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Best Credit Repair Software 2020- #1 Might as Well be Magic

If I told you that a dispute letter could be created in just 5 seconds, you probably wouldn't believe me, right? This is why I'm proving it by showing you.

  1. If you're in the market for credit repair software, I'm sure you've noticed there are quite a few options to choose from. The problem is that you're either limited due to cost or limited because of features. So what do you do? Continue to process files manually or pay for dispute software that doesn't meet your needs?

    FYI, I didn't write this because I'm a saint and just feel like informing you. No, I wrote this because I created a literal time machine that will get you back your time and money and I want to share it with you. However, to do that I need to compare it to the others that are out there so you can get the full picture:

    If you have any of the following negative accounts, you are going to want to read this full post:

    1. collections
    2. charge-offs
    3. repossessions
    4. bankruptcy
    5. judgements
    6. tax liens
    7. late payments
    8. inquiries
    9. short sales
    10. 3rd party collections
    11. debt buyer collections

    Let's look at 3 different software programs by 3 different companies - 1 of which IS a credit repair company - mine!

    #1 The World's 1st Time Machine: This one is mine (Expert Credit Sweeps) and is the newest and best of the best when it comes to processing dispute letters and managing clients. Yes, I've created quite a few in the past but this one leaves the others in the dust when it comes to features. You can check out the Time Machine at but let me give you a brief rundown:


    1-time payment - saves you $1188 - $8500 per YEAR
    works on virtually ANY platform, browser, software, program, application; wherever you work, it works
    local download plus Play and App store and portable (USB) versions available
    drag and drop import
    Customize 100%
    Automate your entire business or process
    and many, many more features

    #2 Client Dispute Manager - $1188 or $1788 per year

    Con: Cannot customize
    Con: Cannot store custom dispute reasons
    Pro: IdentityIQ credit report import
    Pro: analysis and analyzer reports
    Con: no batch updates
    Con: web browser only

    #3 Dispute Suite - $2400 or $3600 per year for 1 or 2 persons respectively

    Pro: offers more features than CDM

    Pro: can store dispute reasons to use again

    Con: at the time of testing, only Privacy Guard credit reports could be imported, which is useless

    Pro: some basic automation features for email, onboarding and a few others

    Con: web browser only

    There are quite a few other credit repair software solutions out there, some ranging at a minimum of $99 to a maximum of $24,995. (Credit CRM is $24,995, Credit Money Machine starts at $159 and goes up to $499 per month, Credit Repair Cloud goes up to $800 per month and there's another that has "Credit Dispute" in the name that is $344 per month plus $8500 down payment).

    NONE of these solutions offer what I listed for the Time Machine by Expert Credit Sweeps!

    What if getting results was as easy (and automatic!) as breathing? Wouldn't you want 'in' on the software?
    Today you can stop dreaming of change and BE that change. Get access to a program that will allow you to throw out the entire toolbox!
    We already have software and programs to:

    Send emails, create posts, repair credit, generate and interact with leads, autoresponders, social media schedulers, list-cleaning tools, optimizers, AI-based, etc. This list goes on-and-on.

    The wave of the future is here and yet, they still haven't created a time machine.

    Here's the truth:

    You can make back your money.

    You can replace stolen items.

    You can rebuild after a housefire.

    But, what about your time? Nope, not yet.

    Not until Now.

    I'm going to show you how I create a dispute letter in 5 seconds. I'm going to show you the amount of money and time that I've saved using this very software myself.

    What if you had more time with your family?

    What if you didn't have to rush through dinner to get to work? What if you didn't have to eat dinner AT work?

    What if you saved your babysitter money because you were able to stay home with your children?

    What if you were able to pay off your mortgage or buy a new car or even just take yourself for a "me" day JUST BECAUSE you can?


    If you're processing dispute letters manually, not only are you wasting time, but you're just saving these docs (you ARE saving them, right?) on your computer as like "round 1, experian" or similar. You don't actually have a system in place to see what reasons were used, what letters were used, which items were disputed, what phase you're on, etc.

    If you are using a credit repair software , you have access to a database where it lays out all your negative items, all your scores, all your results, all your clients (if for business), all your letters, etc. But the problem with this is you have to create everything IN THEIR APP OR SOFTWARE.

    What if you were able to create dispute reasons or call up client info or write a full letter ON ANY APP OR WEBSITE OR PLATFORM that you want to? For example, if you are in Word and write "round 1 dispute letter A", it will pull up all the inputs to create your dispute letter in less than 5 seconds. This means that you chose the date, client, letter, dispute reasons and accounts, closing ,etc. in ONLY 5 SECONDS.

    What about on social media? You can create a post and automatically include dispute results on an ad, or even access saved content for your posts.

    Taking that a step further, what if you were able to save the content to post at a later time and then automated your computer to literally do it for you? Think "ghost computer fingers".

    If you want results, more time, more money, automation, customization and true freedom, then the future of credit repair is already here and it's the perfect time for you to jump in with both feet and meet your future-self head-on.

    So, whether you're processing your own credit repair and dispute letters or if you're a credit repair company that processes client disputes, you NEED a software/letter system that works. Now you can get your time and money back and save thousands and thousands of dollars per year!


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