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Expert Credit Sweeps video testimonial/review by multiple clients in our office!

Check out what our happy clients are saying about us! I would love to hear what YOU think! Don't forget to check out the rest of our videos, audio testimonials, Whiteboard animations, broker and Q&A videos!

How it works: What do I do about my bad credit?

How it works: What do I do about my bad credit? I know how hard it can be to figure out exactly what to do once you see an unwanted credit score. This is why I am here: I will analyze your file and create a proposal, assist you in realizing the potential of your credit and will then remove all the negatives. Sound good?

Meet my #1 broker: A video testimonial by a client-turned-broker

Have you wondered what it would be like as a broker? Are you interested in increasing your income exponentially? Meet one of my brokers who started out as a client and is now my top seller.  You will be seeing him in future webinars and other videos!

1 minute to find out how simple the process is!

Are you wondering what the process is after you give us a call or visit the website? Check out the video that explains it in just over 1 minute!

9 Brilliant Tools for Business and Website Owners

Are you a business owner, or have a website? If you said yes, then these tools are a must for you! Cloudfare TransFirst Fax87 Mouseflow Hellobar Sumome Zoom Hotjar Mylivechat Some are free and some are not, but all are imperative for me to run my business! Are you looking for heatmaps, landing pages, newsletter sign-ups, promotion, website monitoring, website chat, SSL certificates and security? (Not limited to, of course!)  Then check out this video! Questions? Let me know!

Fact or Myth: Paying off an old debt will improve my credit immediately

You’ve probably heard that your credit score is a numerical picture of your credit-worthiness on a scale of 300 to 850. You may have also heard that whether it’s a FICO score or a VantageScore, or another scoring model, it is generally comprised of the following factors: Payment history New accounts and inquiries Amounts owed and used Account mix Age of credit Beyond that, credit scores can be confusing and many myths abound so let’s examine each common misconception by factor and set you straight on a path to a better credit score. Payment history MYTH: Paying off an old debt will improve my credit immediately. FACT:  While paying off debt is always a positive thing to do in the long run, the negative account is not immediately removed from your credit report. It will be marked “paid as agreed,” “satisfied,” “charged off,” or closed, depending on how and at what point in the collections process you pay the collection amount. And, the negative account will remain on

Free Credit Line Info: 100% Free and Will Save You $1000's!

Here are some tips....Did you know.....? 200% Importance - 100% FREE Knowledge! Is this you? You’ve been around the debt block already and have no desire to repeat the journey You’ve seen the damage credit card debt can do to a person’s financial life and you go out of your way to avoid the same fate You prefer to pay cash and never owe anyone money You value privacy and prefer to stay off the mainstream financial grid Your credit is poor or nonexistent and you don’t qualify for a credit card If the answer is yes, you might be one of the hundreds of thousands of American consumers who don’t have (or even want) a credit card. Whether you’ve been locked out of the credit card market because of bad financial experiences or you simply don’t believe in credit cards because of the risk they can pose to your financial health, credit cards are  not  the be-all, end-all credit building tool. It is possible to build credit in other ways. 1.  Ask companies you do business wi