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How to delete negative items from ANY credit report

This video goes over how to take a credit report and decide which items to dispute, how to dispute them, who to dispute them with and when to do it. Your goal shouldn't be getting max deletionis in the least amount of time. Your goal should be getting a career instead of a job, savings thousands on your mortage per year, getting a new vehicle at an outstanding rate; things like that. Yes, you do need to get the fastest removals possible but you need to know where you're going  after that. Think about where you could be, what you could do, what you could do for your family if your credit was better - doesn't even have to be "great" - just better. Would you be able to take vacations? Have your kids ever been to Disneyland/Disneyworld? You CAN get there. If you need my help, please feel free to schedule your consultation online at .

How to Get Max Results with Any Credit File

New webcast coming! How to Get Max Deletions on Any Credit File - Saturday November 25, 7PM EST. Video will be posted on G+, Blogger, and Facebook at that time. Learn how to get maximum deletions on any credit report using expert techniques. Best part about it? It's FREE! I'll walk you through a real credit report and show you: what to dispute, how to dispute, who to dispute it with and when to dispute it. You'll also see the real letters that were sent on this file and the resulting credit report reflecting the deletions. Whether you're working on your own credit report or on client files, virtually everyone will be able to make significant changes to your process after this webcast! If you don't have it already, the credit repair cheat sheet will be available with the video.

Get those results! Free credit repair cheat sheet

Want a free credit repair cheat sheet? You'll find the link below as well as how to schedule your free consultation with me or an appointment for project-based consulting. After receiving so many phone calls this week from consumers who are disputing incorrectly, I decided that I needed to share some very important info! The cheat sheet shows you what dispute method you should be using per each situation. I've also included the notes to the webcast for 2 reasons: #1 I talk  fast and sometimes forget to go over what I'd orignally intended to and #2 it's important you have the in-depth info to obtain max deletions in the least amount of time! Most importantly, I want you to be informed. I want for you to get those results you so desperately desire! For you to have the confidence to send out a letter KNOWING your next credit report will have few items remaining. Whether you're a newbie to the credit repair industry, wondering the difference between credit repair and

6 Things you're doing wrong with your credit repair

Let's get real. Right here, right now.  Your credit sucks and you're at the point where you'd like to throw up your hands in defeat and just let 7+ years pass. Right?  I get it: You've tried "credit repair companies". You've tried the whole do-it-yourself credit restoration. You may've even tried doing identity theft just because you heard it's fast. And then got denied.  We (yes, we: you, me and everyone else) all hear about the right way to do this. We all hear about the "right credit repair company" to go to, just because they've littered the internet. We hear about how it's so easy to delete negative items in as little as 7 days - permanently. (Yeah, right).  Let's talk about the wrong way to do this. Let's talk about what's NOT working so you know what you shouldn't be doing to get those "permanent" deletions.  #1 Stop disputing online. No, I don't want to hear about how

Why credit repair takes so much longer than a credit sweep

"Why does credit repair take so long? Is a credit sweep faster?" Yes! Regular credit repair (what I call "credit repair 101") can take 3 years! Who has 3 years to fix their credit file? Geez, in 3 years I could have 2 more kids and get another college degree! More aggressive credit repair companies can get it done in a much faster manner, but it's still nothing compared to what a credit sweep does for you. Wouldn't you rather maximum deletions in the least amount of time, while also saving $1000s and sometimes even $100,000s? Here's the deal: A credit sweep is NOT the "identity theft" method. That means no police report or FTC report (affidavit). No charges for filing a false report or the inevitable credit bureau denials. What it IS: The fastest method to get the negative items off of your credit report permanently.  This includes disputing with all parties: bureaus, creditors and collection agencies. It may also include making c

Stop using Validation of Debt (VOD) letters on credit cards!

I'm going to put out another video this week on the validation of debt (VOD) letters because I've getting a ton of calls this week where people are using them in such an incorrect manner that they're screwing up their files before I ever touch them! Although I'm going to be doing the video, I want to put a quick message out there: Do NOT use this type of dispute letter with credit card collection agencies and original creditors! Disputing direclty with the original creditor  is a 623 dispute letter, NOT a VOD. Here's an exception: There's a collection account (such as Portolio Recovery, Second Round, Cavalry, Midland, etc.) that is truly unknown to you because you never had a credit card before - you can use the VOD on this with the collection agency. If you send a VOD letter with FDCPA statutes in it, you'll receive a reply that says they are not liable under the FDCPA. You'll have wasted 2+ weeks. On the other hand, if you send a VOD letter W