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How to Get Insanely Fast Results with HARD Accounts Click to buy video now for $99! Immediate delivery. How to Get Fast Results with HARD Accounts - an overview: starting with where to pull your report, how to analyze your credit report, how to determine what to dispute to creating the right dispute letter. Get the right info to delete your accounts the first time! Don't wait until you've gone through 2 different companies to figure out your credit repair's being done incorrectly! Do your own credit sweep and learn to determine what to dispute the right way. This isn't the 5-part video series that's coming out this week - this is the overview on how to identify the accounts that need removal and what to do with them. If you would like for me to do your credit sweep, feel free to schedule your free consultation at

Easily Learn to Delete Hard Accounts Extremely Fast!

I'll have a new video available next week that will easily walk you through the A-Z of deleting difficult accounts! This will be an in-depth, no BS tutorial to get super-fast deletions so you can STOP messing around with your credit repair! It's only $99 and will be available the minute the video is posted with immediate delivery. Stop the madness of credit repair that doesn't work and jump on your new journey using a credit sweep! This will work on: late payments student loans charge-offs collections foreclosures repos Stay tuned for the best credit sweep walk through! You won't want to miss it. Offer will be posted in a few days so stay tuned.

Are CPNs legal? What you REALLY need to know about them Free Consultation for a credit sweep! Are CPNs legal? Are identity theft sweeps legal? Although the FBI website states that CPNs are legal, if you don't obtain them from the right source, they're more than likely fraudulent numbers. If you're filing a police report for a credit sweep and you're not a victim of identity theft, you're committing perjury and it's illegal. On the other hand, if you buy a CPN from a legitamate source, such as going through an attorney with the Social Security Administration's knowledge, then you have nothing to worry about! When you need to change your information (date of birth, address, email) and are literally provided instructions on how to defraud banks into extending credit to you based upon what they believe to be a SSN, then you're breaking the law. Stop falling into this trap and just fix your own credit! You may also run into the problem of going to a credit sweep

How to Rebuild Your Credit During a Credit Sweep Free consultation with an expert! I explain how to rebuild your credit while you still have negative items reporting. We're all pretty impatient and want results overnight, but unfortunatley, that's just not how it goes, which is why I show you how to start rebuilding your credit once you get those large derogatory items deleted. Even if your credit sweep hasn't been completed yet, you'll still be able to start the process so that you don't need to wait 3-6 months just to begin! Make sure to start small, start with what credit you'll be approved for and in no time, you'll see your score rising and your history getting longer. Recommendations: authorized user account secured credit catalog card utilities rental history unsecured credit Capital One Journey/Classic/Platinum Kohls Discover Make sure to research which companies will pull your highest scored-bureau to take advantage of 1 bureau report

How to Fight "Verified", "Frivilous" & will not reinvestigate" Responses to schedule your free consultation! Are your disputes coming back as verified, frivilous or they won't reinvestigate? Are you going to accept stall tactics, scare tactics and denials? NO! What you need to do is look at your credit repair or credit sweep process and figure out the cause for these responses because you shouldn't be receiving them if you're doing this correctly! Are you sending in template letters? Disputing all of your derogatory accounts in 1 letter? Using generic dispute reasons? Using a credit repair company that's doing any of these things? One of these can be the reason you're encountering this and you need to stop right now. What can you do? #1 Don't use dispute templates #2 Dispute based off factual info from your credit report #3 Find out HOW the items are being "verified" #4 Fight them on the "frivilous" response #5 Make complaints #6 Don't take "NO&qu

How to Write Bureau Disputes that Get Results

(links to all docs below) I'm showing you how easy it is to create letters to the credit bureaus using factual information to get fast results! I've generated 3 dispute letters using different situations and have noted WHY the language matters each time. Stop using templates and start getting results today! Remember, you're a regular person who needs REAL help. That's going to stop you from "frivilous" disputes, denials of investigations and refusals to process because they think you're "working with a credit repair agency". I've linked each of the docs here with the notes attached so that you can view my sample disputes: "Real Person" "Frustrated" "No Proof"

*Why Your Credit Repair Isn't Working!*

For the 10,000s of you going to the wrong company, I've clearly spelled out WHY your credit repair is not working and how it can easily be solved! If you're looking for the best service, fastest deletions, guarantees and no BS, then schedule your free consultation with me to find out exactly how I can assist you and take over your file! I had 2 consultations today that I go over with you and share the differences between their credit repair services and my credit sweeps as well as how I addressed these clients and their concerns. I know it's really difficult to find the right company, I know it's difficult to hand over your identity and just say ok, I'll just sit back and wait for my deletions and I know it's difficult when that just doesn't pan out! Watch as I point out why it's not working and how fast a credit report can be resurrected just by making the right decision the first time. For those of you that need assistance and would like for me t

How to dispute like a PRO - The wrong vs. right way

 I go over how to dispute like a pro - the wrong vs. right way. This works whether you've got late payments, charge-offs, repossessions, collections, foreclosures or even evictions. I show you why you don't want to use a template (and yes, I even show you one that I purchased specifically for this video so that there was no bias using one I'd written), how to write a correct dispute letter and the resulting proof of deletion. The wrong way is using a template; the wrong way is using software; the wrong way is not being clear when listing what you're disputing; the wrong way is using a 609; the wrong way is using a VOD; the wrong way is being law-heavy. The right way: keep it simple: this is my issue, this is why it's wrong and (then justify it) it needs to be removed because this is seriously hurting my credit worthiness! Brilliant Techniques to Expedite Your Credit Repair Process.