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4 Fast Ways to Delete Inquiries Permanently

Inquiries, inquiries, inquiries. I get so many calls about inquiries! How do you delete inquiries? How can you get them off fast? How can they be deleted permanently?...... Well guys, the answer to that is probably not what you want to hear, but I'm going to tell you anyways: Inquiries are actually much more difficult to remove now than they were 2 years ago. Having said that, there's still a few ways to remove them: #1: if you did not authorize the pulls or your ID was stolen, you may claim ID theft. Do NOT do it if it's not true - do you really want to get in trouble for filing a false police report? #2: I've heard that a company called inquirybusters can get them off in less than 6 weeks but a few of my clients stated they were told they need a police report (I am not getting paid to mention their site and they are run by deletionexpert I believe) #3: Use the rapid inquiry removal on my website for Equifax a

Miracle Credit Repair Advice for Only $85!

Trusting a credit repair company to do everything you would do is hard to sometimes. Perhaps you just need advice and not a complete take-over. We get that. Maybe you just need some advice on a project that you have. Maybe you need a little "know-how" on methodology. We got you covered. Schedule your project-based consulting session now! We'll provide the expert advice you need to get achieve miracles either on your own credit file, a client's or your credit repair company! Book today and save $40! 1-hour consulting session for $85. (Multiple bookings available for larger projects). No more need to pull your hair out or raise your fists to the ceiling. Get the fast credit sweep you're looking for while retaining control of the entire situation! Schedule your video & screenshare project-based consulting session by heading to

How to protect yourself from being scammed by a credit repair company

Long title but straight and to the point: this video is about how to protect yourself from being scammed by a credit repair company and how to choose the best one. I can't stress these points enough! From payment security all the way down to the process, there are certain questions and criteria that you need to be thinking of and asking during your consultation or phone call. I've provided the red flags you should be looking for. You can find the checklist I've made here:  ht tps://… To get your free credit repair consultation with a company that fits ALL criteria on the checklist, simply click on this link to choose a time that fits for you! If you're finding yourself wondering about other elements that are not on this form and want to seek some advice, please don't hesistate to give us a call. You can find more info online at Thanks for watching the video

Save up to $500! 3 Day Sale!

3 Day Sale! Save up to $500! Stop wasting money on credit repair that doesn't work and invest a few dollars in your future with a credit sweep! Sign Up HERE