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How to Delete ANY Negative Account from Your Credit Report - the RIGHT Way

I'm sure you've heard it, read it and seen it all when it comes to credit repair, right?
30-day credit sweeps that don't exist, 609 credit repair that doesn't work, dispute letter templates that get immediately verified by the credit bureaus. 

So, what do you do?

Unfortunately, it's kinda like having a janitor's ring full of dispute reasons. The KEY to deleting ANY negative item is to find which of those hundred keys opens the door to the deletion or correction.
Make sense? What consumers need to know is that using templates instead of factual-based disputes is kinda like coming home to find out that your house is being robbed and walking into the dark living room and not turning on the light. In the dark, you start throwing rocks at the intruders, hoping to knock one of them out. It's a hit or miss, right? When you use factual-based disputes (by taking the facts directly from the credit report), it's like seeing the intruders, walking into your living room, turning on the light and lobbing laser-guided knock-out stones and getting each intruder head-on.
Gotta love visuals.
Although that may be a little bit funny, but sometimes you need to come up with extreme examples to get your point across.
If you follow me on youtube (HERE), you'll see that I have broken it all down into a formula that works virtually every time on every account. When you work with a formula, it makes it much easier to see where to start, what's the most important and what comes next. It's not just a shot in the dark.
If credit repair is something that you're going to tackle yourself, you need the tools and knowledge to arm yourself moving forward. Check out the links below to get started:
300 DIY Credit Repair Tutorials
Best Credit Repair Software for 2020 - the brand new Time Machine *Literally automate your entire business and create dispute letters for yourself or your clients in just 5 seconds for a 1-time payment. Save yourself $1000s and $1000s per year and take back control of your life!
Hire me to do it for you! Get the best credit repair company to do all the dirty work for you and sit back and watch the results pour in.
Take a look at what I mean below with the credit repair dispute flow and advanced dispute reason creator:
Bonus: Click here to get the Dispute Reason Creator


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