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I don't want to pay $1200 to remove $100k+ negative debt, get 100+ points and a $500k loan 400% faster than normal

Building a Bridge to Financial Freedom

I was actually going to send out a different email to you tonight, but I would rather give you something that will make you say, hey that was super valuable content. Content is king, right?

Read below how someone I spoke with didn't believe it was worth it to pay for a $1200 program that would remove an average of 75% of their charged-off accounts, get rid of over $100,000 in reported negative debt, add about 100 points to their credit score and allow them to qualify for a $500,000 mortgage with at least a 580 score 400% faster than if they'd done nothing at all.  

So, here's the thing: You are on my email list for one of a few reasons: you scheduled a call with me, opted-in on my website or on a webinar, you've purchased a product, credit sweep, consulting service or attended one of my  live events - online or in person. You signed up to receive emails from me because you found - at one point or another - VALUE in what I have to offer.  

I had a conversation with a prospective client a few days ago that I want to tell you about and hopefully you are able to take something away from it. (I didn't end up offering my services to them for a few reasons, but what I took away from it is much, much, much more valuable to me than any profit could have been). 

Here's how it went: 

I asked my normal questions. You know, the whole how can I help you, what negative items are you dealing with, what have you done - type of series. 

They mentioned that they had quite a few negative items, including charge-offs and collections and that they need to get a mortgage soon, (no co-signer, lowest down payment, lowest APR, etc.). They also said this would NOT be the first time working on their credit and that they'd "wasted an entire year" with a large well-known company. 

Sounds familiar, right? It was the whole, I have really bad credit, already have permanent damage done on my credit from another company but need you to fix this like yesterday kinda call. 

You see, I get a lot of these calls and most of them are the same. We live in a time of instant gratification, what I call the "Microwave Society", wherein if we can't have it now, we don't want it. We don't want to put the work in, we don't want to invest in ourselves if it's going to "take too long". Right? 

We would rather pop it in the microwave instead of letting our dinner simmer for a few hours or bake in the oven. It's more work. We've gotta prep it and wait for the oven to heat up and sometimes even stay home because we don't want the kitchen (or the house!) to catch on fire by leaving it on while we're gone. Instead, we pop it in, time it for 10 mins and WAHLAH! Dinner is served. 

That's how we want our credit fixed, too. 

The journey I lead this person on in this call ended in a huge light bulb moment and even though I couldn't offer my services, I was still glad to have helped. 

You see, I had to explain that there's no such thing as a "deadline" with credit. Yes, you can hope to be completed by a certain time but there's no way to force it to happen. You can't force deletions with the bureaus, creditors or collectors, just like you can't force your family members to do chores or force your employer to promote you. 

Likewise, it's not possible to undo any damage that a prior company did while they worked on the credit file. Most consumers don't realize that the longer they dispute, the harder it is to remove the negative items. You can always make your money back, but what about the time? You can't get back your time and you can't reverse permanent damage. 

One of the reasons why I didn't offer my services is because they didn't see the correlation between investing in their credit to lower their current rent, car payments, credit card APR's and other bills as well as using the money they saved to put towards their down payment on a house. 

I walked them through the difference of how much it costs to pay a mortgage with bad credit vs good credit and they didn't believe me until I through the actual math at them to prove my numbers. 

Let's just look at a mortgage at a 580 FICO vs. a 740 and work our way backwards from there: 

They would end up paying $132,000 more with a 580 FICO score than a 740 over the life of their mortgage. To get the 580 FICO, they'd need to remove 75% of their derogatory accounts and add at least 2 positive tradelines during the process.

Because of the age of their negative accounts (mostly recent), it would take an average of 7 months to remove 75% of those accounts just to hit a qualifying score. 

I was told that the average length of time that the accounts have been charged-off is only 2 years. This means that the $172,000 in unresolved and charged-off debt wouldn't naturally be deleted from their credit report for another 5.5 YEARS

And because their average account history length is 5 years, with 3 other accounts reporting positively with on-time payments (and still open), removing the 75% of negative items would raise their score an average of 100 points and allow them to qualify for a mortgage 400% faster than if they'd done nothing at all and waited 5.5 years. 

So, to sum this up:

They didn't believe it was worth it to pay for a $1200 program that would remove an average of 75% of their charged-off accounts, get rid of over $100,000 in reported negative debt, add about 100 points to their credit score and allow them to qualify for a $500,000 mortgage with at least a 580 score 400% faster than if they'd done nothing at all. 

WOW, right? 

The reason this conversation was so powerful is because I was able to break it all down and walk backwards from the end goal and vision they wanted to achieve to where they currently are - the starting point. 

I was able to build the bridge - ME - that would get them there.

I was able to get into the prospective client's mind, understand how they think & their buying beliefs as well as learn their motivation for investing in their credit and future. 

I was able to take this conversation and create a new format for leads that is now helping them realize that their goals are truly achievable and visions possible. 

So, even though I didn't offer to build the bridge for this person, they walked away with a clear and realistic understanding of what they could achieve, and I was left with better insight into my clients and what they need & think. 

What did you take away from this? 

That's it for tonight, but if you would like to find out if I can build this bridge for you to achieve your goals and realize your vision, I invite to you schedule a call using the link to the right.

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