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3 Ways to Write an Account Reinsertion Dispute Letter - Letters Included...

💡 👉 Access the 3 dispute letter versions as well as the Most Important Cheat Sheet at👈 You can find the full video transcript below the resource links. I show you the most aggressive credit sweep tactics, techniques, strategies and methods that'll drive your results. This channel was set up to be the gas that powers your vehicle to your destination. 🔮 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 🔮 🧙‍♀️ GET HELP WITH YOUR CREDIT JOURNEY DIY awesome free tools, tutorials and downloads - 🦸‍♀️ DFY credit sweep service free consultation 🦸‍♀️ Let's jump on a call and see if I can help! Today we're going to write two types of dispute letters to deal with accounts that were deleted and then added back to your credit report. I’m also going to show you what you SHOULDN’T do, so that the reinserted account doesn’t stay on for the full 7.5 years. Two days ago we learned the two types of account re insertions, how to delete the reinserted accounts, what's not a re insertion, and how to proactively avoid this. If you haven't seen this video breakdown you can find the video linked in the description as well as the video on the end screen. In the description you can also find free resources for fixing your own credit as well as the link to schedule a one to one call with me to see if I can get you better results than what you're getting on your own. If you'd like to follow along with me go ahead and pause the video here in grab your pen and paper , laptop or whatever you need to write your dispute letter . Stay to the end of the video so that you don't miss the breakdown of these two dispute letters as well as where to access them for free. If you take a look at your screen you'll see the dispute letter template that would be sent to the credit bureaus. However, you know I don't like templates so we're going to change this up a little bit and write our own. First let's look at what this letter actually says as well as what the law says. The first section is basically saying that once a negative item is deleted from your credit report it cannot be put back on to your credit report unless the creditor or collector certifies that information is complete and accurate. The second part says that if it's reinserted to your credit report the credit bureaus are required to notify you in writing no more than five business days after they put it back on your credit report. However they can also contact you by any other means that you've given them such as email or online notification such as in your dashboard with Experian if you've signed up for electronic notifications. The rest of it basically says that they are required to notify you that it's been reinserted and the name of the furniture who certified this information. One of the most important things here is the word “certified”. What's this certification process and how did it occur and who did it and what documentation was used and when was this investigation done? The 1st way to do this is to put the reinserted account in its own letter. What we're going to do is simply write a letter that says for this account only: I disputed Capital One 517805 on January 29th 2020. When I pulled my new credit report today on March 3rd 2020 I see that this deleted item was now put back on my credit report. You did not notify me within 5 business days that it was put back on my credit report and because of this section 611 violation, the account needs to be removed. Our 2nd way to do dispute this would be to include it with our other disputed accounts. Take a look at this letter – it gives our required personal info as well as why we’re writing the letter. You also see 3 different disputed accounts as well as their respective dispute reasons. The same reason used in the 1st letter is included here for Capital One. Our other 2 accounts are American Express for a 623 violation for failing to enter the required notice of dispute and an unknown medical collection for a 623 violation for reporting an account without the collector name or address on an account that may possibly be disputed. As you can see, We have 2 important differences: 1. One focuses entirely on the reinsertion and 2. Neither one includes the full law you see in the template Here’s the deal: Your job isn’t to be a law professor and you’re not going to teach the eOscar computer about the FCRA. Going through the whole, “include the entire law” thing is useless and just takes up paper. And keep in mind that the computer reading your letter has 2 jobs: 1 – read your letter 2 – determine whether it’s a template. If it is, it’ll come back as verified. The key to doing this is simplicity and facts. That’s it!


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