he's the ONLY one with this key besides you.  He pulls out this huge ring and starts using 1 key after another while you just stand there and wait.  You need to get into your office. You're late and you just don't have time for this, but it's either wait for John to find the key or go all the way home and do this yourself.  The 1st choice was the most promising, but unfortunately it doesn't work.   Neither does the 2nd. What sux is that each time the key doesn't work, John has to find a new one, stick it into the key hold (or attempt to) and see if it works or even fits. It means more time that you have to stand there and wait.  On the 3rd attem