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Why are there fees associated with credit sweeps and why do I have to pay upfront?

Question of the day: Why are there fees associated with credit sweeps and why do I have to pay upfront? I've been asked this today on 5/30 calls so far, so let's talk about it. The question really should be: who should pay for your fees and when should they be due? Why pay upfront: Due to the nature of this business, clients are already pre-disposed to not paying bills and a % of clients do not even pay for services rendered and face legal consequences. Therefore, clients must pay for a portion of cost upon sign up as well as Initial Audit billable hours. Small fee breakdown: Fees associated with processing a credit sweep initially and per month: Client Portal Certified Mail Postage Faxing Supplies etc. Time to process 1 Initial Audit (1st 4 days after sign up): 6-10 hours depending on severity of credit file and research involved Time to process a credit file per month: 1-5 hours depending on severity of credit file, responses received from bure

5 Files with Bankrutpcy, Judgment, Eviction or Tax Lien Deletions

Do you have public records? You can't afford to leave them on your credit report! Join these 5 clients and take the leap; you'll never look back. I'll be adding these to the Before & After reports page this evening; in the meantime, you can check out the 27 pg report that's already there!

Credit Sweep Fee Based off Amount Saved vs. Actual Cost

One of my 1st questions to prospective clients will now be: How much negative debt do you have? Let's put that question in perspective: Lets talk about the comparison between how much money I save you vs. the cost of my service: Let's say that you owe $100,000. $90,000 of that is now with 3rd party debt collectors, reporting on public records, etc. Only $10,000 of that is still reporting with your original creditors. Out of that $100,000, I remove $95,000. That means that I SAVED you $95,000. What if I made my fee based off of the amount that I SAVED you? I would place my rate at 15% of $95,000. You would pay me $14,250. Let's get real here. I can do that, because I get the results. It's what I do for a living. I delete it from your credit report and make the debt you owe obsolete. In reality, I give the DREAM. Debt Relief that's Easy, Affordable and Manageable. I have the ability to charge

7 Companies That Will Ruin Your Credit by Paying Late

I'm going to give you some pro advice that you can take to the bank: Do EVER be late on these accounts, because they're extremely difficult to delete from your report: Credit cards such as: Capital One, Macy's, Discover, Barclays, BOA, etc.  Mortgage: Ocwen *Credit Acceptance (car loan for bad credit): this company will sue you if you dispute against them either with the CRA's or directly; if you have this company on your file, I will NOT dispute it! Student loans: If your loans are reporting with Dpt of Ed, the lates more than likely will NOT come off until the account goes to collection. I can then remove it. If your loans are reporting with Navient, it's much easier  because they're being sued after a 3yr investigation by the CFPB for failing to apply payments to millions of consumer accounts as well as tricking students into taking on loans at a higher cost than the one they're currently in  Easiest to remove:   Collections Publi