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Fast credit repair - this client completed in only 4 months!

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How to delete inquiries with soft pulls + FREE PDFs!

You'll find the FREE PDF downloads on my website by clicking on the link below. Nope, I don't want your info in exchange for the PDFs - I just want you to know how to use this method. Simple, right? 2 options: Rapid Removal in 72 hours and Bumpage (using soft inquiries to remove the hard ones). If you're looking for a fast method to delete your inquiries for free, then this might work for you! I'm here to answer any questions you have and you may also schedule a free consultation with me using the link below. Free consultation: Inquiry PDFs: This was an impromptu video so please forgive my 2 pauses while I searched for the info I needed!

$357k Deleted in 30 Days

1st round results - all of these charge-offs & collections were removed! Using a new technique, we can now get a ton of charge-offs removed within 30-60 days instead of 6 months - exciting, right?
The total debt removed from this client's report was $357k....Yes, that's right: $357k!
Do you have similiar creditors? Call today to find out what your life can look like in less than 90 days!

Is a credit sweep the same thing as claiming identity theft?

Is a credit sweep the same thing as claiming identity theft?
No, it's not. Most consumers have the wrong idea about what a credit sweep is and believe the 2 are the same but I'm here to clear this up for you!

Identity theft: This is where you claim that all (or a few) items are resulting from identity theft and you attempt to get them blocked using section 605B of the FCRA within 4 business days. You must use an official police report and affidavit. Here's the DL on this: it doesn't work. Why? Because millions of consumers used this illegally even thought the debts actually belonged to them and now, even if you ARE a victim, it's almost impossible to get it done in 4 business days. A few months? Sure, if you have all the required documentation, dispute with the creditors as well and have supporting documentation. IF this method is used (either by the consumer or a credit repair company - with or without the consumer's knowledge), the items will be temporarily del…

3 Resons why you should wait to apply for new credit

Applying for new credit before all derogatory items are deleted:
My advice to my clients is always the same: wait until you're done with your credit repair or credit sweep program, but have a strategy to move forward from there. Here's a few reasons why:
#1 you may be denied if you still have 1-2 items remaning and will end up with new inquiries that will drop your score #2 it may hinder the process of removing the last few items and can add 1-3 months to the timeframe #3 you may be approved with a very low limit and would have to wait 3-5 months prior to requesting an increase. In comparison, you can wait til everything has been completed and obtain a higher limit right off the bat.
Here's a real-life example: I have a client would only has 4/86 negative items remaining and he wanted to move forward with his mortgage. I advised him to wait because (see #1) it would add inquiries and he may not be approved. He'd mentioned that they'd go off of his TU scores, which are …

5 Needless things you spend at least $6.25 on every day

What do you spend on needless stuff every day like coffee, soda, energy drinks, tobacco, alcohol and all've those things you stick in your cart at the store you don't need? I'm sure it amounts to more than $6.25 right? Well, if you're reading this, it's because you have credit issues and I have good news for you:
I can help virtually all clients and you can afford these credit repair services because it's only $6.25 per day.
Wouldn't you like to rest easy at night? How about answering your phone without dreading that it's a collection agency or a creditor threatening you? If you're looking for a credit repair company that gets the job done with extremely easy pricing, then look no further.
In less than 60 seconds, you can be on your way to controlling your financial life instead of being a creature of circumstance. Just imagine your credit as an asset instead of a dirty little secret!
Do this: -----> SIGN UP and get your new life started today. If …

1000s of collections removed with this FREE VOD letter!

I'm giving you the 1st of a 4-letter collection removal campaign that's removed thousands of collections in the past 12 months for FREE! You'll find the link to the letter in the video. Believe me, if you're even 1/2 as successful as my other clients, you'll be very, very impressed.
For those of you who need some help, I provide a free consultation to take over your file and do the dirty work for you. For those of you DIY-ers, I provide 3 new DIY packages on the new services page of the website. You may also request a 1-hour session to go over your file and get my advice and an action plan @ $85 p/h. Just schedule an appt on the website.
Check it all out at