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Credit Sweep Fee Based off Amount Saved vs. Actual Cost

One of my 1st questions to prospective clients will now be: How much negative debt do you have?

Let's put that question in perspective:
Lets talk about the comparison between how much money I save you vs. the cost of my service:

Let's say that you owe $100,000.
$90,000 of that is now with 3rd party debt collectors, reporting on public records, etc. Only $10,000 of that is still reporting with your original creditors.

Out of that $100,000, I remove $95,000.
That means that I SAVED you $95,000.

What if I made my fee based off of the amount that I SAVED you?
I would place my rate at 15% of $95,000. You would pay me $14,250.

Let's get real here. I can do that, because I get the results. It's what I do for a living. I delete it from your credit report and make the debt you owe obsolete.

In reality, I give the DREAM. Debt Relief that's Easy, Affordable and Manageable.
I have the ability to charge you thousands...

Look at my pricing:
Monthly: up to 50 items; 6 month program: $999
Gold: up to 30 items; 6 month program: $750
Platinum: up to 75 items; 6 month program: $1050

Monthly payments are accepted to assist in your financial-rebuilding.
Expert Credit Sweeps provides all letters, certified mail, progress reports, credit reports and complaints made on your behalf to relieve your DOUBT and give ASSURANCE.

If you're even 1/2 as successful as my other clients, your only worry will be that you didn't call sooner, so are you ready for the DREAM?

Call to change your life today or visit the website:

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Credit Sweep Q&A #1:

What is a credit sweep? What does this mean? A credit sweep is where we dispute the negative items contained in your credit report to get them deleted. Basically just "sweeping" away the negatives. We delete 100% of the negative items. There are restrictions, which I will post further down the page. Of course, there are items that we will not be able to get taken off, either because they validate with proof, as demanded, or for some other reason within the law. We do sweep all 3 bureaus and the inquiries as well. 
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1000s of collections removed with this FREE VOD letter!

I'm giving you the 1st of a 4-letter collection removal campaign that's removed thousands of collections in the past 12 months for FREE! You'll find the link to the letter in the video. Believe me, if you're even 1/2 as successful as my other clients, you'll be very, very impressed.
For those of you who need some help, I provide a free consultation to take over your file and do the dirty work for you. For those of you DIY-ers, I provide 3 new DIY packages on the new services page of the website. You may also request a 1-hour session to go over your file and get my advice and an action plan @ $85 p/h. Just schedule an appt on the website.
Check it all out at