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6 Things you're doing wrong with your credit repair

Let's get real. Right here, right now. 

Your credit sucks and you're at the point where you'd like to throw up your hands in defeat and just let 7+ years pass. Right? 

I get it: You've tried "credit repair companies". You've tried the whole do-it-yourself credit restoration. You may've even tried doing identity theft just because you heard it's fast. And then got denied. 

We (yes, we: you, me and everyone else) all hear about the right way to do this. We all hear about the "right credit repair company" to go to, just because they've littered the internet. We hear about how it's so easy to delete negative items in as little as 7 days - permanently. (Yeah, right). 

Let's talk about the wrong way to do this. Let's talk about what's NOT working so you know what you shouldn't be doing to get those "permanent" deletions. 

#1 Stop disputing online. No, I don't want to hear about how it worked for your uncle's girlfriend's neighbor's cousin twice-removed. It doesn't work and you give away all your rights. 

#2 Disputing with handwritten letters doesn't bypass anything other than the time you could've saved. You really think that your "special handwriting" is going to trick the scanner? Even if it did, the human is going to do the same thing: turn your disputes into 2-digit codes and shoot it over to the creditor. Period. 

#3 Sending those law-heavy dispute template letters are a waste of your online researching time and money. What you DON'T want to do is look like a credit repair company. Those letters get rejected or put into what I call the "2nd Pile". Send really simple disputes because you're a simple consumer with real issues, wanting to get off accounts with legitamate inaccuracies. No need for all of that' pursuant to section blah-blah-blah, you are hereby required to delete this account because you've violated this section by not entering the.....and I'd like to keep this out of court....". You're going to sue them? Really?

#4 Stop believing in everything. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There's legally 30 days between disputes and permanent deletions take time. The legal way. The way that you're not going to have the cops or FEDs knocking on your door. It's the same as those get-rick-quick schemes. It's just a way to get your money and blow smoke up your you-know-what. 

#5 Don't send certified mail to the bureaus. You only do that to ensure that CREDITORS or COLLECTION AGENCIES have received the disputes you send to them - not the bureaus - so that you can prove violations because you can sue them easily. You're not going to sue the bureaus (although a lot of people have). Save your money and put a stamp on it, or if you can fax it, fax it! There's your proof of receipt right there. 

#6 Lastly, regarding companies: If you call a company and you're not asked what's on your credit report (account types, company names, quantities, etc.), then it's a scam. Credit repair/credit sweeps should not be offered as one-size-fits-all packages and if they don't care what you have on there and "yes" you to death, it's because you're nothing but a dollar sign. 

Questions a real credit repair company will ask during a phone call: 
  1. What's going on with your credit report?
  2. What type of negative accounts/items do you have? 
  3. How far behind are you on your....?
  4. Have you ever disputed these accounts before, either alone or with another company? 
  5. What was your experience? 
  6. What are your short-term/long-term credit goals?
  7. What would your plans be if these x items were deleted or if we saved you $x?

I'm sure you have questions about finding a legitamate credit repair service. I'm sure you'd like to hand over control and let an expert take over. 

There IS a right way to do this. If your file is accepted by Expert Credit Sweeps and you're even 1/2 as successful as our other clients, your only issue will be that you didn't call sooner!

Send a pigeon with a message (Pigeon Post!) or take the shorter route and check us out online or give us a call. (845) 481 0780 or  


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