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Credit Sweep vs. Credit Repair Live Letter Creation

It's much easier for me to show you than to tell you the difference between how the other companies create dispute letters and how I do it. You're able to see that they can be created in less than 30 seconds and that's the exact amount of time they spend on your credit report each month! I also show you the right way to do it by searching for the facts on the credit report. If you haven't done so already and want me to do your credit sweep, use the link below to schedule your free call to sign up: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Free Credit Repair Dispute IQ Workbook

Grab your free Dispute IQ workbook at and get better results and become the Best You. Simply drop your email and tell me where to send it! Alternately, check out the new software at Check out the free youtube portal downloads at *this can be used to remove collections, charge-offs, repos, late payments, bankruptcies, tax liens, etc. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Upcoming Free Credit Repair Tools and Advice

I've decided to make the next 3 webinars free (instead of charging $97 as planned) as well as to release the Dispute IQ Workbook for free tomorrow. We are going to overcome this together and will come out ahead of the game! You can access my new dispute letter software at: See the demo here: Buy it here: *you’ll have the option to upgrade to unlimited, with 290 dispute reasons, no cap on dispute letters and 36 letters included Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Brand New Credit Repair Software - Super-Affordable, Super-Easy | Get Re...

Buy now at I created this to make it easier to process your dispute letters and get the best results possible. You can use this to dispute and remove ANY type of account including bankruptcies, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, foreclosures, late payments, liens and judgments. You can use this on your personal credit reports and letters to the credit bureaus as well as client credit files. You can choose the upgrade as well. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

What kinds of debt do we owe? A look at the common categories of debt Americans encounter

What kinds of debt do we owe?  A look at the common categories of debt Americans encounter: Almost everyone borrows money at one time or another, and it's not uncommon to hold several types of debt at once. But not all indebtedness is created equal. People use debt for many purposes, and creditors and the IRS can treat various types of debt differently. The type of debt will also determine the effect it will have on your credit score. Debt can be broken down into two broad categories. Installment debt is meant for specific purposes and is paid back over a set period of time. Installment debt offers an opportunity to borrow money to pay for an expensive item or service that you otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. This kind of debt often comes with potential tax deductions and as long as you construct regular payments, doesn't negatively affect your credit score. Examples of installment debt Mortgages Mortgages are used to buy homes, rental properties or other kinds of real

Secured vs. Unsecured Debt

Secured vs. Unsecured Debt How to tell the difference between these two types of debt and why it matters Mortgages, student loans, credit card and auto payments are all examples of debt, yet each functions a little bit differently. One of the main ways they differ is whether or not the lender requires you to provide collateral- an asset that functions as a backup for your loan in case you default. This distinction can help you understand whether debt is secured or unsecured. It also can help you learn how particular loans function, and decide how to prioritize paying off your debts.   Secured debt Secured debts are backed- or secured- by an asset that acts as collateral for a loan. With a secured loan, your payment is directly tied to this asset. The lender, or lien holder, is legally allowed to seize the asset and use it to pay your debt if you miss a certain number or payments.   Let's say you've take out a loan to buy your home, and you've agreed to make monthly mortgage

How to Send Your Credit Repair Mail Online

Decrease your exposure to COVID-19 and send your credit repair (dispute letters) online using I'm going to create a playlist specifically on working from home during this time but for now, that's all folks! (need help? schedule a call online using the link below) Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at

Getting Your Act Together During COVID 19

Let's face it: schools are closing, people are losing jobs, credit cards are being paid late along with mortgages, communities are panicking, including here at home in Las Vegas. What would you do if your kids' schools closed or you lost your job? What would you do? What's your plan? Are you going to let COVID-19/corona virus take everything from you? NO! You need to be prepared! For moms that want to or need to work from home, I will show you how to make 6-7 figures online even if your kids are running around: If you need to get your credit in order, schedule a call with me using the link below: Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at