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When Is The Best Time To Fix My Credit

You and I both know that we wait until the last minute to do the things we know we have to do but really don't want to (and most of the time they are the most important, too!). I'm asked this question all of the time (when is the best time to fix my credit) and the answer is virtually always the same: as soon as you can. The reason behind this is simple: this is the most important thing (besides family and health) and your credit literally opens the door to all sorts of opportunities. Unfortunately, most consumers make the mistake of thinking that it can be put on a time schedule (i.e. I have to get a mortgage in x time) and that outside of ensuring that it be done correctly, that we are able to force the bureaus, creditors or collectors to do anything to delete the items we dispute. To do it the right way: 1. visit any of my 400 videos here on youtube for free 2. learn how to factually dispute using DisputeIQ for free at 3.

2 Credit Sweep Strategies That Increased My Results 21%

As promised, I am documenting my process and sharing it with you! These are 2 actionable strategies that you can implement today if you wanted to. While simple, I was able to increase my results in a 3-month testing period and now you can too! Credit repair isn't about doing the same thing over and over - sending the same dispute letters, for example - but expecting different results. No way; it's about testing to see what works best, documenting to see what dispute science works for your process and then doing it again to achieve those results. By changing your wording as well as knowing what is and what is not a violation, you can get faster results and watch those derogatory accounts just melt right off the credit report. Check out the beta coaching program and Revolution Journey site at If you would like to see if I can help you, schedule a call at

FCRA Sections 623 and 611 What You Need To Know For Credit Repair

I originally posted this without audio! Oh, no! I created this video for you on the FCRA sections 623 and 611 so that we can understand some very important parts to use against the bureaus and creditors. Why? Because none of this was actually created FOR YOU. It was created for THEM and to use the loopholes and laws against them, we need to understand them! Look, credit sweeps (and credit repair) are very difficult and if you do not know what you are doing or why you are doing or why you are using x letter template or dispute letter (factual disputes), then the results may not be pretty. For this reason and this reason alone, I wanted to introduce you to a few paragraphs directly from the law! You will find out how to use section 623 for identity theft as well as how any creditor can report inaccurate information (knowingly) on your credit report as long as they list an address and how to use section 611 and its specific timing in your dispute letters to the credit bureaus when t

#1 Best Score

We all want better credit scores and "prettier" credit reports, but unless it's done the right way, we won't obtain the financial freedom we fight for! That's why I wanted to share with you something that my clients have been asking about recently regarding strategy. It's much better to be patient and fix your credit to obtain the end result than to get these little cards and loans that can actually set your credit and score-building strategy behind. Check out the difference: #1 - you patiently remove your negative items, pay on time with your positive accounts and then apply for a mortgage. You get low rates and approved for a large loan #2 - you impatiently work on removing your negative items while also applying for small $200-$3000 credit cards and installment loans and misc credit. You wait longer for an approval and get a higher APR and lower loan amount The bureaus are counting on you being impatient and falling off. They're counting on y

Free Credit Repair Dispute Letter Help Series (Video #2)

Finally! Here's video #2 of the Free Dispute Letter Help Series! If you want to submit your letters for video #4, use the link and I will include yours (guaranteed) in one of the next 2 videos. Links: I mention the EvolutionLine Method for 2 of these letters. If you would like to see the free replay of the workshop, head to Access the free DisputeIQ Quizzes (all of level 1 is free!) at This will drastically increase your ability to leverage factual-based disputes for credit sweeps against the credit bureaus and teach you how to beat them at their own game. Drop your email at to get exclusive access to dispute tools, resources, free help, early access, etc. Check out my blog at It's brand new, so don't be a boo-boo-head. Want to hand over the burden to an expert? Get a free consultation at