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#1 Best Score

We all want better credit scores and "prettier" credit reports, but unless it's done the right way, we won't obtain the financial freedom we fight for! That's why I wanted to share with you something that my clients have been asking about recently regarding strategy.

It's much better to be patient and fix your credit to obtain the end result than to get these little cards and loans that can actually set your credit and score-building strategy behind.

Check out the difference:
#1 - you patiently remove your negative items, pay on time with your positive accounts and then apply for a mortgage. You get low rates and approved for a large loan
#2 - you impatiently work on removing your negative items while also applying for small $200-$3000 credit cards and installment loans and misc credit. You wait longer for an approval and get a higher APR and lower loan amount

The bureaus are counting on you being impatient and falling off. They're counting on you getting small cards or even loans and not paying them. Let's forget about all of that and complete the process, get the mortgage and the vehicle loans and keeping them because the best form of revenge is success!

You get much further along the credit line much faster using the #1 strategy!

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